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2001-05-03 08:22:54 AM  
The one good thing that happens at MIT, and I miss it.


Why did no one tell me??
2001-05-03 12:59:47 PM  
Please Fark, stop HYPING this POS movie!
2001-05-03 02:02:56 PM  
HoHum. Sounds like D.A.R.Y.L. all over again.
2001-05-03 02:09:09 PM  
I was there! (up yours, Paul_n -- sorry, but I found out that day, i woulda told you) Speaking of D.A.R.Y.L., there was a guy there, let's call him RC, who asked Kathleen Kennedy and Haley Joel Osment why this movie would be different from other AI movies. He was pretty rude, but very ballsy, a la Stuttering John. I guess you had to be there.

2001-05-03 02:49:26 PM  
and, just in case anybody missed it the first couple of times around, they are now forcing the first url in their little promotional extravaganza in our faces.

also, if we make robots that look like people, who wants them to have emotions? i mean we already have robots that look like people and have emotions and run on food as fuel and can perform minor self repair and can walk on two legs without falling over. they're called people, for fark's sake!
2001-05-03 09:01:30 PM  
stanley kubrick (my namesake) had "a.i." under development for years (as usual with him), but died before he could make it. speilberg took over, and although i am a grudging fan of speilberg (i think his "jurassic park" is an underated masterpiece), he's just not the filmmaker kubrick was. speilberg is also planning to remake kubrick's best and most controversial film "a clockwork orange". well, i'll be seeing both films ("a.i." and "aco" remake), just because of their connection to god, er i mean kubrick, but i'm planning on being underwhelmed.
2001-05-03 10:02:01 PM  
Jurassic Park was very well done from a special effects point of view too bad he hacked up a good book and filled the parts not computer generated with crap. I did like Jurassic Park better after I saw that pathetic tornado movie, The only thing that could of helped would be if he added the darth vader theme whenever the "bad guy" chasers showed up in their all black trucks.
2001-05-03 10:18:52 PM  
speilberg didn't direct "twister". i thought "twister" was sort of weak as well, except for the scene where they're showing "the shining" at the drive in and the huge tornado rips through jack nicholson's insanely grinning face.

"jurassic park" the movie was pretty close to the book imho, except for the fate of the park owner (the movie was better than the book, too). i have still yet to see a computer fx movie that was as convincing as j.p. someone needs to tell those biatches at i.l.m. that "phantom menace" was ruined by the so-called "special effects" they cooked up. please. lucas, go back and watch how they integrated live action & computer fx in "jurassic park", then fire all those fx nerds who don't know shiat about cinematics, who think just because something looks "kewl" DOES NOT A GREAT SCENE MAKE!
2001-05-03 10:51:54 PM  
I have to admit, I was (and still am) a bit disapointed to see Speilburg take over this. Speilburg is good, in his own right. He makes gee-wiz movies that inspire and delight, but that's about it. While Speilburgh certiantly knows how to entertain, Kubric knew how to make good, mature films. I'll probably see it out of curosity, but I can't help to think there ar'nt other directors out there who could have done better with it.
2001-05-03 11:17:49 PM  
best computer effects movie: fight club.
2001-05-04 03:41:02 AM  
Just for the record, I posted this, and the backstory is pretty intense. Even though Spielberg isn't the same director Kubrick was, Kubrick himself said A.I. was more in Spielberg's vein, and he'd been working with Spielberg on the movie off and on for 15 years.
I think Spielberg, regardless of his 'popularity', is completely worthy of taking on the responsibility of bringing this movie to life with his vision. it harkens back to the days when he was able to convey a sense of child-like wonder into a world that had grown callous and crass. Saving Private Ryan's opening scene was enough to prove to me that when Spielberg wants to show gutsy realism, he is capable, also.
Maybe, just maybe, he'll get the mix right this time. His movies may be 'fluff', or WHATEVER, but he seems to be able to know how to convey emotion to a large audience, and has excellent ability to uphold a high asthetic standard.
I'm excited about A.I., because I know a master conceived it, and handed the torch to another master, (okay, maybe apprentice), to help fulfill the vision,

Yes, Fight Club rocked, and was not given the recognition it deserved, but let's not bury Spielberg just because he did 'Batteries Not Included'.

Um....okay, he did earn a few years in purgatory for that one...

I'm sick of good directors who are popular getting slammed just because they are popular.

2001-05-04 03:48:31 PM  
um, matthew robbins directed "*batteries not included", not spielberg. and i agree, i think spielberg is up to the challenge of taking over kubrick's movie; he seemed hand picked by kubrick. if i were to compare the two as artists, i would say they are both equally adept at manipulating the audience's emotions, except kubrick's efforts don't seem as labored as spielberg's, and kubrick has a much better sense of humor. spielberg has a more "human" touch, but often wallows in sentimentality, where kubrick is more interested in dehumanization and has a colder vision.

i can't wait for the re-issue of "2001" later this year. the dvd should rock.
2001-05-04 07:53:31 PM  
Yeah, Matthew Robbins directed. oops.

I notice executive producer credits, when Spielberg is concerned, can many times mean nearly the same thing. (Can you say 'Poltergeist'?)

I agree with StanFan about the essential differences between Kubrick and Spielberg. I have a feeling Kubrick picked Spielberg because of this. I agree, also that Spielberg can be ham-fisted, but I still enjoy watching Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T. for what they are, then go watch Solaris or Prosperos Books when I need some more depth. I hope Spielberg can deliver on this.
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