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2005-08-21 08:04:43 AM  
What!!?!?! All the geeks and nerds here and no is going to point out that the first costume they define as a Padme? Lookalike! Is in reality a Leia Lookalit. And a pretty good one at that. She kinda looks like Julia Stiles in the pic in the thread. (thats just me I know)

/cant forget a slash
2005-08-21 08:20:51 AM  
Sorry, some of us geeks and nerds weren't home on a Saturday night... :-)
2005-08-21 08:25:49 AM  
In fact, my best friend is a great artist for DC and publishes his own book


Here is his site.
2005-08-21 08:29:27 AM  
To anyone who says comics aren't for grown-ups:

Never watch a noir film or read a hard-boiled novel. All that's different is you're not flipping through pages.

Appreciating good art and storytelling doesn't mean you have to read Mega Super Robot Crisis Anime part XII or one of the thousands of X-Men spinoffs. How about Sin City? Yeah, Frank Miller is God. The movie was awesome, but go check out the graphic novels/comics/whatever you want to call them. Even better than the movie.

Or for something REALLY out there, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Jhonen Vasquez is farked-up something fierce.
2005-08-21 08:33:25 AM  
Ugh! In no way will I help post that monster. That woman is not hot.
2005-08-21 08:37:46 AM  
Being a nerdy site, I didn't expect neocon ads. Is the nerd population ultra conservative? Not trolling, I'm just curious.
2005-08-21 08:38:33 AM  
PS: Not saying I expected liberal ads either, I figured like RPG or Anime ads.
2005-08-21 08:44:26 AM  

Here is his site.

Nice work, but he needs a better website than that. Reminds me of Bill Sienkiewicz. I agree with Mikey-San that there are great talents in the comics field. One unique talent is Paul Pope. Check out his Vertigo work or his own creation THB.

Copy paste...



/JTHM rules sickly
2005-08-21 08:44:45 AM  
[image from penny-arcade.com too old to be available]
2005-08-21 08:49:43 AM  
Yeah, like some other people said, those girls are OK at best -- barely average.
2005-08-21 08:56:42 AM  

Nice work, but he needs a better website than that. Reminds me of Bill Sienkiewicz.

Funny. He is a fan and friend of Sienkiewicz...and his site is indeed horrid.
2005-08-21 08:58:46 AM  
[image from photos.signonsandiego.com too old to be available]
who's the midget?

[image from photos.signonsandiego.com too old to be available]
2005-08-21 09:01:45 AM  
Laura Croft???? Laura???? What the hell kind of a geek convention is this?
2005-08-21 09:03:29 AM  
[image from photos.signonsandiego.com too old to be available]
2005-08-21 09:14:05 AM  
Mor Pheus: I had to resize this one from its original 2000 x 1335 size.

woah! link to orginal pleeez
2005-08-21 09:19:42 AM  

Naw man, JTHM was good, but it was really sophomoric and juvenile writing. The art was great and expressive, but it was an entire book of illustrations of some goth guy's fantasy world where he was dangerous and couldn't be pushed around. Really one dimensional. In NO WAY does it compare to Sin City.

Hell, it's not even as good as Risso and Azzarello's Batman run. OR Kelley's. Or Miller's

Yes, Miller is God.

Holy crap, I am a geek.
2005-08-21 09:21:45 AM  
>Ugh! In no way will I help post that monster. That woman is not hot.

While I wouldn't go so far as to say "monster", that's kinda what I thought too.
2005-08-21 09:45:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2005-08-21 09:54:10 AM  
[image from members.bellatlantic.net too old to be available]
DragonCon in a couple of weeks. Sadly, I'm missing it this year.
2005-08-21 09:59:04 AM  

Yeah, like some other people said, those girls are OK at best -- barely average.

Yeah, well here's the thing. Most guys (a lot of farkers here) will be lucky to even get an 'average' woman. And for that matter, when is a real 'average' woman a bad thing?
Now go back to your fapping, and dream of a day when you'll actually work up the courage to talk to a real woman.

/Married to an 'average' woman
//She's actually quite pretty
2005-08-21 10:05:37 AM  

[image from images.blogads.com too old to be available]
Put Libs in their place without saying a word!

I wonder what place they intend to put libs?
2005-08-21 10:07:12 AM  
NakedApe I'm sorry man I'll be there for you!
2005-08-21 10:08:48 AM  
We've found a new HA HA Man!!!!!11!!!!1!!
2005-08-21 10:14:18 AM  

That is decidedly NSFW. The only reason you can't see her pubic hair is she doesn't have any.
2005-08-21 10:22:10 AM  
What's the point of going to a conference if there's no booth bunnies?
2005-08-21 10:22:55 AM  
A hug for Abe Vigoda's Ghost!

It's the usual mantra of many geeks:

Reject the girl before she rejects you.

Now, let's go check out those last-minute sales at GenCon today!

/average girl m'self
//hubby thinks I'm hot
///sweet, deluded man
////slashes rool!
2005-08-21 10:29:24 AM  
Yeah, Imperial chick there is pretty NSFW... surprised she wasn't asked to put on some clothes at the con.

And, speaking as a fan of comics, I refuse... FLATLY refuse... to be insulted as being "f'ed up" by a farker who thinks to call himself Big_Sexy.

Good DAY to you, SIR.
2005-08-21 10:38:52 AM  
how about this?

Clicky (bigger size)
[image from
dragoncon.org too old to be available]
2005-08-21 10:45:04 AM  
Caption: You know, the untouchable objects of their desires times two: cheerleaders who also happen to be fictional comic book chicks.

How many non-fiction comic books are out there?
2005-08-21 10:49:53 AM  
Silly me, I always thought the girls were there to buy comic books, just like all the other geeks.
2005-08-21 10:52:24 AM  
imperial chick's image has been fixed, I see.
2005-08-21 11:10:04 AM  
so where is the original imperial chick's image?

link ?
2005-08-21 11:10:15 AM  
Holy Crap! Sarge sure has put on some weight!

[image from dragoncon.org too old to be available]
2005-08-21 11:17:44 AM  
Best pic on that dragoncon site:

[image from dragoncon.org too old to be available]

That sure is a high-tech pogo stick for 2000 years ago.
2005-08-21 11:27:25 AM  
Or for something REALLY out there, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Jhonen Vasquez is farked-up something fierce.

"Dear Diary, today I stuffed some dolls full of dead rats I put in the blender. I'm wondering if, maybe, there really is something wrong with me"
2005-08-21 11:32:50 AM  
[image from dragoncon.org too old to be available]
[image from dragoncon.org too old to be available]

lucky kid?
[image from dragoncon.org too old to be available]
2005-08-21 11:34:51 AM  
mrneutron thats the funniest thing i've seen in a while, and pogo jesus is a close 2nd
2005-08-21 11:46:03 AM  
Rabid Neocons have no buisiness being geeks. Don't your religious right overlords freak out at stuff like Harry Potter and Star Wars?

And why is it that the only thing neocon ads can ever do is attack "liberals"?
2005-08-21 11:46:51 AM  
Well, I normally don't feed trolls, but I've got a little time in between configuring virtual hosts on my FreeBSD box and meeting my friends online for a rousing game of BF2, so I'll throw you a cookie. I can't help but think that my "emotional issues" should be getting in the way of my job as sysadmin for a 60-person company, or my job as computer consultant, or my 12-year marriage, or my friendships with people from all walks of life, but I'm just not seeing it. Everyone at my company interacts with me in a professional & courteous manner, I add new clients to my consulting list daily (whilst still managing to keep existing ones on board), my husband and I are still best friends and lovers (even though a good 50% our friends are on marriage #2), and my friends and I can debate such varied topics as Middle East politics and the evolution of the "fairy-tale" in literature without bursting into tears, screaming, or otherwise behaving in an inappropriate manner. Perhaps I'm just a high-functioning basket case? Or perhaps you might want to poke your head out from under your blanket statement and take a look around.
2005-08-21 11:51:04 AM  

Interesting ad. I'm not too up on this, but I thought conservatives were meant to be big on all that freedom-from-big-govt stuff that the ACLU fights for? Am I missing something, or is it really wierd to paint the ACLU as liberal? I know it's a hated institution, and that it champions a lot of causes dear to liberals, but it also champions causes dear to conservatives, and causes dear to libertarians, and so on. Branding civil liberties as soviet communist is just... bizarre. A real Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

(I'm guessing it's probably another example of "I call myself left/right, so anything I don't like I unthinkingly assume must be the spawn of the right/left, even when it's really from the left/right or completely unrelated, because I'm too retarded to have more than a childish grasp of politics.")

There's probably an "In Communist Russia..." joke here somewhere. :-)
2005-08-21 11:52:38 AM  
ack... all this Slave Girl Leia

I worked for the "company" that makes that costume. It was their biggest selling product, by far.

Such horrible memories repressed, and now dragged up from the fog by this thread!

/curse you all!
2005-08-21 12:05:38 PM  
Big Sexy:
I'm kinda interested in how many friends you have in the girls-into-that-stuff-who-are-farked-up category, because it does sound like you're jumping to the conclusion from a sample that isn't very big. In my limited experience (I don't know very many girls into this stuff, since I'm not too into it myself), there is a much stronger (and causal) correlation with "had older brothers (ie looked up to them and thus got into their hobbies)" than anything else. Well, actually, the other strong factor is being geeks. Are the issues you're talking about the social oddities of geekdom?
Cos geek isn't a guy thing.

And I'll say right out, my sample of friends isn't big enough for my generalisations to be meaningful :)
2005-08-21 12:19:33 PM  
This thread needs more Tron Guy:

[image from too old to be available]

so where is the original imperial chick's image?

I managed to snag it, peeksies here: somewhat NSFW
d23 [BareFark]
2005-08-21 12:36:36 PM  
I swear... there are a lot of farkers out there that are just plain sad. When are you gonna realize it isn't ALL about how nice their body is and that attraction has to do something with attitude and personality?

I actually work with a woman that looks quite a lot like Shirley Manson (actually better looking than her..). I have had a huge crush on Shirley for a long, long time now, but I don't feel the same way with this girl in the office. Why? I am attracted to Shirley Manson's crazy, moody, f-d up personality, and this girl is super-bubbily constantly.

I am not sure, but the girl who is in the Chun-Li costume that says she is from Canada is, I believe, a famous cosplayer that calls herself Lafiel. You can go on about her looking plain all you want, but if you chat with her on sites she frequents (like teaserama.com) you might find that, if you're into that cosplay/gamer girl sort of thing, she's one of the hottest girls out there.

This is the real world of real women... some of you really really need to grow up or you really will become 40 year old non-volunteer virgins.
2005-08-21 12:39:45 PM  
dragon-con fan picks 102-108 kind of interesting

(go to pudita caliente [cool name] message and click the picture then change number in address line, of course-duh)

i suppose that is one way for a older woman to get lots of attention
2005-08-21 12:49:21 PM  
317-318 i kinda cool too if jesus on a pogo stick is your thing
d23 [BareFark]
2005-08-21 01:08:04 PM  
someone is gonna yell "butterface" but jesus.. I can ignore that...

[image from dragoncon.org too old to be available]
2005-08-21 01:18:20 PM  
2005-08-21 01:20:56 PM  
Jesus Photoshop? WWJPS?

[image from dragoncon.org too old to be available]
2005-08-21 01:36:55 PM  
What, a comic con thread without the obligatory picture of the really hairy guy in the bikini? What is Fark coming to? Although fat Tron guy is right up there with fat Elvis in the Vegas suit for sheer camel toeyosity. Super Girl looks like the actress in the movie but even better looking.
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