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(Yahoo) NewsFlash John Walton, son of Wal-Mart founder, killed in airplane crash   ( biz.yahoo.com) divider line
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2005-06-27 08:35:57 PM  
That'll teach him to buy airplanes from Walmart.
2005-06-27 08:36:38 PM  
Goodnight Mary Ellen, Goodnight JimBob, .....
2005-06-27 08:38:22 PM  
Sad. Damn ultralights.
2005-06-27 08:40:04 PM  
Was the plane made in China?
2005-06-27 08:40:19 PM  
instant karma's gonna get you....
2005-06-27 08:40:25 PM  
Watch for falling pieces prices!
2005-06-27 08:42:10 PM  
I chuckled. You're an evil person. :)
2005-06-27 08:44:27 PM  
Did he outsource the maintenance to China or Mexico?
2005-06-27 08:51:11 PM  
Keep the comments coming. I'm going to hell anyhow, so I may as well go out laughing.
2005-06-27 08:57:04 PM  
Can I have his stuff?
2005-06-27 09:32:06 PM  
Well he was a vietnam vet. He put his in. Regardless of what you think about wallyworld, a man died in a plane crash. It happens, it's a shame.
2005-06-27 09:39:19 PM  
Well leaves an opening on the Forbes Billionaire list....


/starts counting pennies
2005-06-27 09:41:06 PM  
As the plane was going down did he think...maybe we (Walmart) shouldn't have been so evil.
2005-06-27 09:41:28 PM  
I wonder if there will be a sale to honor his death.
2005-06-27 09:41:30 PM  
God to Wal-Mart: Go Fark Thyselves

/Target customer
2005-06-27 09:41:35 PM  
Karma's a biatch
2005-06-27 09:41:52 PM  
Too bad. Mr. Walton had quite a few kids, and most of them are harsh, nasty people. But he was one of the good eggs, so keep that in mind.
2005-06-27 09:41:54 PM  
at least he was in control of his fate. Id rather die piloting a plane 100X over than die as a passanger..no idea whats going on.
2005-06-27 09:42:09 PM  
At the crash site, was there a Wal-Mart greeter ?

Unfornately, they won't be able to have his funeral until Wal-Mart can buy the coffins at wholesale price.

2005-06-27 09:42:10 PM  
One hell of a rollback.
2005-06-27 09:42:18 PM  
I hope they find the blackbox!
2005-06-27 09:42:21 PM  
Gee...that's terrible. And he never had the opportunity to have a full and rich life.
2005-06-27 09:42:33 PM  
Oh, great, he's SO freakin rich he has to go and BUY THE FARM too!

2005-06-27 09:42:54 PM  
1 Walmart Casket on the way! Are they in the funeral business yet? If not, watch for it soon!
2005-06-27 09:42:56 PM  
[image from images.amazon.com too old to be available]
Wanted for Questioning
Rat [TotalFark]
2005-06-27 09:42:56 PM  
For some reason, I wanna pull a Vinnie Vavoom and cruise the funeral for single chicks with billions.

© wanna ride on my vespa scooter harley davidson? what a machine!
2005-06-27 09:43:02 PM  
Another name for the Clinton Death List???

He may have been rich, but he was a war hero in Nam
2005-06-27 09:43:07 PM  
Wanted for questioning:
[image from todd.com too old to be available]

/window exit row, please
2005-06-27 09:43:36 PM  
1 Walmart Casket on the way! Are they in the funeral business yet? If not, watch for it soon!

If they care about saving money they'll head over to Costco...
2005-06-27 09:44:53 PM  
Good Night John Boy.
2005-06-27 09:45:21 PM  
War vet...no need to say more.

Sad, this guy dies while his siblings are probably out buying another mansion for their dogs.
2005-06-27 09:45:40 PM  
It'll be a shame when a Wal-Mart gets built on his grave.
2005-06-27 09:45:55 PM  
I hear the funeral isn't going to happen until they sieze some burial ground through eminent domain.
2005-06-27 09:46:05 PM  
Airplane reaches low, low altitude
2005-06-27 09:46:37 PM  
2005-06-27 08:40:19 PM fugyeah

instant karma's gonna get you....

2005-06-27 09:41:35 PM Twitch OSX

Karma's a biatch

Ha, there's some good FARK-brand humor in this thread. But Karma? I don't know you, but sounds like that short little article described accomplishments to which your pathetic little lives will never come close.

Oh, and flipflop wins.
2005-06-27 09:47:02 PM  
hmm... crashed shortly after takeoff piloting his own plane? me thinks he needed a few more hours on microsoft flight simulator
[image from bestsoftwareprice.com too old to be available]
2005-06-27 09:47:20 PM  
[image from travelgolf.com too old to be available]
2005-06-27 09:47:35 PM  
whoops i guess you can count that as a moment of silence!
2005-06-27 09:48:12 PM  
Source: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Quick - what odds would you give that Johnny-boy is alive and well, and this is all a ploy to curry sympathy for Wal-Mart? You've gotta admit, out of all the companies in the world, Wal-Mart seems like the candidate least scrupulous enough to do such a thing.
2005-06-27 09:48:15 PM  
That's a shame. I talked with him at a stockholders meeting and he was a real nice man. He was too young to pass away.

May God bless his family in their time of need.
2005-06-27 09:48:44 PM  
clean-up on aisle Grand Teton National Park...
2005-06-27 09:49:00 PM  

Eat The Rich.

Yes, because when someone happens to have an (albiet evil) business mind and becomes more successful than yourself it is clearly unfair and cannot be tolerated.

Blame mommy and daddy for not giving you the right genes.
2005-06-27 09:49:51 PM  
May God bless his family in their time of need.

Don't worry, God will bless them with a four for one split real soon.
2005-06-27 09:49:57 PM  
Oh, so farking sad. He'll really be missed.

They oughta bury him in China.

/dislikes Wal-Mart
//sneaky, underhanded jerks.
2005-06-27 09:49:59 PM  
I was thinking about posting something about all the negative comments to this man's death, but then I realized that at least he's being talked about. No one will give half a shiat when you all die.
2005-06-27 09:50:03 PM  
The Jackson Hole Airport????? Who's Jackson?
2005-06-27 09:50:07 PM  
Walton served in the U.S. Army Green Berets as a medic during the Vietnam War. He was awarded the Silver Star for saving the lives of several members of his unit while under intense enemy fire.

God speed good man, you were a hero.
2005-06-27 09:50:14 PM  
small lightweight aircraft eh?
[image from redferret.net too old to be available]
2005-06-27 09:51:20 PM  
Can't afford a "V-Tailed Doctor Killer"?

Then go for the ultra-light "I can still make the news" bargin bin bucket of bolts!

/whoever can name the V-Tailed Doctor Killer for the plane it really is gets kudos
//yes, crappy pilot joke
2005-06-27 09:51:54 PM  
If I was a rich dude I would never pull a John-John and waste my good fortune by taking up something life threatening as a hobby.

I'll sit on my mountain of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck and knit thank you very much!
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