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(Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)   Man says Dr. Phil inspired him to lock wife in trunk. Jailarity ensues   ( jsonline.com) divider line
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2005-08-10 07:21:12 AM  
where is the outrage to get this guy off the air.
2005-08-10 07:43:13 AM  
post link, registration bad, me no likey
2005-08-10 08:08:47 AM  
Well, duh. That's what Dr. Phil told me to do too.

Except it was a hooker.

And he didn't say "lock" because she was already dead.

But I kept the coke.

Remember kids, if the hooker leaves alive, you haven't gotten your money's worth.
2005-08-10 08:33:50 AM  
Oh that Dr. Phil. He's so wacky!
2005-08-10 08:34:28 AM  
GaidinBDJ: Remember kids, if the hooker leaves alive, you haven't gotten your money's worth.

What great advice!

/Thanks Dr. Gaidin!
2005-08-10 08:36:37 AM  
I watch Dr. Gaidin's show religiously. =)
2005-08-10 08:40:35 AM  
And, as Dr. Phil would say, "So ... how's that workin' for ya?"
2005-08-10 08:43:01 AM  
Dr Phil told me to cut off my balls and embrace my femininity.

i told him to fark off.
2005-08-10 09:01:02 AM  
In case it's not obvious, he's a farking fraud. They did a show with someone her locally. The film crew followed these people around that just happened to be relatives of my girlfriend. It seems they were too boring so they took them down to the local bar and liquored them up so and picked up the tab. Nothing crazy happened but a couple of them were underage.

Bottom line, once again, don't believe everything you see on TV.
2005-08-10 10:17:58 AM  
Finally, someone has listened to this genius. I don't se genius lightly. First, you have Wile E. Coyote, and then Dr. Phil. I can't imagine anyone else living up to this level of genius. Fark those MENSA people. We need more people listening to Dr. Phil

/have you bought his tapes, seen his videos, or read his books?
//The ends justify the means, if the ends are removing this guy from teh airwaves.
///and if you take the guy this seriously, you have a problem...seek help, or some hemlock, stat
2005-08-10 10:44:35 AM  
Dr. Phil Soundboard

/got nothin'
2005-08-10 01:11:08 PM  
And when he locked her in the trunk, did he then cheer

2005-08-10 02:47:51 PM  
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
2005-08-10 02:53:33 PM  
Remember the Dr. Phil/Oprah mantra:

"Women good - men bad"
2005-08-10 02:54:44 PM  
add me to the throng of "dr." phil haters.
2005-08-10 02:55:39 PM  
So.. Dr. Phil gets off scot-free for this gross encouragement of antisocial behavior! What mockery of justice is this?

/Hates Dr. Phil
//Didn't RTFA
///Slashes for everyone!
2005-08-10 02:57:07 PM  
I like Dr. Phil....you gotta keep in mind that his advice is for trailor trash...so its a different approach.
2005-08-10 02:57:14 PM  
And they say violent video games are what causes violent crime.
2005-08-10 02:57:50 PM  
son of secret police: add me to the throng of "dr." phil haters.

I hate his fans more. Their utter stupidity makes it possible for that fat fark to make a living out of dispensing common sense.
2005-08-10 02:58:34 PM  
Ah... That wacky Dr. Phil
2005-08-10 02:58:39 PM  
Schueller offered to pay an undercover sheriff's deputy $1,000 to give his wife "a terrific scare"

Don't these people realize that anytime they offer to pay someone to do something like this it's always an undercover sheriff's deputy?
2005-08-10 02:59:11 PM  
SOmeone PLEASE photoshop a picture of Dr. Phil's head with a urethra on the top.
2005-08-10 02:59:37 PM  
Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

"Dr. Phil said to do it."

"My dog said to do it."

"Rove said to do it."


Sheesh, grow a pair and decide to put your wife in the trunk all on your own!

(no, I DRTFA)
2005-08-10 02:59:37 PM  

Dr. Phil Soundboard

/got nothin'

2005-08-10 02:59:39 PM  
[image from jabib.com too old to be available]

It worked!
wow it worked!!!!!!

2005-08-10 03:00:05 PM  
since when does anyone watch Dr. Phil?
2005-08-10 03:00:28 PM  
I read the article... First thing I noticed was "truck of the car". WTF?
2005-08-10 03:00:31 PM  
Also, Dr. Phil's wife is SCARY.
/that is all
2005-08-10 03:00:38 PM  
if i ever go out in a blaze of glory like that, i'm blaming that bald sack of crap for it too.
2005-08-10 03:01:59 PM  
yes, yes, we all know Dr. Phil is a dumbass...
2005-08-10 03:03:00 PM  
Dr. Phil. Now there's a hack to hate. I'm starting out my psychology study soon, planning to specialize in neuropsychology during the third year...this CHARLATAN is making science look silly.

/Down with pop psychology!
2005-08-10 03:03:47 PM  
Yea, add me to the hater list.
/he isn't a medical doctor. He has a ph.d
2005-08-10 03:05:11 PM  
GaidinBDJ: Remember kids, if the hooker leaves alive, you haven't gotten your money's worth.

What's better is if the hooker is still alive when you lock her in the trunk, just claim you were trying to duplicate the experiment of Schrodinger's hooker. When we open the trunk, we "collapse the wave function", producing either a live whore, or a dead one.
2005-08-10 03:05:25 PM  
I don't get all the hate for this guy? Seriously WTF? The few shows I saw he was telling the moron d'jour to take get a grip and take resposibility.

2005-08-10 03:05:42 PM  

lots of people will ask "WTF is the matter with him to make him do this?"
i want to know what she did to deserve it.
the article mentions him wanting to rid her of some delusions, i'm just curious, that's all.
2005-08-10 03:07:16 PM  
ph.d = doctor

Just ask that chick studying air guitar.

/ dr phil loves you even if you don't love dr phil
2005-08-10 03:07:18 PM  
Dr Phill handing our "scare tatics" to trailer-trash? That doesn't sound like good advice to me.

Dr Phill: so your wife won't put out?
Man: No. She won't even touch me.
Dr Phill: Why not scare the crap out of her?
Man: Oh good idea!
2005-08-10 03:07:34 PM  
How joyful it is to know that Restraining Order Man has successfully reproduced. According to the article he has five kids.

/Dr. Phil uses spores
2005-08-10 03:07:48 PM  
The funny thing is, I locked Dr Phil in my car trunk because my wife told me to do it.
2005-08-10 03:07:53 PM  
Hey hey Dr Phil is a great man who has helped alot of people, there are many people who have pulle.. BWHAHAHAHAHA sorry couldnt finish that....
2005-08-10 03:08:13 PM  
Danger Mouse:

I don't get all the hate for this guy? Seriously WTF? The few shows I saw he was telling the moron d'jour to take get a grip and take resposibility.

Basically, anybdoy who is NEVER wrong is an asshat/idiot. And "Dr." Phil falls into that category.
2005-08-10 03:08:16 PM  
did she have 'junk in the trunk'?
2005-08-10 03:08:24 PM  
"I don't get all the hate for this guy? Seriously WTF?"

judgemental farkwit, no empathy, no qualifications, unsound advice, profiting from others' problems, no personal responsibility of his own, exploiter and side-show barker in the guise of a "doctor"....

shall i go on?
2005-08-10 03:09:19 PM  
ok...granted I think most pop psychology (or pop anything for that matter) is merely a watered down version of the real thing and must be taken with a grain of salt...

several things come to mind when reading this story and the comments there after.

1.Dr. Phil did not tell the moran to lock his wife in the trunk...what ever happned to personal responsiblity and common sense? do you do everything that television tells you to? if you do...your the advertisers wet deam, lemme tell you.

2...just what was the 'error of her (the wife) ways' that the article refered to? the being seperate from her obviously very foolish husband?...I guess in his mind it beat flowers and apologies for winning her back.

3. to take a single line out of a whole show and misuse it...the being scared straight idea was probably (although this is all speculation on my part) like scaring a drug addicted teen by showing them jail or the pictures of the health problem down the road etc...pretty much standard for most talk shows.

just my 2 cents

/not a Dr. phil fan or viewer
2005-08-10 03:09:34 PM  
What do you bet that Dr. Phil doesn't get any of the blame for this incident? (he shouldn't)

Yet they'll blame video games for all the stupid things kids do...

/Video games > Dr. Phil
2005-08-10 03:10:44 PM  
Geez, you couldn't have said it was Celine Dion, huh? Our one chance to put that showboating Canadian wench behind bars and you blow it!
2005-08-10 03:12:14 PM  
My boss used to put Dr. Phil on at work [we had a lot of TVs all over the office] and that made me want to lock her in a trunk, as well.

A trunk at the bottom of the sea.

Whenever I got the control, I'd put on Animal Planet, and some jackass would change it to Fox News or Dr. Phil or something equally stupid. I am glad I don't work there anymore, even if being unemployed means no more TotalFark for me.
2005-08-10 03:13:01 PM  
squishydrew: THAT'S A LOAD OF CRAP!

Do you understand me? You need to find girl and move out of your parents' basement. A 38 year old male who still lives with mamma obviously has problems. Are you mad?

/just kidding... :)
2005-08-10 03:13:46 PM  
Did some of you even RTFA? This man took a quote from Dr. Phil and twisted it into something totally demented. In context, the quote probably made sense. And no, Dr. Phil was not talking to this man, although the guy probably thought he was. How does the article turn into "Dr. Phil is a quack"?

I rather like Dr. Phil. I'd much rather have morons like Maury Povich and Jerry Springer off the air. Talk about no value whatsoever. I'd much rather have a "self help guru" tell someone to take some freakin' responsibility for themselves rather than watch Maury have yet another "Who's the daddy?" episode. Total junk.
2005-08-10 03:14:37 PM  
This was as far as I got:

"A Fredonia man..."

[image from whyaduck.com too old to be available]
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