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(CNN)   Your boss may be monitoring your IM conversations. No, he doesn't have anything better to do.   ( cnn.com) divider line
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2002-04-13 01:24:25 PM  
2002-04-13 01:26:19 PM  
He already monitors my porn viewing habits on the Internet. So why not?
2002-04-13 01:26:24 PM  
This article was one week too late for me!
2002-04-13 01:27:10 PM  
btw, what does PSA stand for?
2002-04-13 01:27:35 PM  
BFD. He hired you to work, not chat with your\(his?) mistress.
2002-04-13 01:29:19 PM  
Public Service Announcment.
2002-04-13 01:29:36 PM  
PSA = Public Service Announcement

Monitors IM conversations. That's why I spend all day on FARK!
2002-04-13 01:30:46 PM  
well you should be working, but he still doesnt have he right to do so
2002-04-13 01:31:56 PM  
Uh oh #Farkers in trouble, hehe
2002-04-13 01:36:37 PM  
Boss: You're fired!!
Me: For what?!
Boss: surfer pornography!
Boss: I'll make a deal for you then.
Me: Uh?
Boss: Make a list of all your websites, I'll give you a raise by the end of the week.
Me: Marriage problems?
2002-04-13 01:46:06 PM  
More like: Your Network Administrator is monitoring your IM conversations. Yes, he has better things to do, but this is so fun.
2002-04-13 01:46:18 PM  
glad 98% of my IM convs at work are completely work related then
2002-04-13 01:46:54 PM  
anyway I don't think the sys admin at work has even heard of BOFH much less would try and act like one
2002-04-13 01:57:28 PM  
Ahahahaha, I feel sorry for all you suckers who actually have jobs. Unemployment sucks, but at least I don't have to worry about anyone watching what websites I visit.
2002-04-13 01:58:04 PM  
Boss: Hmmm, seems you have the skills and education. We will pay you to do the job, but...
Farker: Oh, no buts sir, I can do the job sir!
Boss: Then you are hired. The "but" is, you do as we say, don't waste company time, be a team player, make money for the company, or else, we don't need you!
Farker: I am happy to be employed at all! I will do your bidding and use my pay to pay for student loans, groceries, housing, dating (or that new, fast motherboard, can't do both), car insurance, a car, dating, (see above, IT farkers don't date, they view porn at incredible download speeds)
Boss: Welcome aboard, remember, If you fail, the company fails. Help us make a profit, you will still be employed.
Farker: Can I be an executive and make big dinero?
Boss: In time, prove yourself, in time.
Farker: Damn, I hate the rich people. I will never support the corporate structure!

End of story: Farker feels superior, views porn, hacks stile, has a toaster oven cooking rice cakes. Boss has no memory of the cocky farker that hates the world and profits. Farker finds out what gov. paperwork is as he (or she) defiantly proclaims (intended) "I went to school!
2002-04-13 02:15:40 PM  
Hell, I'll give you a job, and I'll only Watch these ;)

nice, thankyou
2002-04-13 02:27:11 PM  
i will, from now on, speak only in hungairan in my iming
2002-04-13 02:37:51 PM  
Hey does anyone know if there are any IM programs that encrypt the text before its sent out? If my network admin can't read it, I'm happy! :)
2002-04-13 02:41:10 PM  
"Some of the practices are far too invasive," said Sarah Andrews, research director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. "There should be limits on what they can or can't collect."
Uh... yeah, sure, whatever. I'm usually all for protection of privacy at places like my house, but come on people, you're being paid here. Most things requiring privacy at school or your workplace probably shouldn't be done at all...

2002-04-13 02:41:10 PM  
My boss was doing this when I worked for an ISP. When I found out I just started ssh-ing into my server and running an IM program from there. And I learned a LOT about tcpdump and other things she did to snoop. :)
2002-04-13 02:53:51 PM  
JOHNDX: No problem. Glad someone (besides just myself) can enjoy them for once...
2002-04-13 02:54:56 PM  
Yeah, trillian can encrypt messages and send them over AIM or ICQ.

I like to screw with filters...I really do.
I wrote a batch file on my laptop that did something like.

Change ip address
Try and open porn site
Ping some random addresses

Every address that it tried would get suspended by the filter (as was the policy at the time) I wired my laptop into one of the network connections using some aligator clips and ran my program...

The next day no one could figure out why half the people couldn't get on the web...(and stragely enough, it killed the webserver for a few days)
2002-04-13 03:08:22 PM  
JOHNDX: No problem. Glad someone (besides just myself) can enjoy them for once...

So.....when am I to schedule our "interview" ;)
2002-04-13 03:15:50 PM  
JOHNDX: Depends...what position are you hiring for?
2002-04-13 03:33:23 PM  
David, Before your mama explains .bat and a gives you a spiffy spanking, little boy, aligator clips can arc, and you are sooo young and stupid. Since you are online, lemme talk wi'yo mama!
2002-04-13 03:35:01 PM  
JOHNDX: Depends...what position are you hiring for?

Which Position would you like? ;)
2002-04-13 04:05:04 PM  
JOHNDX, you are a very bad boy! Hehe.
2002-04-13 04:09:13 PM  
I know it Mrs. Affinity darlin' just tryin' to have a little fun ;)
2002-04-13 04:38:51 PM  
Umm, right. Aria, it seems as if you have some kind of incoherant rant going on.
Exactly what are you trying to say here.

Aligator clamps can arc?? Okay, that is possible, but highly unlikely since the wires I connected them to where of the standard cat 5 variety and only served to allow my laptop to communicate with the hub since the room where I did this from was not terminated with an RJ-45 jack.

Explain .bat to me??? Okay, what seems to be the problem with the batch file???

I am so yound and stupid??? Umm, alright, but I believe
this is a pretty large assumption. This would be like me calling you a moron based on the fact that your profile has your name listed as Bob. But because your name has nothing to do with whether or not you may or may not be a moron, that would not be a very valid thing to do.

What is the deal with talking about "yo mama" I don't see exactly what my mother has to do with any of this.
2002-04-13 04:57:02 PM  
All I have to say is "Uh OH."
2002-04-13 05:37:39 PM  
Shouldn't the bosses be working instead of viewing their employee's IMs?
2002-04-13 06:48:07 PM  
True; friday afternoons, the sysops and developers gather around the proxyserver at work and observe the Boss's, managers and marketers pr0n browsing habits. Highly educational it is too. Passwords and everything.
2002-04-13 09:21:34 PM  
In our school district.. the network admin can remotely view any computer monitor remotely and secretly..

haha, better make sure the teachers keep all thier im's clean! :P Mwhahahahahah!
2002-04-14 01:40:16 AM  
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