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(ESPN)   Twins, Expos lead divisions   ( divider line
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2683 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Apr 2002 at 12:37 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-21 12:40:04 AM  
Eat it
2002-04-21 12:40:13 AM  
Haha Eat that Selig!
2002-04-21 12:40:53 AM  
I would like to see the Expos win their division. Montreal needs a baseball team.
2002-04-21 12:42:44 AM  
Let me add that the Twins are my favorite team
2002-04-21 12:45:32 AM  
And so are the Pirates, but the Braves are not. Bwahahahahahahahaha
2002-04-21 12:47:32 AM  
I agree whole-heartedly with Xelys

Go Mariners Go!
2002-04-21 12:47:35 AM  
...and it's, what, April?
2002-04-21 12:48:58 AM  
Ahem... tied for first!
2002-04-21 12:49:13 AM  
So it'd be awesome if the Twins and/or Expos made it to the Series! Haha I'd love to see the look on Selig's face then :)
2002-04-21 12:51:52 AM  
American youth! Did you know that you can drink at 18 in Canada? Come see an Expos game and get drunk!
2002-04-21 12:51:59 AM  
who cares if Montreal is winning when they can't even get 10,000 people a night to show up consistently? even the islanders get more people a night in the regular season than the expos now and hockey tickets are expensive as fock.
2002-04-21 12:55:13 AM  
And might I add, this is not ironic, this is unexpected. Thanks for your time!
2002-04-21 12:55:43 AM  
Excellent, my evil schemes are coming into fruition... I mean, uh, cool?
2002-04-21 12:57:59 AM  
I think Montreal's problem right now is the Hockey Season. I don't think a Canadian is going to pass up hockey to watch baseball...sad but true.
2002-04-21 12:58:42 AM  
Oh, and thanks Puckhead .
2002-04-21 01:12:44 AM  
If only they were contracted, then some real teams would those divisions
2002-04-21 01:24:05 AM  
I'd like to point out that not only do the Twins rock, but they've got some rock bottom ticket prices. It's amazing what happens when you aren't paying players tens of millions of dollars...
2002-04-21 01:35:26 AM  
Anyone see the M's game tonight?

In a related story, do you know why it's so windy in Oklahoma?


Because Texas sucks!
2002-04-21 01:45:05 AM  
Selig has been a moron since 1970 when he stole the Pilots away to Milwaukee.

[image from too old to be available]

But what can you expect from a used-car salesman?

Hey Bud! Look at the NFL! It's called revenue-sharing you dope!

Perhaps the anti-trust really needs to go NOW!
2002-04-21 01:45:31 AM  
the Cleveland Indians will be swept out of town tomorrow by the Twins. You heard it here first.
2002-04-21 01:45:36 AM  
Hey, how's that Shawn Estes cat doing out there in NY? 0-2? Hahahaha!

Go Giants.
2002-04-21 02:15:50 AM  
Let's see... Twins and Expos lead their divison, and Milwaukee (Selig's team) is in dead farking last. Oh sweet irony and great bitterness for Miluwakee fans (if there are any).
2002-04-21 02:58:32 AM  
Selig is a chump. By contracting the Twins, you would be erasing something like 65 years of baseball history(they were the Washington Senators before 1965) from the books, and the two world series the twins won in 87 & 91. Also, Minneapolis is only four hours from Milwaukie, so selig's team would stand to profit substantially if the Twins were contracted. The goodness of the game bull shiat that Selig is feeding everyone is a load of crap. Go Twins!! Any sports comish that owns a team should have no power in issues thot would directly effect his team's bottom line. I say contract the Brewers and let Bud concentrate on being the comish.
2002-04-21 03:32:27 AM  
w00t! w00t! w00t! Go Montreal! They've been a pretty shiatty team inte past few years, but who (besides Selig) wouldn't want to see 'em actually win.

w00t! w00t! w00t! Montreal!
2002-04-21 03:58:53 AM  
I admit I have been a fairweather fan since puckett left but really over all we ahve been a great team. There is no way milwalkee would beifit from contraction. I'd rather root for the devil than the brewers. uNf.
2002-04-21 04:45:28 AM  
Path: Milwaukee really doesn't need a damn team imho. Especially with the commish owning said team.
2002-04-21 07:57:21 AM  
Haha this is great, but the white sox are going all the way!!! I AM SPARTACUS!
2002-04-21 08:18:54 AM  
Montreal is tied for first with the Mets. They're not in first.

Other than that, though, it's pretty amusing. And, yes, Selig is a fark.
2002-04-21 11:22:18 AM  
Wonder how long it takes for Vladimir Guererro to get traded to the Brewers?
2002-04-21 11:35:04 AM  
When MLB baseball goes down to four teams in each league THEN Duh Cubs MIGHT make it into The World Series.
2002-04-21 12:16:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-21 12:57:32 PM  
I was at the Twins game last night.

Upper general admission: $5.
Dome dog: $3.50
Pop: $4.00
Fact that a meal costs more than your ticket: Priceless.
2002-04-21 01:38:52 PM  
2002-04-21 01:47:59 PM  
I always liked the Twins as a kid because of Kirby Puckett. I went to high school with Tori Hunter, so I like them again. I don't really follow baseball closely, but I was shocked that they were talking about getting rid of the Twins. Bud Selig is a farking moron
2002-04-21 07:10:16 PM  
To: Bud Selig
From: FARKer Radiofreewill
Subject: You suck donkey balls

Please remove yourself from the office of Commissioner of Baseball before you go and do something stupid...oh, wait. Nevermind. Just go forth from this place, and never return please.
2002-04-21 08:23:35 PM  
According to the attendance figures I've seen, the Twins in that shiathole of a stadium are drawing about as well as the Brewers in their brand new palace.

So Bud, where are those new reveues from the stadium going? To acquire top players? To rebuild the farm system. Nope, right into Selig's pocket. That's why revenue sharing doesn't work. Guys take the money and put it right in their pockets.

Oh and nice move in steering the guy who wanted to buy the Twins to the Angels instead. Couldn't bear to see your contraction go up in smokes.

F Bud Selig!
2002-04-22 09:52:59 AM  
"According to the attendance figures I've seen, the Twins in that shiathole of a stadium are drawing about as well as the Brewers in their brand new palace."

Or to put that another way, the Brewers with their 7-12 record and no hopes for a playoff spot this year are still drawing slightly better than the Twins in first place at 13-6 with playoff aspirations. Pathetic.
Screw Minnesota. Let everyone out there go to their Mall of America or whatever, and contract those Twins.
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