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(Riverfront Times)   Parental consent needed for bikini wax. "With one stern rip and a few days of healing, the pubic area and butt crack are as fresh as the morning dew and remain so for a couple of months"   ( riverfronttimes.com) divider line
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17999 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jul 2005 at 4:40 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-07-26 05:34:55 PM  
Although I must admit I was distressed to hear two 14 year-olds refer to my '73 Pinto Woody as a "Shag Wagon"

Having learned to drive in a Pinto, I can attest that it ain't no "shag wagon." After my brother wrecked the Pinto delivering pizzas and we got another car I was surprised to learn that the "knees hitting the dash" feature did not come standard on all cars.
2005-07-26 05:36:11 PM  
Cardinal: ..it's not just for boobies anymore. NSFW

That looks a little like Gwinny. :-p
2005-07-26 05:36:23 PM  

I see references to men getting these also, but I'll be darned if I can find a place anywhere that will do a wax for men.

You pretty much have to know someone that knows someone who is a waxer for a man to get one. A couple months ago some of my buddies wanted to get them done, it took them 4 weeks to find a spa that would do it. Even then, they all chickened out.

/would rather wax than shave
//would actually rather let it grow
2005-07-26 05:37:23 PM  
T-boy: ditto that, and I must add that a Datsun 210 isn't much better.

We were so much more flexible back then...
2005-07-26 05:37:44 PM  
This thread is useless without pics.
2005-07-26 05:37:49 PM  
So, you don't trim before you go for a wax. I've only ever done a bikini wax and I'll tell you, it hurts enough to only do it during the summer and on "special occasions". If you've been shaving, trimming, etc, you have to let it grow a bit before you can wax. I've never done it at home and never would.
2005-07-26 05:37:53 PM  

I see references to men getting these also, but I'll be darned if I can find a place anywhere that will do a wax for men.

But why would any man want the hair violently ripped off his balls? I draw tears when one gets stuck in the zipper and pulls out.
2005-07-26 05:39:36 PM  
Ok, a question for those of you here who have had both a Brazlian and A tattoo at least once in your life, which was more painful?

the brazillian was definitely more painful, and my tat covers some very sensitive skin. i would still get another one, but next time i'm gonna take a couple vicodin first.

also, to all the ladies who want to know how to prevent getting all those bumbs and crap after waxing or shaving, use deoderant. many swear by tom's of maine, but any clear one should do the trick.
2005-07-26 05:40:50 PM  

Just more paranoia in the aftermath of the London bombing. Be on the lookout for middle eastern guys in bulky clothing and chicks with swollen crotchetal areas.


Was actually talking about the pedalling type of bike, but that's all good, too.

Have nice evening, y'all. It's been fun discussing pubes with you.
2005-07-26 05:42:36 PM  

Perhaps we need some sensitivity training where guys are required to "slumber party wax" each other.

Creepiest post of the day.
2005-07-26 05:43:39 PM  
"knees hitting the dash" feature was definately part of my '66 stang. had to bend the bash back into shape to remove the keys after my accident in that baby. Walked like I'd just had a Rio for a week cause of the bruised knees too...
2005-07-26 05:44:17 PM  
I really dunno about anyone else, (and I don't wanna know, mmmkay?), but when I was thirteen, I was so proud of my new pubic hair. At the same time, I also was extremely embarrassed about my puffy nipples.

There. I've said it. Flay me silly.

/nipples not puffy anymore. hairy.
2005-07-26 05:45:21 PM  
2005-07-26 05:45:35 PM  
Man. I don't know about you guys, but I, for one, certainly am glad legislators are spending time on things like this!
2005-07-26 05:46:48 PM  
Rather than simply trim the hair escaping from the cloth triangle, women (and men) started paying to have it waxed off.

I've heard these errant hairs called beach spiders.
2005-07-26 05:49:03 PM  
I'm gonna go and start a back-alley waxing business right now!

I think you'll have to do the fronts, as well.
2005-07-26 05:49:22 PM  
This changes an ancient rule of thumb.

Used to be, "If there's grass on the field, play ball!"

Now, if the clam has a beard, it means she's jailbait and needs her parents' permission.
2005-07-26 05:50:54 PM  

I have to take the side of CrackedEggwaaaay cooler than the sedans, which, IMO, are too ricy even right off the showroom floor.
2005-07-26 05:53:10 PM  
Or they could stop dressing like little sluts? I keed, Actually I could understand wanting that clean feeling. But peircing your tongue pisses me off. An ear? ok A nose? no problem. Belly, nipples... whatever. But the tongue is one of your senses... you dull yourself to taste, even if its not even perceptual, if you damage that organ. I rank it up there with wearing colored contact lenses.
Pfft, sorry if you don't like yourself as you are.
While I'm at it, implants of any kind are farking descusting.

/Get off my lawn!
2005-07-26 05:53:51 PM  

I've heard these errant hairs called beach spiders.

I miss the old double handful o'muff. When I was a kid, girls didn't give a damn if a little hair poked out around the crotchal area. Now, it's like a sign they have the plague or something.

We're mammals, folks. We have hair, and God put it there for a reason.

Leave it alone!

/still, I should trim these hairs in my nostrils ...
2005-07-26 05:57:11 PM  
Wow. Used to be kids looked forward to the hair down there. Made 'em an adult.
2005-07-26 05:58:20 PM  
BTW, the bill was signed on July 6 by the gov.

[(9)] (11) "Parental consent", the written informed consent of a minors parent or legal guardian that must be obtained prior to providing body waxing on or near the genitalia;
2005-07-26 05:58:32 PM  
I guess we'll see more of this:

2005-07-26 05:59:10 PM  

i guess i kind of like it. i also, when not waxed, spend some of my best time thinking whilst combing my fingers through my pubes, searching for the most burly ones to rip out. is that weird?

just kidding, i know it is. but i would never say that a brazilian wax is the most painful thing i have ever endured. and i love the way it feels afterward. that overrides the discomfort i may have at the salon. i shaved once and will never do that again. different strokes, i guess.
2005-07-26 06:00:50 PM  

Thanks for answering my post. I think I must have a pubic hair fetish. Basically, since I'm in high school, I just wonder whats all going on down there. I think one day I'll just be a nudist.

My deal is with Redhead the whole carpets match the curtins phenomenon. I've met 2 girls like that. They actualy umm err prooved it. Black and brown pubic hair is so common but red and blonde Wow!

Farkettes a couple years ago I came up with a theory. I thought "The eyebrows must match the pubic hair" from what I've heard from girls I've asked I'm still pretty sure I'm right. Comments?

/Yeah... this is all a bit weird...
//maybe I said too much
///hangs head in shame...
2005-07-26 06:00:55 PM  
2005-07-26 06:02:52 PM  
I totally agree! There are few things in this world better than a true red head, 'specially one who'll show ya!
2005-07-26 06:08:20 PM  

The only problem is I can never find any redheads around where I live. Plus, many girls will just simply color their hair red. Fakes! I hate them. I want an 100% real Irish redhead. From what I hear in Scotland and Ireland there arn't too many redheads around. When I heard that from my teacher who visited Ireland I began to sob uncontrollably.


Great video thanks for posting it. Where is the video off of? I thought it was madtv but naw it's not that Will Sasso.
2005-07-26 06:09:05 PM  
Ouch ouch ouch ouch...

That said this is a truly dumbass law. Instead of the kids going to a salon where its done by a professional they'll be buying the home kits and doing it themselves. If you don't follow the instructions carefully you can burn yourself damn badly. I knew a woman who burned herself quite badly when she misunderstood the instructions and the wax jar shattered from overheating. Eeep.
2005-07-26 06:14:25 PM  
Frankly, if I was in the business of waxing peoples private parts then I would be damn sure the parents were cool with it before I went anywhere near a minors naughty bits.
2005-07-26 06:14:57 PM  
"He adds that the proposed legislation wont effect business much at The Face & The Body, which already requires parental consent to wax anyone sixteen or under."

So it's currently legal for an adult to touch a 16-year-old's hoo-ha as long as they have a license? Weird.
2005-07-26 06:15:31 PM  
Ditto on that Ditto

/Hey I made a funny
2005-07-26 06:36:24 PM  
Dude who said the stuff about muslin and Brazilian in the same thingamajig leading to getting shot wins the thread.
2005-07-26 06:36:41 PM  
SWEET headline.

2005-07-26 06:40:12 PM  
Good call, Cyber_Junk. Let's also have businesses where kids can huff oxygen-displacing inhalants so they don't do it at home with dangerous chemicals like Dust-Off. You know. For safety's sake.
2005-07-26 06:47:19 PM  
Family Guy = cheap Fox Network junk
2005-07-26 06:53:13 PM  
I'm just wonering if this annoys anyone else. Have you ever seen someone that shaves off all her pubic hair except for a little strip up at the top? Call it, I dunno, a landing strip?

Take it off, or don't worry about it, but for the love of God, don't try to make art out pubic hair!

/Hey, does this look like a Q to you?
2005-07-26 06:54:23 PM  
Family Guy = cheap Fox Network junk

2005-07-26 06:57:18 PM  

Good call, Cyber_Junk. Let's also have businesses where kids can huff oxygen-displacing inhalants so they don't do it at home with dangerous chemicals like Dust-Off. You know. For safety's sake

So you're telling me that bikini waxing is addictive and destroys your mind? (raises eyebrow)
2005-07-26 07:08:43 PM  
I figured you'd say something like that, and I'll concede that the analogy isn't the best. You may have missed my point, which is why should we make any rules at all if people are going to do it anyway at the possibility of great self-injury or death?
2005-07-26 07:54:59 PM  
The way around this is easy. The waxing place just needs to make a generic form giving premission to wax the general area. The kid tells the parents they need premission to wax their bikini line. Kid goes in and gets a brazilian.
2005-07-26 08:52:23 PM  
I should get my ear hair waxed, but then I would have nothing to use for my combover.
2005-07-26 11:18:57 PM  
What's with all the hating on the curly little hairs?

Maybe I'm out of the mainstream but I'm a conservative heterosexual guy who doesn't even care if my girlfriend shaves her pits. The hair is natural, and reduces friction.... as well as razorburn. I've got nothing against a shaved snatch but doesn't it seem like the fashion for women is to look prepubescent in a way? Shave off or otherwise conceal any evidence ( the easy stuff of course) of maturity.

/end rant
//hmm, new job idea
///nope, would be too eager to play w/ that area.
2005-07-26 11:42:05 PM  
way late to the party, but...

This particular one is actually pretty cute and worth a look.
I apologize if I missed someone already posting it.

2005-07-27 12:02:58 AM  
Waxing hurts, but it is well worth the pain! I was getting a brazilian wax at this new salon, when the lady ripping my hair out kept making comments on how nice it was turning out. Rip, then rub and she would look closely at the freshly hairless spot and say "oh that looks nice" each time, then when she started tweezing before I was handed a mirror she kept repeating "wow this looks great". Flattering and weird at the same time.
2005-07-27 12:14:36 AM  
Goodness, is pubic hair that bad? I mean, yeah, if there's no trimming going on it can get messy and nasty, but enduring that much pain isn't worth it (maybe a bikini wax for a special occasion or a beach summer, but still). I have to say, as a female member of the species I get really creeped out by the fascination and lust over women who have as much hair as ten year olds. It's really creepy, and plus it just looks weird down there with no hair.

It's like the whole thing with guys not having chest hair anymore- why is that? I mean, if you just don't have any than it's not a problem, but why is it that every remotely good looking male star in the past 10 years has been bare-chested? I mean I like boyishly good looking ones, but it's still creepy if there's NO hair.

/Just something that always bothers me
//Bikinis are evil, and razor burn is evil but wax is beyond words
2005-07-27 06:49:49 AM  
>___o;; I think totally bare is kinda gross, reminds me of a cut above a boxer's eye. Especially girls who have tasty bits hanging out. *doesn't condone surgery, just put on a dust ruffle*

Anyway, I heard from a nurse that bare cooters are more prone to infection 'cause the hair helps to draw moisture away. I tried waxing once, quit after the first strip bruised instantly. I'll stick to shavin' muh Hitler mustache, TYVM.
2005-07-27 10:58:00 AM  
SherKhan wax poetic.
2005-07-27 05:09:25 PM  
twiser10, if you haven't noticed, guys with a moderate amount of chest hair (such as myself) that appear on tv or in the movies usually get rid of it. The really hairy ones keep it because it's a sign of masculinity. The hairless ones don't have to worry either way. It's also nice if a girl trims--althrough waxing isn't necessary (I consider it a delicacy). It's nice to see what I'm...

/use your imagination.
2005-07-27 07:12:48 PM  
I know that this is in poor taste but it does make a point... sort of:

Beauty salons up and down the country are worried about a drop in turnover now that the metropolitan police are doing brazilians for nothing...
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