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(   Wolfenstein 3d finally ported to the Ti-83 graphing Calculator now you can frag in math class   ( divider line
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30933 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 31 Jul 2005 at 6:25 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-07-31 12:26:29 AM  
Now I have to buy an 84 and a graph cable. Thankfully, TI-84 Plus Silver Edition comes with those pre-packaged together.

Expensive though. $170. Whew. Just downloading the game seems a lot cheaper.
2005-07-31 12:41:13 AM  
I'm definitely going to integrate some Nazis later this year.

/will replace tetris
2005-07-31 12:46:48 AM  
that is cool.
2005-07-31 12:53:24 AM  
Where was this when I was suffering through Honors Bio!?

Hangman surrenders.
2005-07-31 12:54:06 AM  
By the way, let me know when they port Quake2 over to the PSP.
2005-07-31 1:46:10 AM  
Mein leben!

/or whatever it was they shouted when you shot them
2005-07-31 3:19:22 AM  
Wow. I had heard rumors about kids at another school who had come across a really bad port of Diablo. Supposedly the monsters were all Os and stuff like that, but it was Diablo.

I don't know if that rumor was true or not, but playing Wolf 3D in class would definitely blow that away. If I had a link cable I would download this game and install it on my TI-83, which has so far lain dormant in my backpack since senior year of high school.
2005-07-31 4:18:00 AM  
no port for hp49?? :(
2005-07-31 6:51:58 AM  
AHHH where was this 2 years ago

i miss totalfark =[
2005-07-31 6:58:57 AM  
Math classes are unfortunately rather unconvincing classes in which to play games persistently. Humanities classes requiring or at least justifying vast quantities of plain-text notes make things much easier. Playing games with the home row keys on a Pocket PC keyboard or laptop in a class where taking notes persistently with just such a Pocket PC or laptop makes perfect sense works out quite ideally.
2005-07-31 7:05:26 AM  
Crap. This won't work on my TI-86. Now I have to go buy an 83.
2005-07-31 7:17:06 AM  
My ex-roommate still has my 83-plus. Curses!
2005-07-31 7:18:26 AM  
Aww, memories of killing Hitler

"Die, Allied Schweinehund!,
Eva, Auf Wiedersehen"
2005-07-31 7:31:26 AM  
bravo coders! bravo! *golfclap* wish I still had my ti-83.. after I wrote SoS and a program to solve quadratic equations it was useless.
2005-07-31 7:31:38 AM  
Ah. The wonders of TI calculators and their ultimate time-wasting abilities. Good old Zshell, and later Usgard. Ztetris. Jazzball. Very low quality 4-level grayscale naked women.
2005-07-31 7:33:59 AM  
Anyone remember Slam Dunk Competition for the TI-83? That was class. I had no clue how the hell it worked, but I did some cool dunks.
2005-07-31 7:45:57 AM  

Now, if only someone will port Halo2 (tm) to play on the LCD display of my microwave, life will be complete!
2005-07-31 8:07:15 AM  
Finally!!! I mean just because the file was posted in March of 2003 doesn't mean its not new here in July of 2005!
2005-07-31 8:07:21 AM  
Finaly, something to use my TI-84 Silver for.
2005-07-31 8:50:17 AM  
//claps for Anybody
2005-07-31 8:54:21 AM  
Ah, Wolfenstein 3D. The first game I ever got fussed at for playing on the computer. It's Dad's game? What nonsense is this?

/that carnage would have scarred me indefinitely!
2005-07-31 9:01:13 AM  
If I could go back in time, I would tell myself, "Self, STAY AWAY from that Wolfenstein and that Doom, and you'll have a 4.0 in High School!!"

Stupid Wolfenstein playing 3.0 self...
2005-07-31 9:08:06 AM  
someone post the 'hurray for old news" guy now, raycasting has been on the ti-83+ for over two and a half years, i know i distinctly remember playing doom and wolfenstein during my senior and junior years of highschool, i just finished my second year of college last spring.

bloodyl, ugh diablo 2 runing in basic, i programmed a better zelda style overworld using symbols and letters for walls, monsters, you. i had it almost complete, but then i realized how sucky it was compaired to the assembly zelda demo.

and since i feel like posting a few more nonformatted links, here is the best damn ti-83+ game period, dying Eyes.
2005-07-31 9:15:22 AM  
I can type 'boobies' on my calculator - beat that!

/sure someone would beat off to 'boobies' typed on a calc...
//why is everyone looking at me?
2005-07-31 9:16:04 AM  
more links!
best damn racing game:

2005-07-31 9:16:44 AM  
I remember playing drug wars on the calculators in high school algebra. Good times. =)
2005-07-31 9:19:11 AM  
and for a truly asskicking nostalgiac game full bubble bobble:
2005-07-31 9:23:14 AM  
"Wolfenstien" has been done BETTER on the Ti-83 before.

The ti calcs use a z80 chip. I HATE the z80 (so so slow). But their previous highend calcs used 68k chips, which is good.

6502 roxx0rz j00r s0x0rz
2005-07-31 9:26:07 AM  
Looks shiate.
2005-07-31 9:30:47 AM  
Can't you guys just go buy a Gameboy?
2005-07-31 9:34:58 AM  
A $170 calculator??!! BwaaaHAHAHAHAHA
2005-07-31 9:47:00 AM  
Damn I was impressed back in 1996 when my classmate programmed his own version of Stick Fighter on his Ti-81. Good times. In like 20 years, students in highschool wil be programming and porting over versions of Warcraft 3 and Half life 2 to their Ti-205s
2005-07-31 9:49:00 AM  
Years too late for me. All I had was a Ti-81 in high school, and it had a few lines of the screen that didn't work after it got caught under some heavy books in my backpack while said backpack was thrown across the stage during drama. Not good for anything except trying to make up equations that would lock it up.

I had to play Wolfenstein on my buddy's rockin' 486SX 25 after school. Rockin', I say. We tried to do some rendering on it for a while, and it usually took a full day to make a sphere with two light sources. Three? Not gonna happen in this lifetime.

Aah, nostalgia. I'm gonna find my Ti-81 and berate it for being a piece of poo.
2005-07-31 10:01:52 AM  
Guess it does'nt mean the same thing as raycasting in a 3d graphic app.
2005-07-31 10:06:12 AM  
File Date and Time: Tue Mar 25 15:03:48 2003

Oh yeah, cutting edge news here...
2005-07-31 10:06:45 AM  
*bookmarks* Maybe later.

/busy with his ZTris
2005-07-31 10:29:48 AM  
To all of the slacker playing games in class: Just stay home. No, we aren't impressed that you don't feel the need to pay attention. You are probably either taking the class for the 3rd time, getting a C, or going to a crappy state school.
2005-07-31 10:37:57 AM  
..Bought one of those calculators for a stupid class I ended up failing anyway..but there was this fun "PIMP" game on that calc that got me through Bio :P
2005-07-31 10:41:36 AM  

Looks shiate.

Why dont you hook up a 7800GTX to it.. should help
2005-07-31 10:45:25 AM  
I remember play the original version on Mac in 1986. Thought it was the coolest thing ever!
/Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!
2005-07-31 10:47:42 AM  
I remember in school this is all we would do... well that or bomberman.
2005-07-31 10:50:47 AM  
playing, dammit! sorry, i've got Sometimers disease.
2005-07-31 10:53:35 AM  
strangly in high school we all had to get the ti-83 so i got the 93 plus and people thought i had the teachers unit until i explianed about the teacher model haveing an monitor port on the top. this one program made me the coolest persion in my class even my teacher wanted the program. I was one of the computer cable elte in my school and i had the calc to calc cable.
2005-07-31 11:00:06 AM  
I had a TI-89. I would figure out cool 3d equations in blowoff classes like philosophy or economics.

/If you learn anything in college, it's how to do the minimum amount of work and still pass.
//Important lesson
///slacker, and proud of it.
2005-07-31 11:01:01 AM  
What nerd was on TI's website during the summer?

I've got a lame TI-83 that I can't play games on, but that doesn't keep me from spacing out ;)

Animal I've played that on a friend's calc--that and Drug Wars. Got me through many classes, too.
2005-07-31 11:02:33 AM  

To all of the slacker playing games in class: Just stay home. No, we aren't impressed that you don't feel the need to pay attention. You are probably either taking the class for the 3rd time, getting a C, or going to a crappy state school.

When it comes to those who don't give a damn about their education, I agree. But a lot of us slacker types actually *are* pretty smart and can absorb enough of the class's information without having to pay as much close attention or taking as many notes as some others.

/learned how hexadecimals work by messing with some (Casio?) calculator while bored in 9th grade Geometry class..
2005-07-31 11:02:35 AM  
As someone who makes a living tutoring students who don't learn anything in school, I heartily endorse this product.
2005-07-31 11:07:10 AM  
I remember when I was in HS back in 95, I coded Jaws (the NES one), Dragon Warrior (ran out of memory space before I added the last boss), and a game where the sole point was to hit a button and kick a stick figure in the nuts. I never bothered with the XY axis, but I know I could do much better stuff with it.

I think I have the code somewhere in a doc, but I'd be too shamed to post it, because it's all /,\, X, and O.

/TI-82 boredom get
2005-07-31 11:08:32 AM  
that rules! i remember playing games like tetris, block dude and diablo on mi 83, but sadly i lost it. now i guess i just gotta get another one (plus i need it for my trig class next year)
2005-07-31 11:31:21 AM  
Gemini is a better first person shooter for the TI83.

And Bubble Bobble 83 is the best game for calculators of all time!
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