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(Reuters)   Brit gets 800 lashes from Saudi Court for alcohol barter   ( reuters.co.uk) divider line
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2002-04-10 04:06:05 PM  
what a vacation!
2002-04-10 04:06:27 PM  
Better than getting beheaded
2002-04-10 04:06:34 PM  
Gary O'Nions
What a horrible, horrible name.
2002-04-10 04:09:19 PM  
Only 800, ha, back when I was a kid.......
2002-04-10 04:09:50 PM  
Should have been trading in white women.
2002-04-10 04:10:52 PM  
Woo-hoo! Beat that Limey!

2002-04-10 04:11:07 PM  
Harmonia, what do you think about that? Do you still want to hug the camel jockeys?
2002-04-10 04:11:30 PM  
Damn dude. I think you got screwed on that deal.
2002-04-10 04:11:38 PM  
Harmonia, what do you think about that? Do you still want to hug the camel jockeys?
2002-04-10 04:12:09 PM  
Was it British beer? Then it sounds reasonable...
2002-04-10 04:13:07 PM  
"A Saudi Arabian court has sentenced a British man to 800 lashes after convicting him of trading in alcohol,..."

Yea , 1 lash for trading in alcohol and 799 lashes for being such a big idiot as to break ANY LAWS in a muslim country. You know how fanatical they are, why didn't you go for the Triple crown and just beat someone up and rape their wife while you were at it. Dumbass.
2002-04-10 04:13:26 PM  
that seems fair.
2002-04-10 04:15:01 PM  
What'd they expect from a man named "O'Nions"? Sounds Irish to me...
2002-04-10 04:15:02 PM  
Sounds like the Saudis need a good stiff drink. Maybe then they'd be a little less uptight.
2002-04-10 04:15:27 PM  
Wow. Talk about civilizations trailing behind the rest of the world.
2002-04-10 04:15:40 PM  
Might be worth it if he traded the alcohol for something good.
2002-04-10 04:19:14 PM  
Can one survive 800 lashes? Do they do them all at once?
2002-04-10 04:21:15 PM  
A nuclear bomb dropped on Mecca would clear up this garbage.
2002-04-10 04:22:22 PM  
oh.. pic didn't make it

[image from exoticfashionmall.com too old to be available]
2002-04-10 04:25:31 PM  
Yeah buddy, that would clear everything up right quick. What the hell are you talking about?
2002-04-10 04:25:31 PM  
That'll teach Harmonia not to be such a lush...
2002-04-10 04:25:52 PM  
There won't be a dry eye in the house at that flogging.
2002-04-10 04:26:36 PM  
Think it's harsh?
Whatever your view on Saudi alcohol/drug laws, the fact is that this guy knew exactly what the penalties would be were he to be caught selling it. The black-market alcohol trade is very lucrative and certain unsavoury people are willing to take the risks in order to reap the huge financial rewards. In fact there is much violence between the competing bootleggers. If this guy wasn't selling booze in Saudi Arabia, he would probably be peddling drugs to teens in the UK.

Also, the 800 lashes will be 'paid' in installments of 50 over a period of several months.

And if you still think the Saudis are barbarians, just look at their crime figures and then look at your own.
2002-04-10 04:27:19 PM  
oi puckhead ......brilliant! heh
2002-04-10 04:28:36 PM  
heh Gary O'Nions..

bet he'll have tears in his eyes after that
2002-04-10 04:31:56 PM  
THE ANSWER.....if you love booze live in a country where it is legal its pretty simple when you think about it.
im drunk right now god bless england and america
2002-04-10 04:32:48 PM  
At least they didnt sick a police dog on him.

2002-04-10 04:34:27 PM  
Will these lashes be administered by a professional dominatrix?
2002-04-10 04:34:33 PM  
And if you still think the Saudis are barbarians, just look at their crime figures and then look at your own.

According to that logic Rio de Janero is one of the most barbaric places on earth. Doesn't sound quite right to me.
2002-04-10 04:34:54 PM  
Me, I would have plea-bargained for the cokc-and-ball torture.
2002-04-10 04:35:56 PM  
buncha farking savages.....
wake up and smell the 21st century for crying out loud...
2002-04-10 04:36:48 PM  
Alcohol from onions?
2002-04-10 04:37:45 PM  
what's absolutely hilarious (and hypocritical) is that these same holier than thou saudi head to bahrain for the weekend. Why would they go there? To party and hire the thai/philipino women that get flown in.
2002-04-10 04:38:39 PM  
And if you still think the Saudis are barbarians, just look at their crime figures and then look at your own.

Yes, controlling people through the fear of God and torture/beheading isn't barbaric.

I suppose the end justifies the means? Does that mean that Saudi Arabia has fewer criminals and the people are more civil? Or are they just more afraid of the punishment?
2002-04-10 04:39:25 PM  
The police dog is named "Scooby"?

Well, I guess he'd be good at finding weed...
2002-04-10 04:40:52 PM  
However, I have to agree. The guy knew the laws there, and the punishment. He did it at his own risk. He's ultimately responsible.
2002-04-10 04:43:03 PM  
He broke the law.
He deserved it.

How many of you name-callers actually know any Muslims?
None of you? Thought so.

Why is it when people break the law abroad we assume they should be let off?
2002-04-10 04:43:03 PM  
Better headline:
Britney gets 800 lashes from Saudi Court
2002-04-10 04:43:41 PM  
"In fact there is much violence between the competing bootleggers...And if you still think the Saudis are barbarians, just look at their crime figures and then look at your own."

Yep. Sounds like they've got it figured out to me. Hey maybe their crime is so low beacuse women can't show their faces in public?
2002-04-10 04:43:41 PM  
it would be quite funny if Mr O'nion was a hard core masochist.
the dude would be getting off on a regular basis courtesy of the Saudi government.

after a few times, he starts showing up in leather chaps and lipstick.
2002-04-10 04:44:12 PM  
800? my god that will probably kill him.
2002-04-10 04:45:46 PM  
800 lashes? Christ only got 39 and that was for all the sins in the world! That whipper is going to have one very tired arm!
2002-04-10 04:45:58 PM  
Looking at the situation, he broke the law, he got caught. He should face the penalty. Do you hear me PETER BUCK???
2002-04-10 04:47:14 PM  
ha ha, Peter Buck.
2002-04-10 04:51:37 PM  
I am sorry but freaking 800 lashes is a excessive for any crime. If they are the lashes I am thinking this guy will probably be dead by the time they get to 100, much less freaking 800. And on another note any country that practices freaking stoning needs to be turned into a damn glass parking lot. Yes, you heard me FUKC the ARABS! (until they start acting a little more civilized)
2002-04-10 04:52:46 PM  
Obviously, that is gonna farkin hurt.
What do they do the lashes with? a belt or a cane?
2002-04-10 04:53:26 PM  
He probably pays for this kind of treatment back home.
2002-04-10 04:54:54 PM  
Those nutty Brits....
2002-04-10 04:55:39 PM  
You apologists for Arab barbarity make me sick. I declare you to have broken my law, and I sentence you each to between 150 and 7,824 lashes, depending upon how penitent I determine you to be in your subsequent statements on this board, and also on whether I just don't like you. So come on over, and we can get started.
2002-04-10 04:55:42 PM  
Gargoylemann And if you still think the Saudis are barbarians, just look at their crime figures and then look at your own.

No crime or not dude stoning and the treatment of woman is freaking crazy dude, there is no way you can justify this kinda stuff dude. On top of that if you like it so much why don't you move there.

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