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(The Sun)   Jenifer Aniston must describe her boobies in court. Boobielicious? Hooterific?   ( divider line
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17447 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Apr 2002 at 5:50 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-13 05:53:07 PM  
Gets better with age.. Much like a fine wine.
2002-04-13 05:54:15 PM  
2002-04-13 05:54:29 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-13 05:54:35 PM  
I think we should see photographic evidence of the offending mammaries. Preferable, with some other talentless celebrity chick sucking on them, like maybe Britney Spears.
2002-04-13 05:54:41 PM  
Whatever you do, don't scroll all the way down the page!
2002-04-13 05:54:43 PM  
2002-04-13 05:54:49 PM  
Boobies---I dont think Jennifer Aniston is hot---OVERRATED
2002-04-13 05:55:18 PM  
faith evans got that bozo the clown look goin' on.
2002-04-13 05:55:20 PM  
"Now she's been told to describe what they look like in court. It could be embarrassing."

embarrassing? her boobies are nothing to be embarrassed about.
2002-04-13 05:58:29 PM  
"She's got these HUGE...tracks of land!!"
2002-04-13 05:59:35 PM  
You guys see the article down the page about Biggie's family suing the LA cops? They say the cops could have prevented Biggie's drive by shooting death.

Ummm....ok. Your husband/father could have prevented it himself. If he hadn't been a farking gangster involved in a cross country war, he wouldn't have been shot.
2002-04-13 06:00:02 PM  
"I knockers!"
2002-04-13 06:00:30 PM  
more of this

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-13 06:00:42 PM  
Hell they're just boobs, get over it Jenn! Now if they asked her to describe what having sex with Brad was like, ( I wish ) that might be a reason to get upset.
2002-04-13 06:01:05 PM  
Last article on page really pissed me off
2002-04-13 06:02:02 PM  
Caption this pic..

"describe these?"
2002-04-13 06:03:44 PM  
JOHNDX: "Damn, I knew I left my keys somewhere... must keep feeling around until I find them!"

Anyway, VERY nice pic JOHN
2002-04-13 06:04:57 PM  
Gratuitous Jennifer pics...yummy

Aniston 1
Aniston 2
Aniston 3
Aniston 4

Safe for work...does that need to be said on the weekends too?

2002-04-13 06:05:23 PM  
Those jeans look ok from the front, but the bum is all squished up and looks so wrong...
2002-04-13 06:05:25 PM  
As long as she doesn't say they're like grapfruits in tube socks I'll always think she's awesome.
2002-04-13 06:15:20 PM  
Any excuse to post this, my favorite picture of Mrs.Pitt. What a cutie.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-13 06:16:28 PM  
"I find that the most erotic part of a woman is the boobies."
2002-04-13 06:26:07 PM  
Aniston spoof video... Click Here.
2002-04-13 06:35:04 PM  
Here are some pictures of Jennifer sunbathing topless. I don't know if these are the pics in question, or if they are ever her.
2002-04-13 06:43:50 PM  
If she doesn't want to, I would do her the favor and do it for her. She would just have to let me have a good long close up look at them. Course I would pretend I was blind and I would have to feel how they look.
2002-04-13 06:46:23 PM  
how about "Boob like"
although I always like the term Pert when used on conjunction with Boobies
( my computers alert text it speaks is "wow, your boobies are huge")
2002-04-13 06:46:38 PM  
Jennifer's original name is Anastassakis, it was changed when her family moved to the US from Greece.
"That's funny, she doesn't look Drewish"
2002-04-13 06:46:46 PM  
If she's too embarrased, I could describe them for her. I would have to really research the subject, though. I would need to know how they feel, taste, smell, etc.
2002-04-13 07:05:25 PM  
Jennifer's boobs are furry?!

That is what I saw.
2002-04-13 07:33:32 PM  
2002-04-13 07:39:04 PM  
2002-04-13 08:16:49 PM  
I would describe them in detail, but, since she hit the big time she doesn't call anymore. So I will show her and just pretend like I don't know her, like the way she has been treating me.
2002-04-13 08:19:33 PM  
Bigpeeler: The 3 pix on the left were the ones in question.
2002-04-13 08:23:00 PM  
She was more attractive before she became anorexic looking...
2002-04-13 08:26:47 PM  
Now she's been told to describe what they look like in court. It could be embarrassing."

Shouldn't that be "doubly embarrassing"?
2002-04-13 09:11:52 PM
2002-04-13 09:12:29 PM  
Somehow the thought of her on the stand describing her boobs gives me wood.
2002-04-13 09:20:17 PM
2002-04-13 09:33:06 PM  
2002-04-13 09:39:24 PM  
Way to go, Boudreauxk! That'd be a great birthday present.... except she's wearing too much.
2002-04-13 10:37:26 PM  

Crow: Yet, despite all the acres of flesh, I just can't come up with a
word to describe it..
Tom: Well, I can!
Mike: You can?
Tom: Why sure! (Music starts...)
(Singing) It's breast-ical, boob-lical, chest-ical, mamm-ical...
Pendular, globular fun!
Mike: Flesh-ical, orb-ital, mound-ular, scoop-ula...
Tom: Right oh! That's the one!
Crow: Is it glutial maximal, tush-ial, crack-ular, bun-ial
Morning until night?
Tom: Well, you're absolut-o-glandular fanny fantastical
Mastur-ca-flesh-ical right!
All: It's aero-tological, auto-erotical, tubular, boob-ular joy!
Expose-ular regional, batch-ical pouch-ular fun for girl or boy!
A latisimal dorsical, hung-like-a-horse-ical, Califor-ligical!
Crow: A most bun-ula, fun-ula...
Mike: Fruit of the Loom-ula...
Crow: French-ical tongue-ular...
Tom: Whop-ita boob-ular...

Mike: Moooooooo-vvvvvvvv-iiiiiii-eeeeeeee! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Tom: (In background while Mike sustains previous line)
Bun-ula, fun-ula...Fruit of the Loom-ula...
French-ical tongue-ular...Whop-ita boob-ular...
Flesh-ical, orbital...Tubular, boob-ular...
Tush-ical, cheek-ular ball! HEY!
2002-04-13 10:48:30 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 7216 times
2002-04-13 11:43:22 PM  
You're very observant, Breakaway.
2002-04-13 11:58:01 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 8217 times
2002-04-14 12:11:31 AM  
[ducks as he states the obvious] If you don't want photographs taken and/or published of your bare breasts, maybe you SHOULDN'T FARKIN' BARE THEM IN PUBLIC! :)
2002-04-14 12:15:57 AM  
thanks my dad got it. live in louisiana so its easy to find some one who knows her
2002-04-14 12:53:27 AM  
Yeah, I used to think she was pretty hot. My general opinion of her went into the crapper when she hooked up with Brad Armpitt. I can't stand him. Don't know what women see in him, either.
2002-04-14 04:16:30 AM  
I don't think that Jennifer has seen enough of other people's boobies to be able to describe them in a way that would make them seem different from another set.

What is really needed is a 'boob expert'. Someone who has done a lot of research not only academically on the Internet, but also 'in the field'.

Any volunteers?
2002-04-15 06:48:02 PM  
what about thoes of us that are blind,
will there be brail???
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