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32345 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Aug 2005 at 11:55 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-08-24 10:16:38 AM  
Muchos coolos!
2005-08-24 10:40:44 AM  
Bah. Some kid with a website and mask does not a "Mexican wrestling superstar" make.

[image from too old to be available]
El Santo es el trato verdadero!
2005-08-24 10:58:42 AM  
That was the whitest Mexican I've ever seen.
2005-08-24 11:05:12 AM  
Sounds like another attention whore went public.
//heads out for first beer of the day!
2005-08-24 11:13:41 AM  
They put a whole lot of work into it and it is still crappy.
Beware spyware installer on second page
2005-08-24 11:57:09 AM  
I want my 10 seconds back.
2005-08-24 11:59:09 AM  
attention whore.
2005-08-24 11:59:46 AM  
2005-08-24 11:59:51 AM  
Just another Strong Bad wannabe...
2005-08-24 11:59:57 AM  
But can he defeat The Mummy?!?!?!?!?!

[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-24 12:00:11 PM  
hella stupid
2005-08-24 12:00:11 PM  
El Asso Wipo?
2005-08-24 12:00:19 PM  
Why did I even click on that???????
2005-08-24 12:00:26 PM  
Yes, but wait till he has to fight El Nino...

/spanish for, The Nino
2005-08-24 12:00:28 PM  
Some people put an awful lot of work into awfully small things. Amusing, though.
2005-08-24 12:00:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-24 12:01:03 PM  
2005-08-24 12:01:48 PM  
Of course, once his site gets farked, I guess that means fark wins in a rematch.

Otherwise, standard attention whoring.
2005-08-24 12:02:11 PM  
Greenlight that page with its 250kB images, and his bandwidth bill will tell him what it's like to be farked...
2005-08-24 12:02:28 PM  
The only thing that could have made that web site better would be a cheesy imbeded midi.
2005-08-24 12:03:15 PM  
I was expecting an actual Mexican getting bodyslammed by Drew, only to get up and attempt a DDT, but have Drew reverse it, through him into the ropes, giving him a clothesline across the unsuspecting Mexicans jugular, then dropping a 'bow on him from the top rope, finally going for the pin. Didnt anyone else expect that too?
2005-08-24 12:03:43 PM  
Cute. But now I've got the runs.
2005-08-24 12:03:56 PM  
Someone needs to get a life..
2005-08-24 12:04:43 PM  
It's from I-Mockery. It might even be that "RoG" guy.
2005-08-24 12:04:58 PM  
This will be hilarious when the farktard gets farked.
2005-08-24 12:05:15 PM  
El Serpento has a point about the park.

/crying for Fark
2005-08-24 12:05:33 PM  
Wow, that was gay. And he totally ripped of Miguel's dialect from
2005-08-24 12:05:38 PM  
Hey, c'mon! I thought it was funny. Don't tell me you're all actually offended?
2005-08-24 12:05:41 PM  
well, I'll give the kids credit:

1)it was original, if not bizarre

2)blatant disregard for their dignity
2005-08-24 12:05:59 PM  

I am trying, OK?!?

Ohh... you meant- nevermind.
2005-08-24 12:06:09 PM  
Meh. Most Vanilla Mexican Wrestler Ever.

The Look at Me I'm an Attention Whore girl is hot.
2005-08-24 12:06:44 PM  
so how much did they pay drew to have this article posted? His friends needed some help with visitors?
2005-08-24 12:06:52 PM  
Where's the Utah SWAT team when someone needs a good beatdown?
2005-08-24 12:08:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

that was so bad I think it gave me cancer!

2005-08-24 12:08:34 PM  
Methinks the wrestler in question must also be submitter- notice the fatuous use of the word "superstar". Hmmm...
2005-08-24 12:08:57 PM  
Hmmmmm... Virus warning on the popup on the third page for me. Trojan 41.J or something.
2005-08-24 12:08:58 PM  
Looks like Serpy's website got the 1-2-3 already.
2005-08-24 12:10:12 PM  
Dear god, let's castrate him before he can spawn.
2005-08-24 12:10:20 PM  
hilarious, loco destructo has the funniest expressions.
2005-08-24 12:10:24 PM  
2005-08-24 11:59:09 AM dypchit

attention whore.[/qoute]

2005-08-24 12:11:03 PM  
If they replaced those wrestler masks with ninja costumes, then their site would be worth visiting. Pirates would be great too...
2005-08-24 12:11:16 PM  
I dig it. El Serpento is now in my top ten of luchadores (he's still no Santo... or La Parka... or even Super Crazy or Rey Misterio, Jr.).

More FARK references would've been nice, though. Maybe a ha-ha guy, Ackbar, or even a little jab at Bevets.

Still... aces.
2005-08-24 12:11:19 PM  
Wow, I can get 3.45% interest on a Capitol One money market account.
2005-08-24 12:11:59 PM  
hey that was just some white dudes
2005-08-24 12:12:02 PM  
It's not dead. Fark it harder!
2005-08-24 12:12:21 PM  
Seen it before or Something Awful and much funnier!
2005-08-24 12:12:26 PM  

They're even odder than me.

They need to take the pills I do to calm down a bit.

Still, that was funny!
2005-08-24 12:12:35 PM  
funny....laffed for 2.5 minutos...
2005-08-24 12:12:44 PM  
kelryn: The Look at Me I'm an Attention Whore girl is hot.

I agree.
I'd pay attention to her.
CLOSE attention.
2005-08-24 12:13:13 PM  
That was so dumb -

It was so bad -

I'll hold him down ceph

/wow; bad
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