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(Fark)   If you have shelter for hurricane refugees, please post here. Link goes to previous post   ( divider line
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3209 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Aug 2005 at 3:46 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-08-31 3:49:07 PM  
Great Idea, wish I did.
2005-08-31 3:49:21 PM  
Hurray for shelter!
2005-08-31 3:50:01 PM  
I've got space in Orlando, FL.

Sorry, hot chicks only.

2005-08-31 3:51:12 PM  
Sunny Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Too far away but what the heck. Tornado season is teh over. Two empty bedrooms, with beds even.
2005-08-31 3:51:23 PM  
I sure do - we have one extra bedroom in the house - San Antonio.

/how will I be contacted?
2005-08-31 3:52:16 PM  
I posted this in a discussion link...but want to make sure it is seen. I am in Western NY, so probably not practical for people, but I do have room for a couple pets, if anyone wants to put them on a plane or get them here another way. I have cats, a dog, and hermit crabs. I also have a fenced in yard. Would need proof of shots (rabies etc). I will shelter and feed on my dime until you get settled. My email is in my profile, make sure to put Fark in the subject so I dont delete.
2005-08-31 3:52:33 PM  
Anyone have any succses stories of this thusfar?
2005-08-31 3:52:50 PM  
Rochester, Minnesota here. Lots of extra floor/couch space if you can make it up here. E-mail is in profile.
2005-08-31 3:54:18 PM  
be very careful, folks -- opening your doors may very well mean doing so for a month or more. be compassionate, but be realistic.
2005-08-31 3:54:29 PM  
Believe it or not, it has air conditioning.
2005-08-31 3:54:38 PM  
3 spare bedrooms available in Atlanta suburbs. Fenced in yard if you have a dog. Probably a good setup for a family, however all are welcome. Stay as long as you need to get back on your feet. Email is smurfdood(at)
2005-08-31 3:54:43 PM  
You probably don't want to drive this far: Everett, Washington (north of Seattle).

One hide-a-bed style couch. Two ornery cats. One poopy baby.

If you make it all of the way out here and still need a place, the email is in the profile.
2005-08-31 3:55:03 PM  
god watching this is crazy. i feel so sorry for these people
2005-08-31 3:55:10 PM  
I don't think anyone would want to stay here for very long (small), but if anyone wants to take a vacation in DC while they're waiting for the water to go down, let me know....
2005-08-31 3:55:24 PM  
I'm in St. Augustine and already have New Orleans friends staying with me.
2005-08-31 3:55:53 PM  
if i was still in Atlanta for sure.

Otherwise I'm doubting anyone is driving all the way to Jersey.
2005-08-31 3:56:04 PM  
I have a room here in Houston that will be available for the next week or so. Or I can be your tour guide if you want to see the sights.
Email in profile.
2005-08-31 3:56:04 PM  
got plenty of room in Dallas, prefer looters with a hefty bounty, and who wont mind being handcuffed.......
2005-08-31 3:56:22 PM  
I hear there is room at the Astrodome, stop on by!
2005-08-31 3:56:42 PM  
sofabed in Greensboro, NC if you bring beer
2005-08-31 3:56:50 PM  
A couch available in Michigan, if anyone comes up this far. Lansing, to be specific. My username at to contact.
2005-08-31 3:57:16 PM  
My aunt lives(lived?) in Diamondhead, MS, which is approx. 20 miles east of Gulfport on St. Louis Bay. Anybody know how badly Diamondhead was hit, if at all. Nobody's been in contact with here since Monday.

2005-08-31 3:57:46 PM  
Oooh, someone should hit up knitmeapony. East Lansing is a fun town.


//MSU alum
2005-08-31 3:58:04 PM  
I have a one bedroom apartment in West Palm Beach. It's tiny, but I live alone (so very alone.) Anyway, I've got a fold out couch in the living room, and as ghetto as this city may be, there's a lot to do to keep you occupied. Email in profile.
2005-08-31 3:58:36 PM  
Former New Orleanian with 3 spare rooms in Lawrence, KS. Pets welcome.

Hell, we'll even do a boil.

email in profile
2005-08-31 3:58:40 PM  
Are any farkers getting any takers? If so, how far out are you people? I live in WV, as close to DC as you get, and I'm not sure if I'm too far away to offer a place for people to take me up.
2005-08-31 3:58:55 PM

There is a forum already set up for this on the interwebs.
2005-08-31 3:59:07 PM  
Farkers stuck in Philly can feel free to contact me.
Got a bed and shower for up to 2

Email in profile
2005-08-31 3:59:21 PM  
Austin, TX. I have two extra bedrooms. My e-mail address is in my profile. I can help you out for a few months.

I'm a biatch, though, I warn you.
2005-08-31 4:00:09 PM  
I gotta be honest here, after all the insane looting, I'd be a little nervous. :(
2005-08-31 4:00:21 PM  
Wait, I'm confused. This thread is nice and all, but how would hurrican refugees, who have no power or internet, find this of any use?

/Room in central PA anyway
2005-08-31 4:01:26 PM  
I'm in Madison, WI with some space. My wife and I own our house and have a couple of spare rooms (only one bathroom).

It's an 18 hour drive.
My email is in my profile.

You have to be able to deal with cats/kittens (allergies?).

Oh, and we'd probably get along better if you think that Bush is a tool or can get along with someone who does. Not a requirement, but consider your own sanity. Madison's a pretty liberal town.
2005-08-31 4:01:27 PM  

Hey all, I'm creating an online registry. Its not fully up and running yet, but you can see the start here:

I just bought "" - the site will be moved there tonite.

It should all be up and running early this evening.

It will let people enter their contact info and how many people they can take, and their location.

There will be an online search for victims or their families w/ internet access.

There will be a printable version for aid workers to print off and post on walls in shelters, hotels, wherever so that those without internet access can make calls and find a place.

Please take a look at the site and hit me back with any suggestions. This will be up and running early tonite!!
2005-08-31 4:01:48 PM  
I can look after a couple of cats or something, but it's a long way to Seattle. I also have a small spare room. Email > Profile.
2005-08-31 4:02:36 PM  
2 spare bedrooms available outside Chicago (just south of Rockford). Family would be welcome, pets OK (we have 2 cats, we'll find a way to make it happen). Staying for a month is fine. If you're stranded in/near Chicago, I'll come get you. Lots of spagehtti and support for you here. Email in profile.
2005-08-31 4:02:40 PM  
You'd have to find a way to move about 1000 miles north, but hey, if you can get here I've got a couple of couches available.
2005-08-31 4:02:47 PM  

Wait, I'm confused. This thread is nice and all, but how would hurrican refugees, who have no power or internet, find this of any use?

I'm thinking it's for people who took refuge in hotels and aren't going to have too much cash to blow, as they most likely don't have jobs anymore either.
2005-08-31 4:03:25 PM  
Just realized how stupid it is to ask for proof of vac for pets. Probably gone in the water. If dont have proof, would need an ok to get them vacinated here. Just to protect my guys. But I could do it, again on my dime.
2005-08-31 4:03:32 PM  
I have a futon and plenty of floorspace here in Tempe, AZ. Pets welcomed, though I do have some foster cats and a couple dogs as well, but if needed, we can work out a way to keep any grumpy pets seperated. If someone can manage to fly in, I will pick up from the airport, or if driving, email me for directions. Email is on my profile. I easily have room for 4 to 5 people. Please be ok with cig smoke and laid back people.
2005-08-31 4:04:21 PM  
My wife and kids left last month, so I do have a physical and emotional void. I have plenty of room for one fat psycho biatch and 2 spoiled videogame addicted kids.
2005-08-31 4:04:39 PM  
Two empty couches and an air matress in Tulsa, OK. My email addy is in the profile.
2005-08-31 4:04:46 PM  
Well... they'll have free WiFi for a couple days...
2005-08-31 4:04:48 PM  

This was from a Knight-Ridder article in the NYT.

It doesn't sound good. Sorry.

In Diamondhead, Miss., Don Haller, his 17-year-old son Don Jr., and their dachshund, Kuddles, were left clinging to the remains of their house when a 23-foot surge of water hit it, flexing the roof like a deck of cards. They had decided against evacuating, Haller said, judging the storm "just a lot of rain.
2005-08-31 4:05:06 PM  
While this is a great gesture, I don't know how effective it's going to be. I seriously doubt that many people who've been displaced are going to be logging on to Fark anytime soon, even if they have electricity, a computer, and a working net connection.

That said, I have a large basement available in Bel Air, MD. Email in profile.
2005-08-31 4:05:15 PM  
I have room for one in Seattle. Room for more if they are cute chicks looking to share a bed with me.
2005-08-31 4:05:24 PM  
I'd offer but two of my friends back home are crashing at my place for the next month. It's going to be crowded.
2005-08-31 4:05:29 PM  
I have space for maybe two or three people. Probly not a family though.... and I live in CHattanooga, TN, so I don't know if that is close enough. anyways email is

2005-08-31 4:05:52 PM  
Radford (Southwest), Virginia.

College town. I have a sofa and floor. 1-2 people max, preferably close to college-age; male/females welcome.

2005-08-31 4:06:25 PM  
Q: Why should I offer shelter to someone who obviously is well off enough to be on the internet?

A: It's called triage. Make space for the displaced who have the means to travel farther (for example, to NYC), and you will hopefully be opening up closer spaces (such as hotels and last-resort shelters) to those who really need them.

Better yet, scour your family/friends tree for distant relatives or friends of friends who've been affected. If we all did this, we could at least "7-Degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon" the shelter issue.
2005-08-31 4:06:29 PM  
meant to post link,1895,1854453,00.asp
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