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(AZCentral)   California to ban use of duct tape on ducts?   ( divider line
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7500 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Apr 2002 at 6:30 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-17 02:59:38 PM  
really doesnt farkin shock me in the least...this state has some fugged up "laws"
2002-04-17 06:34:20 PM  
2002-04-17 06:34:43 PM  
As a Californian, this has no effect on me. I'm already numbed by all the other stupid bullshiat.


I think I'll go crawl under a rock now.
2002-04-17 06:34:56 PM  
In time, common duct tape dries out and the adhesive become a powder.
2002-04-17 06:35:13 PM  
but it's the handyman's secret weapon!
2002-04-17 06:35:41 PM  
This makes sense. Cali needs to conserve power, and duct tape glue sucks. It melts and starts leaking at high temperatures, as in the temps you get on heating ducts.

Duct tape is one of those strange things, is awesome for everything *except* what it was made for.
2002-04-17 06:35:43 PM  
I thought duct tape was for sneakers with holes
2002-04-17 06:36:59 PM  
Make sense. There have been a number of studies showing that the stuff fails more often than any other industrial tape crap. Still works well everywhere else, but the heat kills it. Cold too, for that matter.
2002-04-17 06:37:41 PM  
Stupid posting. Duct taps should never be used for ductwork - aluminum adhesive tape is.

People don't use a monkey wrench on monkeys.

DUCK tape forever.
2002-04-17 06:39:35 PM  
If you cant fix, Duct it

If you cant Duct it, fark it
2002-04-17 06:40:48 PM  
My state government in action.

Of course, this is the legislature that instituted an energy deregulation plan that left the door wide open for Texas energy conglomerates to swoop in and extort money from us for electricity...

Maybe I should move to another state.
2002-04-17 06:40:57 PM  
"The proposed ban follows a report from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that duct tape leaks when used in heating systems." bah...Why don't 3 other labs do independent tests? And why ban it because it can "leak?" Why not find a solution and present it as well?
2002-04-17 06:41:14 PM  
When duct tape is outlawed......only outlaws will be able to fix everything......
2002-04-17 06:47:28 PM  
Only in california. pretty soon you won't be able to smoke in a bar in la county.. oh wait... you can't ..I mean you won't be able to drive a camero with 2 4 barrel hollys...oh damn... I mean, you won't be able to duct tape ducts...

I want the right to feast on California Law maker's bones.
2002-04-17 06:48:03 PM  
Visualize: Amen!
2002-04-17 06:48:29 PM  
And remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy
2002-04-17 06:51:05 PM  
It was our standard answer for all personal problems while in college:

'She broke my heart.'
'Duct tape!'

'My car door fell off.'
'Duct tape!'

'My dog died.'
'Duct tape!'

Well . . it was funny at the time.
2002-04-17 06:51:25 PM  
duct tape is my binder's best friend. i could be like "BLING BLING LOOK AT MY DUCTTAPE GRILL BITACH." it'd be true ghetto. :[
2002-04-17 06:52:42 PM  
Yet another thread proving that it is easier to complain about the government than think.

The stuff doesn't estimate puts energy losses at $400 million here in's a pooly made product that doesn't do what it says it will do.
2002-04-17 06:53:20 PM  
Pretty good. I wouldn't want the handy-man fixing my house to use duct-tape. Of course this law probably won't (can't) be enforced on DYI-guys, but at least the professionals have to make quality.
2002-04-17 06:54:32 PM  
efficient houses are more expensive

but efficient cars are cheaper

people buy gas hogs and save a buck on construction.

get your priorities straight people!
2002-04-17 06:54:40 PM  
Ever tried to get your car carb certified?
2002-04-17 07:01:30 PM  
Red Green is rolling over in his grave (not that he is dead yet, but he's on PBS, so he might as well be)
2002-04-17 07:01:53 PM  
I love California, it's just like a big box of cereal. Fruits, nuts, and flakes all in one convienent package.

(Trying to remember where I stole that from)
2002-04-17 07:03:12 PM  
don't they know that if you ban duct tape from ducts, only ducts will have duct tape?
2002-04-17 07:04:13 PM  
Anyone who knows anything about ducts knows that taping ducts is one of the few things duct tape isn't good at. Get yourself a good sealant instead and be done with it.
2002-04-17 07:05:12 PM  
This is so wierd, recently new air conditioning ducts were installed where I work. I was so glad I was gonna see duct tape axctually applied to ducts...
But nooo, they dont do it that way any more.
what a total rip!!!

"Carpe' Ductum!!!"
2002-04-17 07:05:30 PM  
or is it that when you outlaw duct tape, only outlaws will have duct tape?

maDD's confused
2002-04-17 07:07:39 PM  
Can you say: "sell-out"?

Well, PBS can't do commercials, it doesn't mean Red can't.
2002-04-17 07:09:52 PM  
Let me try this again...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-17 07:11:07 PM  
(As seen on the Red Green official site.)
2002-04-17 07:12:06 PM  
What the hell is duct tape? It's duck tape, you idjits...
2002-04-17 07:12:14 PM  
California...boy howdy it sucks.
2002-04-17 07:14:19 PM  
Mulletard: I take it you've got a Scout?

Hell, if it wasn't for baling wire and duct tape, my Scout would disintegrate in a big *poof* of oily rust.

In a related story, I fixed a tear in my ducts last month. Guess what I used? Some kind of metalized tape.

Even if duct tape is banned from heating systems, Californians could still use it to patch the seats on their old Chevys.

What, Dodge and Chevy seats last longer?
2002-04-17 07:15:56 PM  
Would've been a good occasion for the
img.fark.comView Full Size
2002-04-17 07:21:14 PM  
The real question is whether California will still allow duck tape to be used on ducks.
2002-04-17 07:21:29 PM  
As long as they don't ban using it on ducks...
2002-04-17 07:22:03 PM  
Duct tape makes a good condom.

Somebody told me that.
2002-04-17 07:24:09 PM  
NO NO NO, it's duct tape on DUCKS
2002-04-17 07:24:35 PM  
Damn you Cat-tastrophe, I sick my kitty on you.
2002-04-17 07:24:56 PM  
Meow, rrrrowwwww.
2002-04-17 07:27:37 PM  
It's California -- everyone knows that they don't use duct tape for ducts, it's for the gerbils.
2002-04-17 07:34:38 PM  
Southern knowlege says:

If it does not move and should, use WD-40

If it moves and should not, use duct tape.

These two items will make your home a happy place :)
2002-04-17 07:40:20 PM  
can I still use on my tear ducts? keeps me from crying 'cause they won't let me smoke in those California bars
2002-04-17 07:45:52 PM  
The Duck brand duc[k|t] tape website claims that it WAS originally "duck tape" and not "duct tape". They say it was invented during WW2 for soldiers who needed a tape that was water-resistant.

I'll buy that, so I'll buy that.
2002-04-17 07:46:52 PM  
Even if duct tape is banned from heating systems, Californians could still use it to patch the seats on their old Chevys.

2002-04-17 08:00:45 PM  
'I am a man, I can change, I guess'

[image from too old to be available]

Guess this means another thing for the Possum Lodge club to give up, when in CA.
2002-04-17 08:04:16 PM  
Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati - When all else fails, play dead.
2002-04-17 08:14:04 PM  
MacGyver surrenders
2002-04-17 08:17:25 PM  
Sounds very itchy. Don't need a law to convince me.
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