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2000-08-11 02:18:04 PM  
there was an article in (i think) the nytimes magazine about walter anderson, one of the guys who owns mircorp. what i find amusing is that nasa has really complained about private citizens buying mir, and that in response anderson has said that if the cosmonauts he''s hired find anything like a weapon system on a satellite or on mir, he''s going to shout it to the world. and what i also find amusing is that he''s a libertarian, and apparently he chose amsterdam as mircorp''s base because he thinks it''s a cool libertarian hangout (because he likes the hash bars). which is nonsense, since amsterdam is liberal and socialist, not liberal and libertarian, heh.
2000-08-11 03:17:31 PM  
I say we make this real interesting. Fly 10 people up, and every week one of them gets voted out the airlock without a suit.
2000-08-12 09:20:07 AM  
or they could make it SPOT THE COMMIE! the yhave a groupd of 10 people and they all vote on which one is the commie, and then they send him up to Mir for a ride....DURING IT''S EARTHFALL! mmm, Crispy Commie. and if the Commie Doesn''t get picked he not only lives, but he gets a million dollars. If the Commie gets crispied, everyone that voted him off gets a million dollars. as for the poor shmoe that gets burned up on re-entry if the commie doesn''t get picked, well.......uhhh, they''re going in to space right? how many people can say that? And just to make things intersting everyone but the commie will be either black or from Alabama. Hilarity ensues!
2000-08-14 07:55:03 PM  
There are risks in space travel, espicially if unprepared. You could be signing away your lives. But what the fark, I''m in.
2000-08-15 09:23:23 AM  
Eh looking at the number of incidents involving astronauts being killed (including those in training accidents) compared to the number of spaceflights (from Vostok and Mercury up to now), spaceflight is actually relatively safe compared to say driving around LA at 2AM.
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