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(9News)   "Hi, welcome to Buckley Air Force Base, can I help you?" "I have a bomb in my van"   ( divider line
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13239 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Aug 2005 at 10:20 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-08-04 02:55:50 PM  
i'm gonna hide in here for a bit, don't mind me :)
2005-08-04 03:20:57 PM  
Holy crap, my pops works at Buckey Air Force base....
2005-08-04 04:47:21 PM  
Probably a disgruntled Air Force retiree ...
2005-08-04 06:37:25 PM  
That's the smart thing to do. Tell them.
No. Wait. The smart thing would be not to do it in the first place
2005-08-04 10:24:57 PM  
There are easier ways to get your pooper pounded, or so I've heard.
2005-08-04 10:28:37 PM  
***The suspect is in custody and is undergoing questioning.***

and one hell of an enema....

alien autopsy,,human style...
2005-08-04 10:31:25 PM  
A false alarm, maybe, like all those WMD's in Iraq?
2005-08-04 10:34:59 PM  
Jeez, this falls under that one comment from yesterday...

"I want to frequently enter and exit an airplane bathroom saying I was masturbating furiously"

/just likes to type masturbating furiously
//is gonna go back to the got nothin club right now
///grabs a beer, waits for this to turn into a troll flamewar fest.
2005-08-04 10:43:50 PM  
i shoot trap at buckley's range every weekend.

/holy crap, something in colorado actually made the news.
2005-08-04 10:45:28 PM  
Oh c'mon. Those SatComm bastards should've seen him coming from a mile away. He shouldn't have made it to the gate I tell ya!

/was supposed to be stationed at Buckley
//got out while the getting was good.
2005-08-04 10:47:03 PM  
Not sure how this story could become a flamewar? I blame Bush.
2005-08-04 10:55:06 PM  
IBelieveYouHaveMyStapler: Not sure how this story could become a flamewar? I blame Bush.

No no, it's obviously the fault of the ACLU blocking efforts to have every citizen watched 24 hours a day. It'd stop all terrorism dead! You're not a terrorist sympathizer are you?
2005-08-04 11:03:31 PM  
I've got a rocket in my pocket.
2005-08-04 11:10:19 PM  
Yeah. Right. Whatever.

Someone smell bullshiat?
2005-08-04 11:16:28 PM  
He said he had a bomb and they detained him? I would have shot him in the face the minute he said that.
2005-08-04 11:22:03 PM  
Not like there's anything there to blow up anyway. Maybe some prarie dogs...

/grew up 3 miles from buckley.
//There's nothing to see here....
///ignore the big white balls on top of that building.
2005-08-04 11:24:14 PM  
I have a bum in my van...
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-04 11:25:00 PM  
Someone did this at Fort Hood main gate a few months ago.
2005-08-04 11:36:42 PM  
He was probably returning a couple of practice bombs that were accidently dropped in his back yard.
2005-08-04 11:51:50 PM  
To bad they did not use the usual protcal for this arse hat.

Hello Gate Guard I have a bomb in the vehical.

Bang Bang

Welcome to Buckley the bullets in your head are free. We will be charging your family for cleanup of your mess, if they want your corpse back.
2005-08-05 12:01:32 AM  
"Hi, welcome to Buckley Air Force Base, can I help you?"
*walks over to the bed of the pickup truck and uncovers a dead extraterrestrial then says some witty saying in some afro-american dialect.
2005-08-05 12:04:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-08-05 12:25:22 AM  
Actually what he said was "I hit a bump with my van"
2005-08-05 12:30:14 AM  
Holy crap - I live at the apartments right across the street from the airforce base!
2005-08-05 12:41:40 AM  
Looked out the window, didn't see anything... hmmm... no fireworks?

I've heard no earth-shattering kabooms, anyway.
2005-08-05 12:49:02 AM  

GIS: Van Bomb

[image from too old to be available]

2005-08-05 01:10:43 AM  
Mnementh2230, On Alameda Parkway? We're neighbors!
2005-08-05 01:13:27 AM  
Maybe he's one of those dipshiat kids with the skateboards or whatever. His next trick will be to go to a London tube and say "I've got a bomb, and I'll blow it up unless you shoot me!"
2005-08-05 01:56:16 AM  
I live right over by Uravan and Mississipi. When my cousins come over from Kansas, they want to get near the base and hope that they'll see planes take off.

It's nothing more than a threat. I don't think I would be that worried if a van blew up inside the base. I would be worried if jets were flying by bombing the place, but I don't see that ever happening...
2005-08-05 03:56:11 AM  
yeah, its pretty cool to see the f-15s taking off as you shoot. they have a REALLY nice trap and skeet range. destroying things+airplanes w/ missles = awesome.
2005-08-05 07:46:21 AM  
I just retired from Buckley...glad I missed this, as I probably would've been on my way to work when this asshat screwed up traffic for hours.

/Florida, now
//you know they keep aliens in the golf balls, right?
2005-08-05 08:38:11 AM  
Alameda Place, actually... :)
2005-08-05 08:43:45 AM  
That's got to come close to the least-informative article of all time.

"This thing happened. The alleged perp is in custody. That's all we're saying; nothing to see here."

No Who, no Why, no When. Great press release.

/guy was probably delivering the two bombs
2005-08-05 11:31:39 AM  
He probably found 2 old bombs in the ground somewhere and decided to bring them in himself instead of calling someone qualified to remove them. Then probably didn't describe the situation very well and started with the whole sentence "I have 2 bombs." Instead of saying he found 2 bombs...
2005-08-05 11:44:18 AM  
2005-08-05 09:55:54 PM  
from my understanding, they blew up part of this guys vehicle to detonate the bombs... they had the bomb-robot-thingys out and everything.

Hmph. That's what I get for working 10 hour days - I miss all the cool shiat.
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