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(Yahoo)   Lions rescue 12-year-old girl from kidnappers. Reward to be paid in gazelles and zebras   ( news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2005-06-22 01:15:56 PM  
"Kidnapping young girls has long been part of the marriage custom in Ethiopia."

Something's not right here.
2005-06-22 01:21:56 PM  
Having sex with young boys is a Arab custom
2005-06-22 01:43:19 PM  
"Geez, would you look at what they're doing to one another?"

"Yeah, no kidding. At least when they stayed in the trees they just threw poop."

"Hey, let's protect some of them before they go extinct."

/ain't humans talking...
2005-06-22 01:51:30 PM  
2005-06-22 02:00:01 PM  
Animal planet did a show on surprising cross-species animal behavior. The most bizarre one was a pit bull in new zealand who decided her owners new baby parrot was in fact her baby, went into a false pregnancy, and nursed the parrot. There was video, so it was definitely true. Another great one was a crow that decided to raise a young kitten that had been abandoned. The crow would drop the kitten food and cuddle it. This all happened in someone's backyard, so when they eventually figured out what was going on, they began feeding the crow and the kitten, which were inseperable. Also with video goodness. Sometimes animals just like each other, despite not being of the same species.
2005-06-22 02:07:54 PM  
Awesome if it's true. I definitely have a warm, fuzzy feeling inside now :D
2005-06-22 02:16:53 PM  
Anyone else bummed out by the fact that a lion pelt only fetches $1000?
2005-06-22 02:23:47 PM  
"A young girl whimpering could be mistaken for the mewing sound from a lion cub, which in turn could explain why they didn't eat her," Williams said.

Or they just ate and were just keeping an eye on her until they were hungry again. That's the more likely explanation. These are cats, people, they have no compassion for anyone or anything. They'd eat each other if evolution hadn't programmed that losing strategy out of them for the most part. They are killing machines.
2005-06-22 02:30:56 PM  
I remember seeing a video where a little kid had fallen over the railing at a zoo and into the gorilla pit. The gorilla came over and did not try to hurt the boy but you could tell the gorilla was concerned and was trying to help

"Hmmm...how do I get this whole thing in my mouth before anyone else sees it..."

You can't judge animal thoughts by human standards.
2005-06-22 02:39:09 PM  
I think they probably were really "watching" her. Big Cats and even domesticated cats are instinctually 'pack' animals and will guard their young. Its not uncommon for cats to even adopt 'orphan' young from other prides. Domesticated cats actually "adopt" their owners and try to 'care' or them. Amazing creatures if you think about it. As far as lions, the lioness rarely leaves her young cubs. "Adult lions are fond of cubs, and the introduction of new ones is an occasion for a good deal of solicitous examination. The new cubs settle very quickly, and in a few days have become full members of the pride." (see http://home.globalcrossing.net/~brendel/lion.html)
2005-06-22 04:47:15 PM  
I dunno what lions have against cheetahs, but they hate them a LOT.

Because they don't play fairly?

2005-06-22 05:02:47 PM  

"Hmmm...how do I get this whole thing in my mouth before anyone else sees it..."

You can't judge animal thoughts by human standards.

"Don't kid yourself billy. A cow would eat you and everyone you love without a second thought."

Gorillas are vegetarians. Thanks for playing.
2005-06-22 05:13:35 PM  
goobernutz: how did they know the lions "stood guard" for 1/2 a day until "we found her"

Maybe they asked the girl?
2005-06-22 05:13:49 PM  
haha. This reminds me of a blog I found one day a long time ago. There was this supposed lion that did the blog. I found it today after some searching, and sure enough, he is taking credit for this deed. Check it out. I got a giggle. It's not as good as his original post, though. His first one at the bottom of the page is probably my favorite.

Read SirFuzzyMane's Blog
2005-06-22 05:40:44 PM  

Anyone else bummed out by the fact that a lion pelt only fetches $1000?

I prefer to think that it means I copuld geta lion-skin rug for a thousand bucks.

"That there, my frends in .1% of an entire species you're standing on there"

/the ethiopian lion business is worth a million bucks, tops.
2005-06-22 05:47:05 PM  
wow, I just got sooo distracted reading about feral children. Some crazy shiat there
2005-06-22 06:08:25 PM  
Ha! SharkInfested, me too
2005-06-22 09:30:27 PM  
Lions aren't nearly as scary as crackheads.
2005-06-22 10:33:20 PM  
Was I the only one to think, "man, Barry still has it!"
2005-06-22 11:16:10 PM  
Does anyone else find it sick that countrys around the globe will leap into action is slavery is happening in another nation, but no one does anything but ask nicely when it is women being enslaved?

Our leaders do not think very well of you, ladies.
2005-06-22 11:28:42 PM  
No wonder I'm single...I haven't been beating and raping anyone.
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