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(Yahoo)   Surfers arrested in San Francisco (with cool pic)   ( divider line
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23465 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Apr 2002 at 4:29 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-11 04:32:32 AM  
Yup that's a nifty picture
2002-04-11 04:33:09 AM  
I bet that water is freakin' cold too....brr.....
can you say shrinkage to the max?

I knew you could

2002-04-11 04:33:32 AM  
holy crap is that real?
2002-04-11 04:33:49 AM  
Oooooo, be careful on the web!
2002-04-11 04:34:18 AM  
Whoa, I just had a Point Break flashback
2002-04-11 04:34:21 AM  
What is the point of this article being posted here? It's an assault charge, not a surfing charge.
2002-04-11 04:42:20 AM  
water like that is chilly on the willy
2002-04-11 04:45:11 AM  
Whoa. Dude.
2002-04-11 04:45:49 AM  
That was supposed to be /Keanu Reaves, but it cut out my HTML. Bleh...
2002-04-11 04:46:48 AM  
And I now see that LordDick beat me to it anyway. Sorry....heh.
2002-04-11 04:50:12 AM  
Very cool pic indeed.

The guys arrested have nothing to do with the guy surfing under the Golden Gate Bridge btw.
2002-04-11 04:50:20 AM  
I dont surf, but wouldn't that be a pretty long ride?
2002-04-11 04:50:31 AM  

Assault. These men were charged with ASSAULT.

Nobody is being arrested for surfing.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.
2002-04-11 04:58:24 AM  
Ho hum
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-11 04:58:54 AM  
Hang them, I mean, hang ten!

Face, who said otherwise?
2002-04-11 05:04:06 AM  
Nobody, I guess.

2002-04-11 05:04:53 AM  
Yes, correct me if I am wrong, but nobody said ANYTHING about these guys getting arrested for surfing.
2002-04-11 05:05:50 AM  
Funny pic,
2002-04-11 05:10:01 AM  
Exactly what is a "Hang ten"? Is it going to the front of the board and pushing your toes of both feet over the edge, making the back rise a bit and swivelling, as I've been told, or was someone winding me up?
2002-04-11 05:13:38 AM  
Nobody has been "winding you up," Goatman, although I am a big fan of your quaint expression.
2002-04-11 05:16:12 AM  
*wind, wind, wind*
2002-04-11 05:18:32 AM  
And the wind...cries...Mary.
And the wind...screams...Hang-ten-is-a-big-elaborate-conspiracy-created-to-pub​licly-hu miliate-Goatman264.
And the wind...cries...Mary.
2002-04-11 05:20:36 AM  
Soz Face, I should have said "Having a giraffe.", needless to say. But thank you for clearing that up for me. Next time you're 'round this way, remind me to get a leap and I'll buy your favourite kitchen.
2002-04-11 05:23:11 AM  
Holy shiz. I think I'm in over my head here.

2002-04-11 05:24:31 AM  
Goatman, you talkin crazy, boy!
2002-04-11 05:24:59 AM  
haha! oh goatman your antics will never cease to amaze me
2002-04-11 05:25:02 AM  
I think what you need is a seeing-to buy a decent wallet, Face.
2002-04-11 05:26:36 AM  
Goatman.. yes, Kennyc said it best when he said,
"You're talking sh*t, you don't make any sense!!" in response to your last post.

...Or was it me?
2002-04-11 05:26:43 AM  
I want a wallet that says "BAD MOTHER FARKER" on it like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction
2002-04-11 05:28:05 AM  
I give up! Please don't hurt me...
2002-04-11 05:39:02 AM  
2002-04-11 05:39:09 AM  
They would have gotten away with it, too, if no one had noticed they had tan lines on their arses...
2002-04-11 05:45:30 AM  
This is a photoshop contest waiting to happen.
2002-04-11 05:46:30 AM  
For my American friends:

Having a giraffe: Having a laugh
Leap(s and bounds): Round of
Kitchen (sinks): Drinks
Wallet (and purse): Nurse
2002-04-11 05:49:25 AM  
Goatman has American friends?
2002-04-11 05:50:51 AM  
Yes, Martel - they're those people who don't ignore or spit on you, and at least feign interest in what you have to say. Ever met one aside from Social Security workers?
2002-04-11 07:16:26 AM  
Assaulting surfers...that just sounds funny.
2002-04-11 07:24:44 AM  
Goatman: in the KKK, hang ten is an ambitious Saturday night.
2002-04-11 07:55:10 AM  
SpeedyFearless: I'll see you down here for that one... What's your poison?
2002-04-11 08:06:28 AM  
Is nothing sacred?

Does't want t' start another war o't bloody roses?

Why do we always descend to the fact that the Septics across the Pond are unable to speak the Queen's English?

Oh, wait a minute, she's German, isn't she?

Queen German, France Surrenders!
2002-04-11 08:21:53 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-11 08:21:54 AM  
Goatman seems to put the cock back in cockney
"Hey Beavis... he said cock... huh-huh"
2002-04-11 08:24:58 AM  
You leave me no choice but to say "Ni" to you.

"Ni, Ni"
2002-04-11 08:25:17 AM  
Now, build me a shrubbery!
2002-04-11 08:33:21 AM  
Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.
2002-04-11 08:35:41 AM  
We are now... no longer the Knights Who Say 'Ni'. We are now the Knights Who Say 'Ecky- ecky- ecky- ecky- pikang- zoop- boing- goodem- zoo- owli- zhiv'.
2002-04-11 08:38:27 AM  
So savage of a morning, Beanhead - missing mummy, are we?
2002-04-11 08:38:31 AM  
No! Please stop! Not Ni! Ahhh!!!
2002-04-11 08:40:15 AM  
Goatman: Just playing around. My fiance is from Exeter in Devon, and she's been teaching me cockney rhyming. I'm afraid I'm not very good at all.
2002-04-11 08:40:21 AM  
Not that anyone cares about the surfing... but those waves break directly into a stone wall... no beach. I used to live a few blocks from that spot, and its insane to watch those guys. But thats on topic, sorry...
What I need is a good MP reference... lesse....

"come see the violence inherent in the system..."
2002-04-11 08:43:17 AM  
I said "Hang ten" first in this thread and if you count all the times it was mentioned after that and multiplied that number times my Fark number and moved the decimal you would get some idea of how much I am worth not only to Fark but also to the preservation of mirth as we know it in this hard old modern world. Bow to me now or bow to me later, tell all your friends you know me, blame me when that thing happens "to" you later on in the day, you know the drill.....
2002-04-11 08:58:26 AM  
Fiancee (Note the extra E as she's female) from Exeter has been teaching you Cockney Rhyming Slang?

To be a Cockney, you have to have been born within the sound of the Bow Bells in London.

This is ~160 miles (Imperial, not US) from Exeter.

So how / what would she know?

"Cor, luv a duck, Mary Poppins."
2002-04-11 09:00:03 AM  
Another interesting fact is that Great Whites go to that bay to breed. I wouldn't swim in San Franciso or Monterey Bay for all the cannibas in Mexico.

No thanks.
2002-04-11 09:00:08 AM  
Honk if you demand satisfaction.
2002-04-11 09:02:26 AM  
It would be cool, sorry-I mean "rad" to say that you surf under the GG Bridge.
2002-04-11 09:13:08 AM  
2002-04-11 09:15:02 AM  
You know, I can never get to any of these Yahoo! News links on FARK anymore. I always get a 'story not found'...
2002-04-11 09:18:19 AM  
Reminder: SF IFG tonight at 8 at the Condor in North Beach, the *original* home of boobies (albeit now a sports bar--gentrification is just killing our little town).

Mr/Mrs Drew will be in da house.
2002-04-11 09:30:19 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-11 09:31:04 AM  
Goatman- You aren't supposed to be teaching stuff like that to Sepos, are you?
2002-04-11 09:42:58 AM  
Yeah Goatman, you'd better watch it. Harmonia will accuse you of aiding American terrorists.
2002-04-11 09:43:55 AM  
Regarding the Bad Mother Farker wallet.

I saw about 20 of them for sale on Ebay.
2002-04-11 09:44:09 AM  
"Honk" can mean blow your horn, or throw-up, or moan about something!
2002-04-11 09:46:03 AM  

Hmm...if I was 100 times more sporty then I am, maybe I would try surfing on a regular beach. These guys are either insane or insane pros.
2002-04-11 09:46:08 AM  
Satchmo Thanks for the spelling help. She lived in London for 6 months, and would never consider herself an expert. Geez.
2002-04-11 09:49:02 AM  
Not to change the subject of this already Farked thread, but those d00ds have to be completely mental to surf those waters. Vegeta's photoshop is about 99% accurate. Lots of large mean fishes in SF Bay.
2002-04-11 09:51:05 AM  
Dood on dood crime...
Damn maaan, where's the love?!?
2002-04-11 09:55:57 AM  
Ctenidae: Sepos!? I'm offended. Plus, I thought that was an Aussie expression.
2002-04-11 10:05:36 AM  
Manic: That is such a horrible movie. I prefer Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD.
2002-04-11 10:10:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-11 10:45:21 AM  
I would like to point out that I know no cockney rhyming slang whatsoever, and anything that I may have purported to be so was entirely made up in order to confuse our American cousins, and also appear cool and knowledgable.

I am glad I have managed to at least look cool and knowledgable.
2002-04-11 11:24:45 AM  
Diogenes- It is Aussie, but it's the same idea as cockney rhyming, as I understand it.
Americans are Yanks, Yanks rhymes with Septic Tanks, Septic Tanks is to hard to say (and clearly offensive), so it's Sepos.
Nice, huh?
2002-04-11 11:33:37 AM  
Can someone post the original picture here.
2002-04-11 12:31:42 PM  
Whoa- hold on everybody! That's a photoshop or i'm
a monkey. I've boated across that particular stretch
between sausalito and the wharf lots of times, and
I've never seen a surfable break between the golden
gate and alcatraz- or anywhere else in the bay for
that matter. Unless the bay has suddenly silted in
near the golden gate, which would render it unnavigable.

With that booming current going in and out of the bay,
that's totally unlikely. I say it's a hoax. :)
2002-04-11 12:51:22 PM  
yeah i gotta agree. the water in the bay is constantly flowing with current, like a river....there's no way a break like that could occur, unless there was a tsunami or something... ;)
2002-04-11 12:57:52 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

I hope Yahoo! allows linking.
2002-04-11 01:06:59 PM  
WTF is this all about?

"When Surfer Dudes Attack!" film at eleven, Dudes.
2002-04-11 01:20:37 PM  
Lets just give them guns and let them go killing people on the back water allies of California. Then they wouldn't be bothered by the cops.
2002-04-11 01:32:52 PM  
I heard it was going to be a "hate crime". The guy who got beat up was using an ankle tether and the other two thought he was a wussie.
2002-04-11 01:56:28 PM  
I know Kung Fu
2002-04-11 01:56:34 PM  
It looks cool in SF Bay but I still wanna surf Viet Nam. My cousin did during the late conflict, and I'm still jealous...

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
2002-04-11 01:58:07 PM  
Sharks and 50 degree water? Why arrest them, they should be applauded
2002-04-11 02:00:59 PM  
Nope - no hoax. The waves do break down there and they can get incredibly gnarly. You can't tell very well from the bridge or even the shoreline, but I've been out in a tiny fishing boat under the gate and completely feared for my life. Yest, there is 'bay flow' but at certain times in acts in conjunction with the tide and the waves and creates absolute monsters. You really have to be pretty darn hardcore to surf that -- there is no beach, there are sharks, there are tankers and freighters coming in and out, and the break can be devastating. It's a great ride, but incredibly stupid.
2002-04-11 02:06:30 PM  
Theres a beach there, if you count the rock seawall as a beach ;) It kinda interesting to watch, but then every now and then one of them get hurt or stuck taken out to sea, etc.. and the Coast Guard has to come get them. Kinda sucks that someone has to risk their life because someone else was engaging in an activity that imho could be grounds for a darwin award.
2002-04-11 02:07:55 PM  
Boozehound: did it in a fifteen foot boat with 25 horses.
guess I got lucky those days... boating across that current,
well, if you don't have a little bit of fear rise in your
gut, you're a complete fool! if anything at all happens,
you're completely at the mercy of the tides- may you
break down on an ingoing tide!
2002-04-11 02:17:16 PM  
Yeah, it's nuts! We got out in a 14 foot Boston Whaler to head up to the Farralan Islands for salmon and in the outer bay opening for rock cod. It's always fairly dangerous, but on one particular trip there were at lest 35-50 foot swells coming at us. Scared the shiat out of me, but my buddy, the captain, practically grew up in a boat so that gave me a tiny bit of security.

Um.... 25 horses in a 15 foot boat?? How'd you pull that one off?
2002-04-11 02:36:24 PM  
I used to know a guy that worked at the golden gate bridge company. They had some tee shirts made up that said "No jumping from the bridge." PS kiddies dont walk on the west side of the bridge they may think your a jumper.
2002-04-11 03:33:10 PM  
Also on this page of Yahoo:

Terrorism & Sept. 11 Attacks Slideshow

Yahoo's just adding to all the wonderful, humane things people know them for lately.
2002-04-11 03:55:43 PM  
boozehound: it's me trusty evinrude 25 bolted onto my
15 ft. gregor... did just fine in the bay, never took her
outside the golden gate though, mainly fishing out of
Loch Lomond or the sausalito margaritaville ramp. or
across the bay, do fisherman's wharf area, then zip
back. now that i'm down south, the tin boat doesn't see
saltwater anymore. better for the engine that way, and
the chris-craft is lots more fun anyway!
2002-04-11 04:55:31 PM  
Skiinstructor: Duh! Dude, I thought you were transporting horses (neigh, neigh and all that) across the bay! Silly me.
2002-04-11 05:50:24 PM  
I hated San Francisco. I hate that farking bridge, even the sky annoyed me. Gimme a Louisiana swamp anyday. You can't surf but at least the food is good and the water is polluted but warm.
2002-04-11 06:01:11 PM  
Bigred: Much redneck fun to be had once you get out of
that city... I considered the bridge tolls to be admission
to the circus. baiting hippies is great fun, and Marin county has bass to rival anything the swamp has to offer...
just like anything else,you just gotta know where to find 'em...

boozehound: I'll have to find a picture of a horse-powered
boat- I've seen a couple. :)
2002-04-11 06:48:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
I made it rather small here to save on the size, but this may give people some context to the site. It's not really all that "hardcore" if you know what your doing. You lose the wave before you get very close to the shore, so the rocks are not that much of a factor. In the picture you can see how far the shore and rocks are from the waves. Still, the water is cold and there are sharks. Yet another reason why NoCal sucks.
2002-04-11 07:01:54 PM  
thome: thanks- that pic defines the break a lot better
than the other ones.

With so much to do in so many different places, the only
thing wrong with the bay area is its cost- that's what made
me leave it behind.

Did any of you chilly willies know there's a 93 degree hot spring right on the beach slightly south of stinson? coordinates are available at take a shovel and an old beach chair, and go at low tide! Whoopee!
2002-04-11 09:10:48 PM  
my first fark post, hope the image works.
2002-04-11 09:14:08 PM  
damn. take 2 - wish there was a preview.
2002-04-11 11:24:34 PM  
Why are they arresting surfers for assaulting other surfers? That's just part of the fun of being out in the line up. If some one snakes you and drops in on you he gets a punch in the face or else every coont will drop in on you and you won't get a wave.

Do only Aussies call Yanks Seppos? I thought Poms did as well. Ha ha. Septic tanks. Full of shiat. ha ha
2002-04-12 11:22:15 AM  
Uh, groovy, man.

Or something.
2002-04-14 05:42:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

this image better work this time. - not to others, don't try to use yahoo photo.
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