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13551 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2002 at 11:10 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-12 04:27:28 PM  
Galadriel I know where St. Boniface is. The last name doesn't sound familiar. You'll have to come down to visit them and we'll have a Farkansas party.
2002-04-12 04:28:42 PM  
I would also like to thank everyone for not making fun of my Sailor Moon dolls in the background. Tease my nipples all you like (oooh baby) but please leave my Sailor Moon dolls be.
2002-04-12 04:32:44 PM  
Clarkins Actually come up to see them, currently living in Louisiana, 20 miles to Texas, 25 to Hell.

We will definitely have to do that sometime. Most of my cousins are a riot so they would probably fit in pretty well. And I haven't seen any of them since my wedding last year.
2002-04-12 04:35:18 PM  
Being a man who wears glasses I am an expert...
Men who wear glasses should never EVER!!!! take of their shirts without taking off their glasses first...It looks sillier than a naked guy wearing socks. If you have your shirt off, you don't need to be looking at anything.
2002-04-12 04:37:06 PM  
Galadriel Just let me know when, there's a couple of good bars in town to throw an improptu party at.
2002-04-12 04:38:39 PM  
I was going for the Nekkid Geek look. Although as someone was inspired to send me...

[image from ghastly.keenspace.com too old to be available]
2002-04-12 04:39:38 PM  
Galdriel......Actually that is no where near Hell. I grew up a mile from Hell. Hell Michigan. Think of it as the suberbs of Hell. Hell with minimalls.
2002-04-12 04:44:05 PM  
1badsista - No pic yet. I'm waiting for the zenith of my beauty. It should be around 6:15 or so. I know there's a few Baltimortals here. At least a few people defend Mobtown when the inevitable syphillis/heroin story is posted.
2002-04-12 04:44:10 PM  
Dammit! That pic makes my ass look big.
2002-04-12 04:45:49 PM  
Hmmm... gotta send mine in...

A different one from the one in my profile. Wouldn't want to be repetetive, would I? *grin*
2002-04-12 04:46:20 PM  
Fort Smith hasn't been the same since Jay Hilgartner left KFSM.
2002-04-12 04:59:55 PM  
Chickee79 is who I would choose. she's perty. I'll buy you dinner sometime?
2002-04-12 05:06:35 PM  
lomaran, I guess our network here at work wont let me to your pic, when I get home I will check it out... :)
Thanks, if that doesn't work I will look at it on the farkettes somtime.
2002-04-12 05:12:37 PM  
I'll stand by my statement that ViciousDarling is Fark's hottest farkette. And she's got an awesome personality to boot!
2002-04-12 05:31:51 PM  
I move to have a not hot catagory, but a so damn cute you want to put them in your pocket catagory....

For the first 2 into that catagory....Kat and Kady
2002-04-12 05:53:02 PM  
Wow... Straight Edge Hot Chick... Can I have your number ;-)
2002-04-12 05:53:27 PM  
I wanna wrestle naked with SarahLily
2002-04-12 05:54:38 PM  
i would like to vote for ophelia. she's lovely.
2002-04-12 05:55:16 PM  
we need like a beach orgie or something involving lots of crayons
2002-04-12 06:03:59 PM  
Happygirl - I have to agree...Orphelia is a beautiful woman
2002-04-12 06:09:39 PM  
i side with the gurlfriends on this - yep ophelia
2002-04-12 06:12:53 PM  
Now that you've pointed them out, we'll have to make fun of your dollies.

Let the mocking begin!
2002-04-12 06:18:26 PM  

If it didn't happen 3 hours ago when he said it.....It ain't gona happen now. Besides, Sailor Moon RULES....Well it's pretty good at least.
2002-04-12 06:18:35 PM  
had to take a peek at Ophelia, even though I'm at work...ah, fark 'em.
Nice nipple ring.
2002-04-12 06:19:25 PM  
Ghastly might want to check into that for his pearly pinks.
2002-04-12 06:21:28 PM  
If I vote for Chickee79 again, does it constitute 2 votes?
On another note:
Wheres the farkornot page?
2002-04-12 06:24:13 PM  
Oh good.. it's nearly my birthday.. so now I have many Farkers to put on my list of what I want naked in my room when I wake up...

I have spare space if you want pics hosted.. just email them to me and I'll get it sorted.. addy is on my profile...
2002-04-12 06:32:16 PM  
Bumjube: Hey that's a bad pic of me. No makeup and the worste period I've ever had. I'll find something better...
2002-04-12 06:37:25 PM  
Hey, no makeup is fine with me.. means there aren't any nasty little shocks the next morn....nevermind...
2002-04-12 06:41:03 PM  
Thanks for the generous offer! I may take you up on it, as soon as my work dies down a little.
2002-04-12 06:47:14 PM  
bumjube, I am right there with you. Most girls look 1000x better without makeup, anyhow.
2002-04-12 06:48:55 PM  
What no pic of fb-,Scraping-fetus-off-the-wheel or JJorsett?
2002-04-12 06:49:38 PM  
I think I will just throw in a random comma in my, posts.
2002-04-12 06:50:53 PM  
seems like there's an Fb- photoshop contest from awhile back. Not in the mood to go hunting...
2002-04-12 06:53:44 PM  
No worries.. that old guy always cracks me up. T'would be a shame to keep losing him...

Gotta have just a little eyeliner...
2002-04-12 07:00:38 PM  
you sweet thing, Bumjube...you added me to your fave farkers. I see I'm in great company. I'm honored.
2002-04-12 07:05:02 PM  
bumjube I think that damn near anything in moderation is ok. Some things, however, you have to overdo. you are very pretty BTW (not like you didn't already know).
2002-04-12 07:11:12 PM  
It's quite a... select list.. for the moment.. I do have a few more to add though..

Why thankyou.. thats very nice of you to say that...
2002-04-12 07:11:45 PM  
Bumjube: You left me off your favorites...all because of my moral principal of not sleeping my way to the top? *cuts off all Tim Tam production on the continent*
2002-04-12 07:17:03 PM  
Now don't be like that... I was drunk when I started and had a memory block...
2002-04-12 07:17:47 PM  
hey Glenlivid...what section of Portland do you live in? My sister lives in Northwest...
I LOVE Portland.
2002-04-12 07:25:09 PM  
Suitep: I'm in Southeast...pretty close to the river. I'm close to everything, really, without having to pay that butt-load of rent for living in NW.

Is she cute? *senseless networking*
2002-04-12 07:28:41 PM  
You know what I hope? I hope fark gets to like...a zillion users...Drew gets all rich and stuff...then..FARK burns out...and then, just the people in this string will be left...all gray and spankin it till we die.

That is all.

Have a nice weekend.
2002-04-12 07:30:26 PM  
ok.. done... Now wheres the tim Tams?
2002-04-12 07:33:30 PM  
Shawn S Shields-

I feel that noboby said anything about your picture.
-I think you are a very nice looking young man.
-I like your hat.
-I can't read what is on your T-Shirt.
-Who's bathroom are you standing in?
-Is that a tatoo on your neck or did someone slash your throat and it is just in the process of healing?
-Shave or gro bro...
-Where are your hands?

That is all.
2002-04-12 07:33:40 PM  
Will someone distribute Viagra, and the womans version of viagra if that happens?
2002-04-12 07:34:19 PM  
last post was to Nutdip
2002-04-12 07:36:42 PM  
I love when Bumjube posts. I fell like I'm in touch with the future.

Hey Bum? What are tomorrow's lotto numbers in San Fran? (shhhhhh...email me!)
2002-04-12 07:37:32 PM  
I can't say this enough: Ophelia is hot!
2002-04-12 07:40:34 PM  
Only if you send me more hot nekkid pics...
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