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(Some number cruncher)   Demand for No. 2 pencils increases as Sudoku addiction sweeps the world   ( divider line
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29648 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Jun 2005 at 12:55 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-06-28 06:01:15 PM  
Sodoku! I have wasted many fine hours with my wee book and a pencil...

/generally erasing...
2005-06-28 06:05:47 PM  
Sudoku! Once you get the three processes in your head, it's easy peasy. I was properly addicted to it for about a week until I grew tired of them. They're still fun to do if you're bored though
2005-06-28 06:20:24 PM  
i have no idea what that means - but if it's some kind of pr0n & it requires a number 2 pencil i don't think i'm interested (for a change)
2005-06-28 06:51:12 PM  
meh. Nothing beats chess. Except maybe sex. And even then, sex entails biatching or expense to some extent.
2005-06-28 07:04:00 PM  
That's lamer than those people who go around rearranging the letters in peoples' names to try and spell new words. Not by much, mind you, but it wins so far.
2005-06-28 07:22:00 PM  
Sounds kinda dumb... but then again, I haven't tried it. Plus I don't fully understand what exactly you're supposed to do.
2005-06-29 12:40:51 AM  
I am getting into those things pretty heavily now. I didn't realize they were all that popular though.
2005-06-29 01:00:04 AM  
***Trying to figure out why there is a demand for pencils made out of poo***
2005-06-29 01:01:06 AM

Click on "How to Solve" and it explains it pretty well.
2005-06-29 01:04:51 AM  
this just showed up in a version of the chicago tribune last week. my entire lab spent about 3 hours working on the 5-star puzzle they had on wednesday. it's basically just a logic puzzle, but i think it's pretty fun.
2005-06-29 01:07:49 AM  
I'm more of a nonogram type nerd:
2005-06-29 01:08:06 AM  
[image from too old to be available]


HA! I feel dirty even asking that question
2005-06-29 01:09:55 AM  
It's pretty fun.

I didn't think it was that interesting when I first read about it, but after trying it I thought it was spiffy.

I think I solved about eight of them before the spiffness died down a bit.
2005-06-29 01:10:40 AM  
Well. At least it's not an addiction to bukkake.

/oh, wait...
2005-06-29 01:10:55 AM  
Pencils? Bah. Pens. Fountain pens.
2005-06-29 01:11:43 AM  
What RichieXP said. Once you figure out the tactics, you can solve pretty much any sudoku puzzle in an hour or so. It's fun for a fortnight and then it gets redundant.

It's much more interesting programming a sudoku solver.
2005-06-29 01:13:15 AM  
At least with a crossword you can fool yourself that you're learning words.
2005-06-29 01:13:30 AM  
I still prefer a good quality crossword puzzle. Math, vocab and critical thinking all rolled in to one.
2005-06-29 01:14:42 AM  
True nerds do Cryptic Crosswords
2005-06-29 01:16:28 AM  
Pencils? Bah. Pens. Fountain pens.

Now that's a real man's sudoku.
2005-06-29 01:19:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"The most important thing in life is using a No.2 pencil."
2005-06-29 01:25:41 AM  
just like the Jumble craze of 1994!
2005-06-29 01:25:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Infidels! It is I, Scangrade the Magnificient, a test grading / world dominating device. The PXJT's were created to provide me with my energy source-- lead from the number 2 pencil.

[Shadowy figure] After over 50 years of testing, his power will finally be great enough to...

[Scangrade] Take over the world!

/ Too obscure?
// Thanks imageshack!
2005-06-29 01:25:56 AM  
Fun stuff right there.

/Still stumped by the 5 stars.
//Slashy McSlasherton
2005-06-29 01:26:59 AM  
Any Sudoku-addicted Farkers who can suggest a good Sudoku puzzle book?

There are a bunch on Amazon ... and I'd be they're largely the same ... but I'm just curious if there's any that's particularly good.
2005-06-29 01:28:30 AM  
Damn you frontierpsychiatry, beat me to it while I was futzing around with a screencap and posting the image...

/ One of the best episodes ever
// "Who else would know that the no. 3 pencil make me feel all... gassy"
2005-06-29 01:28:34 AM  
Should add that a book with more difficult puzzles than the ones in the NY Daily News would be good.

/Long commute on the train...
2005-06-29 01:29:45 AM  
Beefstu01 look up two posts, not obscure here.
2005-06-29 01:34:44 AM  
Yes, that show should never have been cancelled.

-Would't that violate the rappers code of originality?
-I call it "Song Taking"
2005-06-29 01:37:10 AM  

9:13, Personal note: When I was a little kid my mother told me not to stare into the sun. So once when I was six, I did...
2005-06-29 01:38:13 AM  
i don't know about y'all, but that Sadako chick was really scary in "Ringu"!
especially when she climbed outta that...huh?
oh, "sudoku". well, i'm sure it's scary too...
2005-06-29 01:50:09 AM  
hatechall: amen! we need more clone high. and scudworth.

/that thing was genetically engineered with a zipper
2005-06-29 02:03:09 AM  
Soooooo it is a print version of rubic cube?
2005-06-29 02:04:31 AM  
Those games are even more fun when you have an irregular shape, like an L-shape or an O setup. We used to do those in 4th and 5th grade. Pretty easy actually. Only diference here is that this one is simplified, with only one set of data, and compartmentalized with the use of the smaller blocks within the larger ones. Still neet.
2005-06-29 02:11:01 AM  
I have to admit sudoku almost grabbed me into its dark pit of time leeching. Worse than reading Fark.

But I knew what to do. It's what I do with all logic puzzles that have a large range of problems that can suck me in until there's no tomorrow. I wrote a program that solves it for me. Yeah, I know that's no fun. Then again, I found myself staring at a 9x9 grid in the wee hours and had noticed the sun was rising. I've got two kids and a full time degree plan going on here. Screw sleeping through to the day star's reappearance.

So a couple of days of coding and coming up with a nifty algorithm to deal with the damn near impossible ones that don't respond well to the 3 basic algorithms, and I was a happy man. Knowing even the deadliest of sudoku puzzles are a 2 second solution away keeps me from ever bothering with the madness again.
2005-06-29 02:23:39 AM  
Sheesh...only on Fark could a story like this be almost immediately greeted with cries of "This is stupid." and "These are too easy for a smart fellow like me, thusly they bore me."

I like the puzzles. They're a fun way to kill a half hour or so.
2005-06-29 02:24:39 AM  
2005-06-29 02:27:56 AM  
There's one or two of these in almost every variety crossword book, but I generally skip over the puzzles that involve numbers. I think, after reading the article I might give one a try, I'm kind of bored with regular crosswords.
2005-06-29 02:28:35 AM  
Synaesthete: An hour or so? If they take you more than two minutes a shot (or three if you do them mentally) then you need more practice. They're nowhere near as hard as they look once you know how to do them.

/Got bored of them within about two days, went back to the marginally more challenging Times crossword
2005-06-29 02:29:51 AM  

/didn't RTFA
//Too drunk
2005-06-29 02:35:22 AM  
Why do they use numbers, though? You don't have to use numbers, you could use letters, or symbols, or fark cliches.
2005-06-29 02:44:05 AM  
Took me about two days to figure out how to do it... then, the deadly disease known as Sudoku got me. I've been printing them out from the Internet, as I don't live in Britain where they're in every newspaper, but as I fly frequently (2x/month or so) and commute by train it's easy to take five Sudoku with me and do them until I'm tired, then sleep.
2005-06-29 02:44:53 AM  
aerojockey: The numbers are there to distract you.
2005-06-29 02:48:56 AM  
bricksandwind0ws and Diabolic:

Personal note: When I was a little kid I couldn't tell pi from phi so I made a movie that really didn't have anything to do with either one, just a bunch of stupid numerology. In spite of that, it was still a pretty cool movie.
2005-06-29 03:15:28 AM  
Heh, just go to my favorite website.

I've burnt many an hour there.

/I have no html skillz
2005-06-29 03:19:17 AM  
anyone else think of GTO and the doku character for poison?

/speaking nihongo is 10x better for your melon than puzzles.
2005-06-29 03:25:30 AM  
The first sudoku puzzle I did was in the LA Times diabolic level. It took me about 2 hours, but I've always been really good with logic/number puzzles. I have now become addicted, as it is way more interesting than a crossword, as with that, you need to know lots of trivia. With sudoku, as long as you can count to 9, you're good.

/waiting for the LA Times to arrive to get the next puzzle...
2005-06-29 03:42:56 AM  
I got REALLY REALLY REALLY bored last month so I made up a 25x25 grid with 25 5x5 subgrids and did an alphabet one using the letters A-Y.

Did I mention that I was really bored?

Christ, I still am.
2005-06-29 04:33:15 AM  
Dunno -- I find them kind of interesting, but I don't think they have the staying power of a crossword for me. At least with a crossword, new vocabulary and trivia appears which keeps it interesting. I was a little surprised to see these as a recurring puzzle in the LA Times. I would have preferred a puzzle column that mixes it up a little bit more.
2005-06-29 04:45:47 AM  
Screw that.

Last month, I came across a crossword puzzle in ancient Greek online.

The last I looked, ony one person was able to finish it.
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