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11845 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Apr 2002 at 3:45 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-14 03:47:03 AM  
they were saying it suxx0rs
2002-04-14 03:48:15 AM  
2002-04-14 03:49:45 AM  
By the by, we still need a "nifty" tag.
2002-04-14 03:50:41 AM  
Save us.
2002-04-14 03:50:41 AM  
dear fark,

Our band for you is named!



[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-14 03:51:01 AM  
I love Fark. I want to hold it and pet it and love it and hold it.
2002-04-14 03:52:56 AM  
Hei Norge! (Og Fark.)
2002-04-14 03:55:55 AM  
SLAYERSWINE far away......
2002-04-14 03:56:41 AM  
People still make fun of me for looking at fark. And I have only playboy to thank.
2002-04-14 03:57:08 AM  
"spiffy" is kind of like saying "nifty". in a way.
2002-04-14 03:57:47 AM  
I think Hytes Xian wanted to do that in a motherly way.
2002-04-14 03:57:51 AM  
true, Phelps, I still can't explain to people why I spend so much time lurking here.
2002-04-14 03:59:25 AM  

CHICKS WITH ANIMALS! Find out what everyone is talking about, real girls, real animals, real sex on the farm. The best beasts in the biz.
Ahh. Somethings never change. Sounds like my first porn spam.
2002-04-14 03:59:48 AM  
Hey Drew.
What's up Jeff.
What's goin on Heather.
How you doin Joe.
Hey Farkians...
Damn you guys kick ass

My thoughts exactly.
How many of those farkers posted there are still farkin?

BTW Who is Heather, does she have nice BOOBIES? any pics?(hopefully of course)
2002-04-14 04:01:16 AM  
Is J.elloboy filtered?

Lets see:

Unpopular Commie Troll
2002-04-14 04:01:36 AM  
2002-04-14 04:02:26 AM  
04-14-02 03:59:59 AM Freak
Holy shiat, I just clicked on Phelpsbomb's profile and saw he had a pic on there. Sorry man, took a shot in the dark. Didn't really mean anything by it.

Freak: That should surely clear up the air of acrimony with Phelps.
2002-04-14 04:04:05 AM  
the following is brought to you by & the Filter:
I like to say fark, I say it a lot
I say fark once, I say fark twice
I say fark again, it farking sounds nice
fark this, fark that,fark her,fark him
fark Bob, fark Pat,fark Tony,fark Tim
fark you, fark your mom, fark your uncle and dad,
fark your car, fark your house, fark that dog you had,
fark school,fark work, fark money, fark life,
fark tv, fark music, fark your farking ugly wife,
fark everything, fark everyone,
farking blow your brains out with a big farking gun,
fark you once more if you think my poems suck,
Basically, fark YOU YOU farkING fark
2002-04-14 04:06:05 AM  
Freak, It's those beady eyes, I tell ya.
2002-04-14 04:06:29 AM  
This is so awesome. Ive never been judged on the internet before. www.amihotrornot wouldn't even post my picture. (and I had to look up acrimony.)
2002-04-14 04:08:23 AM  
I had to look up acrimony too. Only was down, so I went to I wonder if it was farked?
2002-04-14 04:10:35 AM  
Oh, and don't worry freak. I have a thick skin. I took that picture holding the camera out in front of myself at ECU at 4:04AM. Now all I can hope for in an apperance in a photoshop.
2002-04-14 04:10:48 AM  
Nice 50 cent'er Dev2r! I had to look it up as well.
Word of the Day for Saturday May 19, 2001
2002-04-14 04:11:47 AM  
2002-04-14 04:12:28 AM  
ac·ri·mo·ny :(kr-mn)n.
Bitter, sharp animosity, especially as exhibited in speech or behavior.
[Latin crimnia, sharpness, from cer, sharp. See ak- in Indo-European Roots.]

Phelps: Just kidding. Most Farkers are way uglier than you. errr...yeah.
2002-04-14 04:16:08 AM  
Look at the F-i-r-s-t p-os-t-s on her!
2002-04-14 04:17:39 AM  
hey, i think phelps is a good looking guy. that does not make me gay. I AM NOT GAY
2002-04-14 04:17:53 AM  
Since we have gotten way off topic. I decided to change my picture. You who saw the original consider yoursleves lucky. Acually don't, theres no reason to.
2002-04-14 04:17:56 AM  
Y'all shld relocate to the 200% NSFW asian boobies post... excellent b00bage there.
2002-04-14 04:19:47 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-04-14 04:20:10 AM  
Let ME say you are a rather handsome chap, too.

Freak: Shut up.
2002-04-14 04:22:28 AM  
Phelps: Saw ur new pics. Ur pretty good looking. In an un-gay way. There, I said it. Jebus, I'm bored.
2002-04-14 04:22:53 AM  
2002-04-14 04:24:25 AM  
and it makes my face look fat but I don't care. Its FARK.
2002-04-14 04:24:52 AM  
phelps, Yes you are one ugly SOB, but I am too..
Not worried, we can still get more mentally disabled wheel chair bound chix than the rest of these "good lookin farkers"....
2002-04-14 04:24:53 AM  
uh-oh RageX how old r they??? *covers eyes*
No sir, They stuck matchsticks between my eyelids and made me see it.
2002-04-14 04:25:32 AM  
I like broccoli.
2002-04-14 04:26:15 AM  
Bad_Sinfluence?? Should I thank you?? Or should I go to sleep. No, not yet.
2002-04-14 04:27:07 AM  
Salsashark1. Thanks for remembering.
2002-04-14 04:28:53 AM  
Aw, Freak, I didn't mean that in a bad way. It was said through laughter, and as an effort to keep you from ribbing me for hitting on the man-of-the-hour.
2002-04-14 04:29:39 AM  
okay - how about this one...
2002-04-14 04:33:11 AM  
you know what i was thinking 2 years ago when i first saw fark?

"this is so totally killer..."
2002-04-14 04:36:47 AM  
Hitting on???
2002-04-14 04:37:22 AM  
Can't ... handle ... boobies ...

I have GOT to get out of the dang middle-east!
2002-04-14 04:38:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Ladies and gentlemen, this thread has evolved into straight porn! Enjoy porn!
2002-04-14 04:40:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-14 04:40:48 AM  
phelps, no thx needed. Just makin fun of the posts. cool new pic though.
don't worry, totally hetro here and love the boobs and labia.


I guess FARK cleaned up a little.
2002-04-14 04:42:59 AM  
shiat. As soon as the mod wakes the fark up, about a third of this thread is gonna be gone. All that'll be left is Hytes hitting on Phelps and the words "Unpopular Commie Troll" and "Acrimony".
2002-04-14 04:44:44 AM  
I'll be damned. I never noticed the J.elloboy filter before. Stupid me.
2002-04-14 04:45:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available] Ladies and gentlemen ... start your porn!
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