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(Some Guy)   Eastern coyotes are breeding with wolves, evolving into cunning, vicious coywolves. Kate Beckinsale's beeper explodes.   ( divider line
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11370 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jul 2005 at 1:35 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-07-02 04:26:31 PM  
2005-07-02 04:28:11 PM  
Interesting. I often have coyotes in my yard, just 27 miles from New York City. Never saw them years ago but now they're fairly common. Only they're big suckers, not like the scrawny little things I saw in Colorado as a kid. Wonder if they're hybrids?
2005-07-02 04:30:31 PM  
That frickin' thing weighed 72 POUNDS. All Muscle.
2005-07-02 05:25:04 PM  
GIS for "coywolf"
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-02 06:10:10 PM  
flucto: Wonder if they're hybrids?

If they are they get better gas mileage.
2005-07-02 08:04:35 PM  
I like Wolfoties - with milk in the morning.
2005-07-02 08:55:58 PM  
I, for one, welcome my new wolfote overlords.
2005-07-02 11:44:38 PM  
Who owns a beeper in 2005?
2005-07-03 01:25:38 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-03 01:38:22 AM  
Kate Beckinsale

Damn is she hot.....
2005-07-03 01:39:18 AM  

Beware of WHAT? It's killing me!
2005-07-03 01:41:39 AM  
Who owns a beeper in 2005?

Doctors, drug dealers, and...

/can't think of a third D
2005-07-03 01:43:31 AM  
2005-07-03 01:44:18 AM  
Ligons and Chickie-Knobs and pigoons, oh my!
2005-07-03 01:45:49 AM  
dokool, how about dumbasses? "Oh, I'm getting a page. Now I'll call them on the cell phone that they could have called me on in the first place."
2005-07-03 01:46:18 AM  
"I'll handle this problem"
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-03 01:46:29 AM  
Bred for it's skills in...tearing stuff to shreds?
2005-07-03 01:47:20 AM  
2005-07-03 01:47:48 AM  
This headline made no sense!

Tell the people!
2005-07-03 01:48:24 AM  
True Men Don't Kill Coyote's
2005-07-03 01:48:42 AM  
I guess I'll go back to watching "Dog Soldiers" now, after I dig a trench around my house, fill it with kerosene, and light it.
2005-07-03 01:50:03 AM  
Phone_Answering_Monkey: Bred for it's skills in...tearing stuff to shreds?

Do I see the new poor man's fight-exploiting faux-testosterone-addition machine (pet)?

Old and Busted = Pit Bulls
New Hotness = Coywolves
2005-07-03 01:55:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]

see? isn't this thread so much nicer now?
2005-07-03 01:55:10 AM  
Finally! I've been saying this for years. I summer quite often in Cape Breton in Nova Scotia (up the coast a few hundred miles)... and let me tell you the coyotes there are not like coyotes I've seen anywhere else.

They're incredibly social, and I've seen them hunt in packs. Honestly I think that's what happened to the Eastern Wolf, it's extinct now, but I bet you not completely (at least it's extinct in the Maritimes in Canada).

There are some pretty crazy coyote stories in my area for sure.

/Hateful creatures, but you gotta respect em' if they carry the genes of an extinct creature.
2005-07-03 01:56:06 AM  
i have seen one of these things recently. i swear, it scared the crap out of me, but i couldnt figure out what it was... coyote or wolf?

one night a few months ago, the dogs went absolutely nuts barking. i went and turned on the floodlight to see what was up and i saw a HUGE coyote like animal. it must have been close to 120 lbs and it was snarling at me with enormous teeth. its hair was not uniform like a wolf, but its size was way too big to be a coyote. i nearly took a dump in my pants to be honest with you, as the glass door suddenly seemed very inadequate protection. i told my wife and family about it, but i dont think they understood just how intimidating this animal looked. i am very apprehensive about going outside in the dark after seeing that thing close up. do not fark with a coyote wolf, trust me.
2005-07-03 01:57:12 AM  
" weighed 72 pounds at death, and it's built like a wolf."

I think I was married to one of these for a couple of years...

2005-07-03 01:58:01 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-03 01:58:38 AM  
Based on DNA tests, a picture is emerging on the relationship of coyotes and other wild canines in the Northeast, although the history is still quite fuzzy.
I'm sorry. I laughed at the fuzzy part. I think the word has intrinsic humor value.
/Expected something more grand, less...
2005-07-03 02:00:56 AM  
She was so hot in that movie.

/I would've bit it
2005-07-03 02:01:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-07-03 02:02:03 AM  

Haha, yeah I've had experiences to scare the shiat out of my ass a few times with these things.

But you shouldn't let yourself be afraid about going out at dark now, the chances of him decided you're a good meal are so slim, he's really more afraid than you are. Just flick the lights on and make noise while you're out and they'll be too afraid to attack even if they wanted too.

I've had multiple face first encounters with them, they're bold, they're nasty, but I don't know of a story where a coyote attacked grown human who wasn't already bleeding.

Making yourself looking bigger and meaner always works with them.
2005-07-03 02:03:39 AM  
Damn you mr lawson!!!
2005-07-03 02:12:21 AM  
maybe im not making myself clear, Salty1. this animal was snarling at me through the glass door... almost as if he wanted to bust in and eat me for a late night snack. the light startled him, but he didnt seem too scared of me when he noticed me. in fact, he proceeded to mark his territory right in front of me.

this animal was very scraggly looking, but he was more wolf than coyote. he had wolf fangs. ive seen plenty of coyotes, and never been scared of any of them. this animal was very different. there could have been more of them around, but i didnt think to look for any others, as he was closest to me and drew my gaze.

we've had several animals go missing in the past and i now know where they went.
2005-07-03 02:12:29 AM  
Would these be more dangerous than ligers?
2005-07-03 02:14:50 AM  
Mr. Lawson, even that one wouldn't stand a chance against this guy:
[image from too old to be available]

/yeah, overused, I know...
//Doesn't care
///so danged cute
2005-07-03 02:15:27 AM  
2005-07-03 02:12:29 AM Qermaq: "Would these be more dangerous than ligers?"

Do the coywolves have large talons?
2005-07-03 02:17:51 AM  
Pfft. Not true. Everyone knows there's no such thing as evolution!

/didn't RTFA, but felt like making a scene anyway
2005-07-03 02:18:51 AM  
Jesus mr lawson! That's
2005-07-03 02:20:13 AM  
Well at least they can't breed...
2005-07-03 02:28:05 AM  
"This animal was snarling at me through the glass door... almost as if he wanted to bust in and eat me for a late night snack. the light startled him, but he didnt seem too scared of me when he noticed me. in fact, he proceeded to mark his territory right in front of me."

Thats why we have .45 ACP pistols now, isn't it?
2005-07-03 02:28:39 AM  

Wow, that's freaky. Yeah, housepets are the perfect snack for those guys. I never let my dog out after dark on the rope or otherwise (when I'm in the country).

My cousin and I had 3 of them stalk us once when we were in the bush one night (we were much younger and dumber)... out playing with our new pellet hand guns.

Nothing really came of the incident, we just heard them follow us until we got back to the road. But it was definately freaky.

The worst incident I've been present for was actually when two of them fought right in front of me and my dog... who was off leash. We were up on the top of Kelly's mountain when it happened, luckily my dog (aptly named Shakespear) knows his english pretty good, and he followed me on the fastest run I've ever done down the mountain.

Ever since that incident I walk with what I dubbed 'the coyotee stick' ... though maybe now I'll start calling it the coywolf stick. Doesn't have the same ring to it.

/Coywolf is a terrible name.
2005-07-03 02:30:25 AM  

Hence why the buggers where I'm from tend to be scared shiatless of humans ;)

I think Wolfote is much better.
2005-07-03 02:33:55 AM  
I hate the, "Hey, look a coyote. Let's kill it. Even if its keeping a distance from us". Bah
2005-07-03 02:34:03 AM  
I wrote a report on the "eastern coyote" for English 101 in 1980. The coyotes moved east to fill the wolf niche when the wolves were killed off. Finally they got to Maine and met up with some of the last wolves in the U.S.A. and got busy. The hybrid breeds true. We now have an animal with the pack behavior of wolves and the high adaptability and cunning of the coyote. The term coywolf sound like it came from some marketing major; I like eastern coyote much better.
2005-07-03 02:35:44 AM  

Seriously. Ever.
2005-07-03 02:36:08 AM  

I like Eastern Coyote.

Too bad we don't live in Australia though, then we could name it wingo or something.
2005-07-03 02:38:18 AM  
"This animal was snarling at me through the glass door... almost as if he wanted to bust in and eat me for a late night snack. the light startled him, but he didnt seem too scared of me when he noticed me. in fact, he proceeded to mark his territory right in front of me."

Ok, now thats a badass animal. I want one. Cuse ive got a small penis and i cant afford a red sports car.
2005-07-03 02:41:41 AM  
mr lawson:
What in the name of all thats unholy was that thing? Its like a zombie chiuahauha.
2005-07-03 02:44:47 AM  
[image from too old to be available] thats what happened to em...
2005-07-03 02:51:01 AM  
Who is Kate Beckinsdale? And why would her beeper asplode?
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