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(Yahoo)   New study suggests that dark chocolate has protective effects on the cardiovascular system. Here comes the science   ( divider line
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4900 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jun 2005 at 5:24 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-06-26 05:26:04 PM  
what a load of crap.
2005-06-26 05:28:37 PM  
"Epidemiological studies suggest that high flavonoid intake confers a benefit on cardiovascular outcome," Dr. Charalambos Vlachopoulos, of Athens Medical School in Greece, and colleagues write in the American Journal of Hypertension.

Laugh out loud.

You expect me to bother reading all those long words, Dr. Charalambos?
2005-06-26 05:28:44 PM  
I don't trust dark chocolate. Ever come across a bag of assorted hersheys minatures and find that the dark chocolate ones are the only ones not melted? It's just not right.
2005-06-26 05:30:18 PM  
Smoove B says:
[image from too old to be available]
Its cardiovascular baby
2005-06-26 05:30:25 PM  
Dark chocolate is the king of all chocolates!
2005-06-26 05:31:13 PM  
"Eating dark chocolate may have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system in healthy people"

Are fat people healthy? They seem to like the chocolate more than skinny folk.
2005-06-26 05:31:46 PM  
dark chocolate looks and tastes like assfudge
2005-06-26 05:32:52 PM  
everything bad is good...everything good is bad...

this crap started in the 80's when the FDA said..'ops...eggs have 1/3 less artery cloging crap than we previously thought'....

hmm...wonder if tom cruise would recommend the effects of dark chocolate?
2005-06-26 05:33:58 PM  
If 100 grams does well, just think what 5 lbs. will do.
I'm off to the store.
2005-06-26 05:34:19 PM  
Hrm... Vanilla Ice, Dark Chocolate....

\stoned, require munching
\\Ice cream flavors trifecta now in play
///are these slashes supposed to go this way?
2005-06-26 05:34:56 PM  
KungFuJesus: dark chocolate looks and tastes like assfudge

I bow to your greater knowledge
2005-06-26 05:35:04 PM  
Hmm, successive links on vanilla and chocolate. All we need now is a link concerning strawberries for the ultra-rare neopolitan trifecta.
2005-06-26 05:35:11 PM  
Dark chocolate is nasty! The only thing worse than dark chocolate is baking chocolate (ate a heaping spoonful once when I was a kid).
2005-06-26 05:35:22 PM  
Dark chocolate rules.

Your favourite desert/candy sucks.
2005-06-26 05:35:27 PM  

Dark chocolate is the king of all chocolates!

I second that emotion!



dark MILK chocolate looks and tastes like assfudge
2005-06-26 05:35:28 PM  
Damnit, why not milk chocolate? Why God, why?
2005-06-26 05:36:28 PM  
do they have dark chocolate beer?
2005-06-26 05:36:50 PM  
Milk interacts with the cocoa to take away some of the healthy beneficial "stuff" in the cocoa.

That's why dark chocolate is "the bomb".

Sorry for the scientific "mumbo jumbo".
2005-06-26 05:37:19 PM  
I'm with Mutt on this one. My sister always liked to get "Scores" dark chocolate bars and I never understood that. Of course, she's the thin one and I'm the giant fat-ass from eating the snickers bars.

/not really
2005-06-26 05:38:18 PM  
Thank God something I like is actually good for me! :( I don't think it will make up for the other things.
2005-06-26 05:38:30 PM  
I like white chocolate. Does that mean anything?
2005-06-26 05:39:55 PM  

Are fat people healthy? They seem to like the chocolate more than skinny folk.

What a vague generalization and a pretty stupid comment.

Eating too much of anything makes you fat. Eating a little bit of chocolate will not harm you if you are an otherwise a healthy individual.

Cocoa, since it comes from (is) a bean, has many health benefits and is similiar to other beans and nuts. Chocolate contains alot of sugar and butter and milk, and those items is what makes Chocolate "bad" for you. Dark Chocolate has less of all those things and more cocoa, so it is a bit healthier for you.

In a true general statement when it comes to food, the more color it has, the better it is for you.

/Good Eats is a great show.
2005-06-26 05:41:31 PM  
Dark chocolate is the only chocolate. Milk chocolate is vanilla for pussies. I have no farking clue what white chocolate is, but it's not bad.
2005-06-26 05:41:53 PM  
I like white chocolate. Does that mean anything?

Closet homosexual?

Sorry, white chocolate is still not healthy like dark chocolate.

/read it "somewhere"
2005-06-26 05:42:38 PM  
That entire article was designed to be one big, delicious, tongue-twister.

Viva la chocolate!
2005-06-26 05:42:47 PM  
Dark chocolate is teh awesome.

/that is all
2005-06-26 05:43:02 PM  
Its about time that something I like is good for me. Does that make up for all the bacon, sausage and steak?
2005-06-26 05:45:19 PM  
yes...but can we really trust a guy named:

Dr. Charalambos Vlachopoulos

2005-06-26 05:45:47 PM  
dupper: Milk chocolate is vanilla for pussies.

While that may be true, dark chocolate is cinnamon for cocks.
2005-06-26 05:46:29 PM  
I have no farking clue what white chocolate is, but it's not bad.

Good call!
2005-06-26 05:47:41 PM  
dark chocolate is when you buy a bar of chocolate which has 85% coca or more.

try eating unsweetened bakers chocolate.

it has a VERY bitter flavour.

milk chocolate has sugar milk and other ingredients.

those cause the fatness. not the dark chocolate goodness of coca.

try having a spoon of coca powder, most people will choke on it because of the taste.
2005-06-26 05:47:45 PM  
do they have dark chocolate beer?

That sounds wonderfull 2 of my favorite things, Would for sure be better than Budweisers energy beer (tastes like someone dropped a sweetart into your Budlight. Actually I think I have a seen a chocolate beer somewhere before, should have tried it.
2005-06-26 05:48:01 PM  
white "chocolate" is every ingredient it takes to make a chocolate bar -- except for any cocoa solids whatsoever!

if you're anywhere near Berkeley, I highly recommend taking the Scharffenberger factory tour. it's a 45 minute lecture on how chocolate is made, with taste samples all along the way starting with a simple roasted and cracked cocoa 'nib', followed by a 10 minute stroll through the factory itself.
2005-06-26 05:48:44 PM  
I love da dark chocolate.

Anyone try a Chantico?
2005-06-26 05:50:31 PM  
i'll drink to that

[image from too old to be available]

2005-06-26 05:51:41 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
? What about
img.fark.netView Full Size
? Or
img.fark.netView Full Size

Or what about a "farking awesome" tag?
2005-06-26 05:51:56 PM  
In other news, this isn't a "new study" at all.
2005-06-26 05:52:52 PM  

Let me guess - Skittlebrau?
2005-06-26 05:54:41 PM  

dark chocolate is when you buy a bar of chocolate which has 85% coca or more.

Bullshiat - a good dark chocolate can still be 50-75% cocoa.

85% is barely edible for me ("bittersweet chocolate"), but my favourites are in the 50-75% range and they are always labled "dark chocolate".
2005-06-26 05:56:16 PM  

Cool mug. Where can I get one?

Uhhh... is that your toaster oven in the background? I can tell because the counter in front of my toaster oven is just as fakin dirty.
2005-06-26 05:56:29 PM  
I made skittlebrau once. I don't remember if it was good or not. I probably experienced an alchohol/sugar induced sensory overload and passed out.
2005-06-26 05:57:37 PM  
ulfgabe: I love those chunky squares of unsweetened Baker's chocolate! It's probably an acquired taste,but it tastes pretty damn good.

/did that sound right? :)
2005-06-26 06:01:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-26 06:05:56 PM  
This is new? Men's Health Magazine has been saying this for 2-3 years
2005-06-26 06:06:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Young's Luxury Double Chocolate Stout- Brewed by The Ram Brewery, London, England.

2005-06-26 06:08:25 PM  
You haven't lived until you've tried

[image from too old to be available]
2005-06-26 06:08:53 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Uh, dark...uh...chocolate?"
2005-06-26 06:09:43 PM  
that is one good beer, I must say..mmmmm....beeerrrrr

and its chocolate-y!
2005-06-26 06:10:13 PM  
I love to eat dark chocolate and watch Lifetime TV while crying!
2005-06-26 06:19:17 PM  
This is clearly what happens when women become scientists -- of course they find that chocolate is good for us!

/just trying to spice up a boring thread
//no idea of the gender of who thought this crap up
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