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(IOL.co.za)   Man gets fifteen days in jail for double-parking his car   ( iol.co.za) divider line
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2005-07-05 08:32:45 PM  
I thought "court of cassation" was a typo.
2005-07-05 09:52:28 PM  
Lemme guess, the vehicle he parked in was an ambulance with a heart attack patient who died cuz he got to the hospital too late??

/happened in a milwaukee suburb about 1985 or so
2005-07-05 10:11:17 PM  
[image from img278.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2005-07-05 10:25:57 PM  

According to reports, Italy's court of cassation found the defendant guilty of "private violence" after he had refused to move his car at the request of the blocked driver.

I think that "private violence" Would be a good name for a rock band.

/Likes Dave Barry
2005-07-06 12:14:22 AM  
Private violence sounds kinky.
2005-07-06 12:18:05 AM  
yeah, but the romans killed Jesus, so this guy is getting off pretty lightly.
2005-07-06 12:19:13 AM  
Left out of the article:

Luigi claimed parking his car there was necessary while he attempted to rescue the princess. To add insult to injury, she was in another castle the whole time.

Mario was unavailable for comment.
2005-07-06 12:21:04 AM  
Geez. You can go to Mexico and a drunk driving bust won't even get you a day in jail once you pay the fine (32 bucks in Tijuana).
2005-07-06 12:28:32 AM  
This needs to be done to all the people who double park on Broadway Avenue in South Boston. I mean, really, you get Whitey Bulger on the run, and tear down Triple O's, and all mayhem breaks loose.
2005-07-06 12:29:49 AM  
Now, if only that would happen in North America.

/there is no excuse for double parking, except, perhaps, assholity.
2005-07-06 12:34:02 AM  
[image from wildcat.arizona.edu too old to be available]

he got off easy in my book
2005-07-06 12:36:14 AM  
Remember folks: Just because your hazards are on, doesn't mean you aren't an idiot.
2005-07-06 12:38:33 AM  
sorry...I feel guilty parking in my own hometown. How can so many places be so precious to so many outsiders?
2005-07-06 12:42:25 AM  
He shoulda lost a testamicle for double parking.. I hate friggin double parkers!!
2005-07-06 12:46:01 AM  
So, referring to an earlier thread today, is he going to jail, or to prison?
2005-07-06 12:49:58 AM  
Parking has always been a biatch in Rome. You can piss from one side to the other on some streets, yet drivers will double park, park on the sidewalks, etc.

Here's what happened to one guy when I was there in 1971:

[image from hyperjump.net too old to be available]

I was told that once the car was on the flatbed truck, it was taken to a lot 10 miles outside the city and the owner had to go out and pay an absolutely humongous fine to get it back.

2005-07-06 12:51:59 AM  
bikkurikun: You owe me a keyboard.
2005-07-06 12:58:40 AM  
In NoHo, we get a great brand of Double Parker--the Soccer Mom who leaves her children unattended in the vehicle while she runs in, and then uses her children in the double parked mini-van as hostages to try to cut in line to the register.

The cops love it too, because the gals usually leave the van running, keys and all. Bike cops just hop in, move the vehicle, and wait for Missus Thing to come out several minutes later to discover the vehicle gone, and another officer there to escort her to the vehicle, her children, and a hefty fine for the double parking and another one for wreckess endangerment to minors...

There are times I love being in a town run by angry lesbians...
2005-07-06 01:04:45 AM  
This is a direct problem of overpopulation. If Italy would only have regular cage matches like they had in Mad Max: Thunderdome, there'd be plenty of parking spaces.

/Master Blaster would kick your ass.
2005-07-06 01:07:35 AM  
My favorites are the people who are too lazy or inept to park so they double park by an empty spot.
2005-07-06 01:15:44 AM  
Idiot for sure, but just impound the car for a week, slap a hefty fine, and be done with it. He was wholely inconsiderate, but not a criminal.
2005-07-06 01:18:57 AM  
But who will think of the children??

//The children!!
2005-07-06 01:19:04 AM  
Imagine how long he would have gotten if he saved someone's life while he was double parked!
2005-07-06 01:20:37 AM  

My favorites are the people who are too lazy or inept to park so they double park by an empty spot.

just like the ones who park across the angled spaces and then you pull into the slot right in front of them so they can learn what 'reverse' is. better when you have a buddy with you in another car and park on both ends and go to a good watching spot while they freak out. no law broken on your part....
2005-07-06 01:48:39 AM  
I'd do the same thing this guy did. The fine is no problem, as i happen to have r4 000 in my wallet right now.
2005-07-06 02:07:05 AM  
good, i farking hate it when jackasses do that...
2005-07-06 02:13:53 AM  
What I want to know is, why are the fark personals people always the same?! Repeat!
2005-07-06 02:14:48 AM  
Riche: I think that "private violence" Would be a good name for a rock band.

"Asinine Headline" would make a good name also.

/didn't RTFA
//been at the bar for awhile
///Nobody will give me credit for that name if they use it
2005-07-06 02:23:39 AM  
If there's an open space to the left of the double-parker. I'll park within 3 inches of their driver door but still be in my spot.
2005-07-06 02:46:47 AM  
Double parking?
[image from dyna.co.za too old to be available]
2005-07-06 02:51:32 AM  
Thank farking god.

I'm sorry, but I absolutely hate it when those ^&*%*&^$&^% people double-park on a ONE lane street, STOPPING ALL traffic behind them, and there's a HUGE parking spot RIGHT THERE, that could EASILY be driven into without ever having to even put your car in reverse.
2005-07-06 03:12:16 AM  
OK, I just rememberd this.

Some years ago, I came across a pad of "personal parking tickets." I carry them in my glove box and use them every now and then, as the case arises.

[image from hyperjump.net too old to be available]

Feel free to print off a supply for yourselves to use.

2005-07-06 03:14:30 AM  
Obstruction and flashering is not the same as double parking. Double parking is what the name implies, taking up two spaces.
2005-07-06 03:25:04 AM  
He got a suspended sentence! He's not going to jail. Basically a non-story. But people driving Hummers should always get parking tickets. Those ugly gas hogs always park too close to the space next to them.
2005-07-06 03:28:32 AM  
The ones that irritate me are the UPS drivers, even if there is a parking spot they will not use it. I hate getting stuck behind them.
2005-07-06 03:51:16 AM  
Heh I used to leave little gifts of artwork for the double-parkers on my street in Boston.

After about a year, there was hardly any double-parking at all!
2005-07-06 04:00:51 AM  
Just because, here's a re-made graphic of the above ticket, in a three-up design.
[image from cedarparkdesign.com too old to be available]
Pic goes to printable PDF file
2005-07-06 05:14:10 AM  

I've been meaning to update/improve those.

You would not believe how pissed off people get when they get ticketed with these little gems. Too damn bad.
2005-07-06 07:13:48 AM  
Bah! Just tow the bastard's vehicle.

Ain't nothing more priceless than watching some over-important suit having a paddy because a burly towtruck driver is dragging his precious "baby" Range Rover or Beamer away to the impound lot.

Toronto King Street West. Weekday. Around 4PM. Bring popcorn.
2005-07-06 07:22:33 AM  
cedarpark and Aulus NICE! thanks:>)
2005-07-06 07:38:36 AM  
The defendant, identified only as Luigi C....

[image from foulmag.com too old to be available]

Sought for questioning?
2005-07-06 08:03:43 AM  
Idiot for sure, but just impound the car for a week, slap a hefty fine, and be done with it. He was wholely inconsiderate, but not a criminal.
NEWS FLASH: when you break a law.. even a small law does that not make you a criminal?
He was found guilty and given a sentence that was suspended.. he had to pay the fine but spent NO time in prison.. RTFA durrr
2005-07-06 08:36:47 AM  
Bad headline submitter, no donut. RTFA. He didn't just double park, but refused to move when told he was blocking someone else.
2005-07-06 09:14:10 AM  
2005-07-06 12:58:40 AM hubiestubert

There are times I love being in a town run by angry lesbians...

Quote of the day.
2005-07-06 09:43:43 AM  
Reed Solomon - Yeah so? The ATF killed David Koresh....same thing.
2005-07-06 10:33:01 AM  
Double parking is what the name implies, taking up two spaces.

Someone should google "double parking" before they post again.
2005-07-06 11:22:16 AM  
Hey wait, I thought you could park anywhere you want as long as you put on your flashers.
2005-07-06 11:35:05 AM  
Aulus and cedarpark, thanks; I'm gonna keep a stash of those in my car, easy access-like.
2005-07-06 12:51:32 PM  
Yes, this was a crime. He pretty much was holding someone against thier will. They were not able to leave because this guy refused to move. It would have been nice of him to get a little jail time.

Here in SC, certain segments of our society feel they are allowed to park in front of grocery stores in the fire lanes. I have NEVER seen one ticketed for that. And it can be done if there are parkings spaces available in the first row. I joke with my wife that you can always guess who is driving the vehicle based on the parking job...

Not counting spinners...
2005-07-06 01:24:38 PM  
They do that here in NC too; people always park int he fire lanes. And you know, I do it too sometimes, but the only time I ever do that is when I'm staying in the car while waiting for someone else to run in; I never leave the car there unattended. I've even tried to think "well maybe the person parked int he fire lane is really just running in for a minute", and then I park normally, go shopping for a half hour, then come out, and the damn car is still there.

What makes it even worse, is there are plenty of spaces just 20 feet away.

/I hate people
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