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13551 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2002 at 11:10 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-12 10:05:17 AM  
Before anyone says anything, I was drunk and I just got a new webcam :P
2002-04-12 11:14:30 AM  
um, ok.
2002-04-12 11:14:50 AM  
God, talk about a blast from the past...
2002-04-12 11:15:15 AM  
ok im laughing because i just read that frisky sheep has a new webcam..

alas im not from one fo those sheep lovin states :-)
2002-04-12 11:15:33 AM  
What a beautiful place.
2002-04-12 11:15:33 AM  
what 9/10 said
2002-04-12 11:15:47 AM  
My god people, why put your picture up on the web
if you're an ugnaught?
2002-04-12 11:15:55 AM  
nobody believes you frisky.

2002-04-12 11:17:03 AM  
Ok I confess Bad_CRC, I am a shameless camwhore it's true :(
2002-04-12 11:17:22 AM  
I am the vision of BrainDamage.
2002-04-12 11:18:06 AM  
Gack, I need to change mine.. Beard is gone and hair is waaay different.
2002-04-12 11:19:03 AM  
I'm not on there. what the hell???
2002-04-12 11:19:54 AM  
Dear God....

I was a drunk in my pic...

I remember those days
2002-04-12 11:21:37 AM  
Where's the NSFW People of Fark site.
2002-04-12 11:25:23 AM  
ok, how many of you are regarding the NSFW icons as a sign of approval, rather than a warning? (when browsing your preferred sex)
2002-04-12 11:26:36 AM  
2002-04-12 11:27:38 AM  
my vote for best boobies: Melopene
2002-04-12 11:27:45 AM  
Well, I can easily understand why everyone's picture isn't on there. There's a frickin' buttload of us on here.
2002-04-12 11:28:36 AM  
ever hear the saying that your ears itch when someone is talking about you?

wonder what sensation the farkettes get when hundreds of geeky farkers are "fap fap fapping" to their interweb pictures.

2002-04-12 11:29:04 AM  
I was on #fark the niht Frisky did that. He was most definitely wasted off his ass. It was damn funny, and all the Farkettes were tryin to get him to show his weener. They're all about taking advantage of a poor drunk farker...
2002-04-12 11:29:21 AM  
I don't know about some of those farking men!
2002-04-12 11:30:12 AM  
Madj - there's only ONE man of fark that has a NSFW pic on that list. FriskySheep - woohoo! :)
2002-04-12 11:31:13 AM  
hey folks.. if/when you send in pictures to me (yes, I am the one who runs that site) do me a favor, and make sure to include your fark name, which category you belong in (men or women) and either attach the pics of link to them.... hope to see a lot more people sending in pics...
2002-04-12 11:31:22 AM  
Would it be deductive reasoning to conclude that everyone on Fark is white?
2002-04-12 11:32:45 AM  
There was at one time that Drew was looking for a model to show off the Fark T-shirt (besides Timothy) and an entire thread was devoted to people putting their pictures up in that forum. Blackvampyr collected them and hosted them for a while, looking for mirrors. The mirrors I know of are tiezane's, 3horn's, and Mike's. Tiezane's been doing a good job of updating pics as people ask.
2002-04-12 11:32:56 AM  
Fark turned into a hardcore porn site so gradually I hardly even noticed....
2002-04-12 11:33:38 AM  
Everybody on fark is WHITE!
2002-04-12 11:33:58 AM  
My farvorite FarkChicks (and you better care else I might have to throw down on you.)

-Lomeran(ultimate fav.)
-Bumjube (Best Boobies)
-Gwinny (just cuz)
-Madame Mersault (mmetoo?)
-Modern Poverty
-Ophelia (somthin in her eyes says maybe)
-Sarah Lily
-StraightEdgeHotChicks (nuff said)
-Teriaki (she gave me beer. she rules)
-Toriko (I just like her a lot)

That is all. I am totally content now. I will never post again. :-)
2002-04-12 11:34:09 AM  
Somechica: Whats wrong with the men!?
2002-04-12 11:34:14 AM  
lol thanks for reminding me Quick1, it's a good job my webcam decided to stop uploading
2002-04-12 11:35:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-12 11:35:16 AM  
Spurt Reynolds looks like Vanilla Ice...
2002-04-12 11:35:30 AM  
I am just waiting for Tiezane to bring up the NSFW site.

C'mon Mike!!!!
2002-04-12 11:36:04 AM  
Gwinny is a cutie!
2002-04-12 11:36:44 AM  
I take offense at the comment Quick1, as if we fine upstanding ladies of #fark would ever do such. Just 'cause I wanted Frisky to shake what his mama gave him, doesn't make me a bad person. :)
2002-04-12 11:37:45 AM  
which category you belong in (men or women)

Love it.
2002-04-12 11:37:50 AM  
It's too bad Okok is a vampire and cant be seen in pictures...
2002-04-12 11:38:48 AM  
I want a Fark t-shirt like Sdystyk! Also, Soylent, Awelleigh, Fumanshu, and Georgebrett are all hotties!
2002-04-12 11:39:36 AM  
Ummmm Okok I was in there that night too, you farkettes did take advantage of him :)
2002-04-12 11:40:33 AM  
*OKgurl smiles*

...but not for the camera! However, I would like to see Phxtony without the beard...just for comparison's sake, you understand.

*OKgurl lix Hytes_Xian*
2002-04-12 11:41:50 AM  
Did anyone look at excessiveforces pictures? a little... strange.
2002-04-12 11:43:23 AM  
Kenh: actually, Blackvampyr turned the site over to me, he didn't want to host it anymore... so this is actually the official People of Fark site :)
2002-04-12 11:43:34 AM  
Phxtony: Ok, at first I wasn't seeing any men that I liked, but I did end up finding a few.
2002-04-12 11:45:07 AM  
Melopene rocks!

Here's to Melopene!
2002-04-12 11:45:11 AM  
Actually, JOHNDX, you were in there the night we were trying to get Jeff3K1/Deus nekkid... Not that we do that sort of thing often, you understand... :)
2002-04-12 11:45:56 AM  
(just drank 3 shots)
2002-04-12 11:46:29 AM  
And you call us the pervs ;)Shame on you, trying to get those young boys all nekkid ;)
2002-04-12 11:47:09 AM  
Ok, somebody has to hook me up with a farking FARK t-shirt!
2002-04-12 11:47:21 AM  
2002-04-12 11:48:09 AM  
Wow thanks, Nutdip and Bass555. A bucket of pelicans for you both.
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