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(St. Petersburg Times)   State tourist board to retire its "FLA USA" brand because "USA" invokes negative opinions from foreign customers and "FLA" invokes ridicule   ( divider line
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2005-08-17 11:39:56 AM  
"Visit Florida"? Lame.

"Florida - We're the reason Bush is bombing you" would be better.
2005-08-17 11:42:08 AM  
Florida- we've stopped killing German tourists, for now.
2005-08-17 12:06:28 PM  
Hell, these days anything connected with Florida invokes negative opinions from most American customers who live outside of Florida.
2005-08-17 12:16:05 PM  
The customer is always right.
2005-08-17 12:16:27 PM  
Not bad, but it could be better. Support accuracy and efficiency by recycling our old slogan. Florida: The rules are different here.
2005-08-17 01:19:14 PM  
This columnist's random speculation about why they're changing the slogan is being passed off as news? Couldn't be just that something using the full world "Florida" is more immediately understandable than the cryptic abbreviation "FLA USA"?
2005-08-17 01:24:58 PM  
Granted, Florida is odd.
But at least we have a fark tag!

/nanny, nanny, boo, boo
2005-08-17 01:43:07 PM  
Florida: Best Puppy & Kitten sandwiches in the world!
2005-08-17 01:51:41 PM  
themanfire: Couldn't be just that something using the full world "Florida" is more immediately understandable than the cryptic abbreviation "FLA USA"?

First thing that FLA USA comes to my mind is:
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-17 02:08:29 PM  
They could borrow what customers of the criminal justice system say here:

Come on vacation,
Leave on probation,
Return on violation.
2005-08-17 02:14:29 PM  
plus no one knows what the heck a "flausa" is
2005-08-17 02:39:34 PM  
I remember when they started the whole "FLA USA" thing. People thought it was ridiculous, especially the millions of dollars spent developing it.
2005-08-17 03:22:07 PM  
Hey, here's something novel: people who get offended at the USA part? You probably don't want them as tourists anyway any more than they want to BE tourists in the USA.
2005-08-17 04:26:39 PM  
I missed the now politically incorrect Florida license plates from back in the 70s.

2005-08-17 05:01:24 PM  
in other news
2005-08-17 05:04:00 PM  
old and busted: FLA USA
new hotness: FLA UFIA
2005-08-17 05:04:17 PM  
Couldn't get through the whole thing. I can't stand smarmy columnists who think they're oh so clever.

And there are decent, non-white trash or wierd parts of Florida. California and most of the deep south are much worse.
2005-08-17 05:04:23 PM  
Optional Slogans!

Florida where the old people come to die
Florida come see how dumb we are for your self
Florida Home of Gator Ade, Gator Bait and Gator Meat
2005-08-17 05:04:52 PM  
Is it my imagination, or did the governor just criticize his brother's administration?
2005-08-17 05:05:01 PM  
GooberMcFly: "Florida - We're the reason Bush is bombing you" would be better.

Dude...if I could get that on a bumper sticker, I'd totally put it on my car.

2005-08-17 05:05:08 PM  
I had some chicken flausas today at lunch. Man, the gas they gave me.
2005-08-17 05:05:11 PM  
Maybe they should encourage the notion that you should visit Florida of Good Times fame.

"Visit Florida. She's dyn-o-mite!"
2005-08-17 05:05:43 PM  
leaving the USA part out will trick those tourists into thinking they are not in America but some bannana republic with no social services to speak of..oh wait...
2005-08-17 05:05:50 PM  
If USA offends you, perhaps you should vacation elsewhere. Trust me, we won't mind at all.
2005-08-17 05:05:56 PM  
Florida: Setting the pace to nowhere.
2005-08-17 05:06:42 PM  

Great point.

In other news - I BLAME (jeb) BUSH for this.
2005-08-17 05:06:52 PM  
"Florida: The water isn't very shark infested."
2005-08-17 05:08:20 PM  
how about:

"Florida: Americas Wang"
2005-08-17 05:08:59 PM  
I liked their old slogan better, "Florida, look at the map - we're America's penis... which would make Cuba some sort of drool blob from syphilis or something."
2005-08-17 05:11:21 PM  
Bahahahaha. Even Florida is starting to hate the U.S. of A.
2005-08-17 05:12:23 PM  
So as far as I can work out, by removing 'USA' from their slogan, Floriad will open up the market to tourists who don't like the US, but don't realize that it includes Florida.

They should blend right in with the locals, then.
2005-08-17 05:13:13 PM  
Oh yeah, and they should change the name of the state to 'Floriad', just to be sure.
2005-08-17 05:13:38 PM  
You'd think with the Euro/Pound -> Dollar exchange rates right now, that the Europeans would overlook such temporary political differences in favor of cheap cheap cheap. Especially with the two months of vacation they get.

But hey, every country in the world should base its foreign policy on how popular it is. Now there's a sound basis for long-term national success!
2005-08-17 05:14:03 PM  
Florida: God's Waiting Room
2005-08-17 05:15:12 PM  

Yeah. Pretty crazy. Sounds kind of like...Democracy. We wouldn't want that.
2005-08-17 05:15:31 PM  
I live here and this is a good idea for the state actually. Of course people KNOW they are in the USA when they visit Florida, but you don't have to rub their noses in it.

Many foreign visitors come here on vacation DESPITE the fact that it's in the USA, not because of it.
2005-08-17 05:17:57 PM  
and replace it with the less confusing if uninspiring slogan: Visit Florida

How about the fact that FLA USA means nothing to most people. Whereas "visit florida" says exactly what it means. They want to you visit Florida.

Plus, as was pointed out before, if someone is offended by USA then it's pretty unlikely that they want to visit to's in the USA!

Hehe, the guy's email address in on the page -- I'd love to see some of the gems that he's receiving!
2005-08-17 05:18:00 PM  
Florida: Come for the sun, stay for the suckitude.
2005-08-17 05:20:13 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-17 05:22:03 PM  
GIS search (SFW) turned up this guy:

Maybe he's why nobody wants to visit Florida?
2005-08-17 05:22:10 PM  
I've never heard of FLA USA. Is that because I live in Florida?
2005-08-17 05:23:18 PM  
Florida: It's just not for aligators anymore.
2005-08-17 05:25:08 PM  
"There is a lot of resentment in many parts of the world against the United States and its recent actions, especially in the Middle East."

If you take that USA off the end, all of the now free people from the Middle East will spend all their hard earned money in Florida. Sweet!! I can't wait to retire there.
2005-08-17 05:25:54 PM  
i think it's because too many people were reading it as "flausa." what's flausa?
2005-08-17 05:27:06 PM  
"Florida: Home of our next dictator."
2005-08-17 05:28:45 PM  
More Slogans:

Florida: Cubans Float Across 90 Miles of Sea on Styrofoam Coolers to Come Here, Find Out Why
Florida: We'll Name a Hurricane After You
Florida: Where Dead Chicks Eat Free*
Florida: America's Leading Exporter of Democracy Because We Weren't Using It Anyway
Florida: See It Before You Turn 70
Florida(c): A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Walt Disney Corporation
Florida: All of the Mosquitoes of the Amazon With Half the Tropical Diseases

*for the first 15 years
2005-08-17 05:28:54 PM  
"Florida - We're not as nutty as California, but we're getting there!"

I suppose it's a reaonable consideration. Aside from the fact it was always a weak idea. We get a ton of international tourists. I'd bet we top any other state in that.
2005-08-17 05:29:06 PM  
I still can't figure out what that article was supposed to be about. Subject hopping everywhere.
2005-08-17 05:29:07 PM  
I've never heard of FLA USA. Is that because I live in Florida?

You've answered your own question. You're either dumb and couldn't read it on promotional materials or senile/deaf. Perhaps both.
2005-08-17 05:31:05 PM  
How about "Rese ar Florida"
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