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2840896 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Apr 2002 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-18 11:21:04 PM  
2002-04-18 11:23:14 PM  
stile, huh? For him this is surprisingly un-goatse.
2002-04-18 11:23:50 PM  
Oh man.....I dont think Stile....
I just dont think. After reading that site for 2+ years now, I have realized he is nuts, and I am crazy for sticking around for 2 years.
These harmless boobies are the decent content on there. Its actually quite sick.
2002-04-18 11:24:14 PM  
I can just see the stile server now...


2002-04-18 11:24:14 PM  
It's stile, so watch out for popup ads, pics that hyperlink you to porn sites with popup ads, and popup ads with popup ads, oh, and the random scat pic.
2002-04-18 11:25:41 PM  
Just as I thought, down to the speed of a 14.4 modem.
2002-04-18 11:26:12 PM  
The forecast calls for a smattering of boobies with a WHOLE LOT of poontang, and a girl with a hook in her a$$.
2002-04-18 11:27:47 PM  
Isn't the combination of the terms "Stileproject" and "not safe for work" inherently redundant?
2002-04-18 11:28:43 PM  
Stileproject is fun for about five minutes. Then you realize it's just a site full of ads and crappy content. Hell, I'd rather be watching CBS.
2002-04-18 11:30:11 PM  
This is all kinds of wrong. Very NSFW or those of faint heart.
2002-04-18 11:30:46 PM  
Ahh, good ol' Stile. I stopped going there when it became impossible to tell the difference between a real link and an ad. I wonder if he still gets more hits than slashdot...
2002-04-18 11:31:47 PM  
Cpu_thrasher: Could have gone all day without seeing that.
2002-04-18 11:33:30 PM  
Oh my god... whatever you do, don't look at the lowest rated pictures. I almost threw up, and that takes a lot for me.
2002-04-18 11:34:50 PM  
Swami - if you say that, everyone will look at them, and we don't want that.
2002-04-18 11:35:35 PM  
Possum- Would you believe shes #16? I didnt say i enjoyed it, it just horrifies me that someone can give head with a hook up her ass.
2002-04-18 11:37:21 PM  
2002-04-18 11:42:44 PM  
I've been lurking around for a few months now and I've noticed that all of the Boobies links are "softcore" and I just assumed there was a rule against "hardcore" stuff. What's going on here, Fark goes from FHM galleries to stileproject? (not that I mind)
2002-04-18 11:42:49 PM  
Am I the only one NOT aroused by this one? Damn, there are some messed up people getting their jollies at Stile Project.
2002-04-18 11:42:50 PM  
Damn you Swami, now i have to go wash out my eyes again. I really wonder what is going on in a persons mind as they do this.
2002-04-18 11:44:10 PM  
That DeBeers pics was the best pic.

Its Funny, True, and Artsy!!

A silhouette of a blow job. Now thats CLASSY!!
2002-04-18 11:44:25 PM  
"Click here for the lowest rated images."

2002-04-18 11:44:48 PM  
Oh Obsol, don't ask for "rules" or "guidlines" . . it's Fark.com!
2002-04-18 11:45:06 PM  
Well Cpu_thrasher, at least they won't be reproducing.
2002-04-18 11:45:28 PM  
Kerry Klu !
Wazzup ???
Hey if the man J Stile reads this you can see who this is.
Would you please fix my login so I can get back on as far as the forum.
I got to admit that The Stile Project forum is KILLER !!!
And the nudity and shows are quite incredible.
I use to stay there as much as FARK, AS A MATTER OF FACT Stile turned me on to FARK.

Stile, PLEASE SEND ME E-MAIL. Dude, I know you like Zep, did you see my JPJ interview?

Sorry to bastardize the thread but I can't even get a reply from this guy anymore.
2002-04-18 11:46:24 PM  
Crotchrocket Slim- If people get off to scat-eating leasbian midget wreslers, then they can get off to anything.
Mmmmmm.....Midget lesbians....
2002-04-18 11:46:35 PM  
If I remember correctly, Casper, that's from a rather (in)famous series of pictures done by Jena Jameson (and some huge stud, of course).
2002-04-18 11:46:49 PM  
Biznatchc - I subconsciously enjoyed looking at those pics, so I thought I'd give other people the chance.
I'm not making them click the link, just suggesting it.
Just another way I rationalize doing evil.
2002-04-18 11:47:43 PM  
hmm, farked I think.
2002-04-18 11:47:48 PM  
Bah, cant speel.
2002-04-18 11:49:49 PM  
jeez, no even half an hour and the page is farked....sigh, no boobies for me this night
2002-04-18 11:50:12 PM  
Damm thumbnails are farked up. Anyone else have this problem where the image doesnt load?
2002-04-18 11:50:33 PM  
Feel like giving us a briefing about that before we burn our eyes, Cpu_thrasher?
2002-04-18 11:51:44 PM  
Oh Stile
Where did we part?

Oh yeah. All those farking stupid banner ads and porn(not that porn is a bad thing except when there are links to it on every side of the page)
2002-04-18 11:51:54 PM  
it's farked. go home.
2002-04-18 11:52:20 PM  
The sad part is Crotchrocket Slim, I bet this guy and is nipple-clamping, pussy-slicing wife have 10 children, all of whom have their own special fetishes. Id make an imaginary list, but its getting late, and I need to find some half-decent hentai to whack off too before i go to bed.
*Returns to Kawaii*
2002-04-18 11:53:06 PM  
Stile's 14.4 modem is down to 180. Thank goodness, I was tempted to check out Slim's and Thrasher's suggestions.
2002-04-18 11:53:23 PM  
If you want Boobies, here's a link to Tiffany's Playboy post... it's not much, but it'll do, right?
2002-04-18 11:55:49 PM  
I look at it this way Ashe3, you need how NOT to clamp your baby-maker between two boards. This is educational!
2002-04-18 11:56:44 PM  
Thanks OBB. Some good stuff.
2002-04-18 11:59:16 PM  
Stileproject has always been slow as a motha for me, but it's in for some serious Farkage tonite.
2002-04-19 12:00:57 AM  
"Id make an imaginary list, but its getting late, and I need to find some half-decent hentai to whack off too before i go to bed.
*Returns to Kawaii*"
Best Quote Evar.

Thank you, Cpu_thrasher, thank you.
2002-04-19 12:03:37 AM  
Eat More Possum et al:

My link featured a pic of a little chick (infant chicken, not a chick chick) and a kitten sitting next to each other (you know, "c*ck and pvssy"). It was so cute it kinda disturbed me. I wouldn't have burnt your eyes or anything, just out of place.

Cpu_thrasher's pic featured a woman hog-tied and suspended from a ceiling, fellating some guy while a hook was inserted in a most uncomfortable orifice. For Stile, kinda tame, but still unpleasant on the eyes, nonetheless.
2002-04-19 12:04:03 AM  
What can i say Greenbriar. I speak my mind.
2002-04-19 12:05:39 AM  
This is about as close to Safe for Work as Stile gets.
2002-04-19 12:06:15 AM  
Oh sure Slim, make me out to be the sick psyco. Now where are those midget leasbians....
2002-04-19 12:06:44 AM  
Lesbians dammit! Lesbians!
2002-04-19 12:10:10 AM  
If you look at only the top-rated ones ... oh god it's still horrible
2002-04-19 12:12:07 AM  
Well, in Cpu_thrasher's defense, I thought the pic looks a little faked (at least with the hook), and she's not as bruised and messed up as I've seen girls in other bondage photos. There, I sound pretty perverted too!
2002-04-19 12:14:34 AM  
Oh, and to further redeem myself to Cpu_thrasher, here's a pic of some crazilly jointed chick bending her legs too far back
2002-04-19 12:15:03 AM  
Number 2 is the fantastic Lauren hill, the chick that won playmate fear factor. So petite, and soooo cute.
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