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(Denver Channel)   Kid who was forced to drink stream water by airport security gets national media attention. Govt. disagrees on whether he really had to drink it. Fark gets nice plug too   ( thedenverchannel.com) divider line
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2002-04-09 01:35:11 PM  
Nothing like a little national coverage to bog down the servers.
2002-04-09 01:50:22 PM  
aurport security=the people they passed in highschool just so thier stupid asses wouldnt show up anymore
2002-04-09 01:50:31 PM  
stupid kid
2002-04-09 01:51:02 PM  
Boy Who Drank Steam Water . . .
The Denver Channel could use a proofreader.
2002-04-09 01:53:38 PM  
"airport security screeners can simply inquire about the contents of drink containers. He said there is no requirement that travelers drink from unsealed containers as proof of safety."

Then maybe he should, oh, I dunno, tell the screeners that?
2002-04-09 01:53:50 PM  
I wonder if they actually read any of the FARK comments
2002-04-09 01:54:33 PM  
Kid looks like a genius.
[image from images.ibsys.com too old to be available]
2002-04-09 01:54:41 PM  
Dad's not interested in suing, he just wants an apology.
Which means:

1. He really does just want an apology.
2. He hasn't negotiated the right split with the attorney yet.
3. The attorney can't find someone with deep enough pockets to name in the suit yet.

You decide.
2002-04-09 01:54:57 PM  
LOL as opposed to all the inconsiderate Oltimers?
2002-04-09 01:55:52 PM  
Good_Beer I highly doubt they did.
2002-04-09 01:56:35 PM  
That water looks NASTY.
screw the extra credit.
2002-04-09 01:56:45 PM  
OVER 100!!! wow!!!
2002-04-09 01:56:55 PM  
The kid's probably lying to cover up his stupidity for drinking it and getting sick.
2002-04-09 01:57:23 PM  
George Gosko said that he's not interested in suing over the matter, but an apology would be nice.

OMG He's acting like a farking decent human being! Hmm.. maybe he's too young to have learned to american way (that is, to sue left and right)
2002-04-09 01:57:38 PM  
"The Fark discussion generated over 100 responses"

The sad part is, even Boobies links generate that many responses.
2002-04-09 01:57:42 PM  
Fark.com going mainstream ? I guess the end is near and we will collide with Andromeda sooner than we thought. Please pass me some tainted Steam water.
2002-04-09 01:58:51 PM  
I said it before, I'll say it again: the airport didn't do anything wrong here. The kid's the dumbass. The father should apologize to the airport for bringing this media shiatstorm down on them.
2002-04-09 01:59:56 PM  
"He said there is no requirement that travelers drink from unsealed containers as proof of safety."

Security workers are allowed to drink all they want, however. In other news, Guniess Beer will no longer be shipped via airplanes.
2002-04-09 02:00:33 PM  
Once again, the links on the right have caught my eye. Teen model, father talk about alleged porn suspect is one of them.

I have now learned a new term: hand bra.
2002-04-09 02:01:34 PM  
Playing a bit of devils advocate here..maybe the kid was too intimidated or scared to say anything but what the airline people told them to do
2002-04-09 02:02:08 PM  
Don't you mean mainSTEAM skinink?

ah hum...

help me
2002-04-09 02:02:22 PM  
Wow talk about never ever bringing a urine sample on board a flight.
2002-04-09 02:03:14 PM  
What happens if someone really is carrying something deadly to others, and has to drink that and dies? My feeling is that it's one less nutjob to deal with. But you can be sure the litigation nazis would have a field day.
2002-04-09 02:03:17 PM  
Poor bastard. Giardia sucks. On the other hand though, the first article said that the kid just drank it without arguing. P'raps if the guards had known it was stream water he wouldna have to drank from it. Still, he deserves an apology, and it's cool that his dad isn't suing anybody, at least not yet.
2002-04-09 02:04:05 PM  
Stupid goddamn kid. They didn't *FORCE* him to drink it. They probably thought it was tea, or something, and asked him to drink it. He *COULD* have objected, and told them that it was water from a stream. The worst thing that would happen is they wouldn't let him carry it on, and make him check it.

Dumb farking moronic kids....
2002-04-09 02:06:20 PM  
Oh great - give the terrorists another weapon of choice to hiijack airplanes with....Gatorade Bottles FULL OF SHAITTY STREAM WATER! Way to go Denver Cahnnel!
2002-04-09 02:10:17 PM  
Giardia does suck, speaking as one with firsthand experience. I got real familiar wiht my bathroom.

On another note, what if Farkers sent emails to people in articles we thought were stupid, or did something stupid, or were contemplating something stupid, or (though it never happens) we all thought did something good? We could start a new political party, the Farkitallian party. Of course, we'd never be able to nominate anyone. Except for the position of cannonfodder. I'm sure there are a few we can name for that. Anyway, say a Newsmax or Yellowtimes article is posted, how many people email the author? THe addy's always at the bottom. It could be a movement. That's right, the Farkistan Thanksgiving Day Massacree Movement. In three part harmony.
Anyway, just thinking.

<takes Vicodan
2002-04-09 02:11:10 PM  
The article failed to mention that of the 100 comments in the Fark thread;
25% were "I=irst posts"
25% were whining about the "I=irst posters"
25% were playing with the "boobies" filter
15% thought flowers were pretty
5% complained about people not staying on topic
3% posted unrelated pics
1% asked where you can find that picture of the kitten
1% flamed the 1% who asked the kitten pic
2002-04-09 02:11:15 PM  
Of course, it was Afghani steam water, so he went on a horny rampage and made it into the mile high club with a 40 year old female flight attendant.
2002-04-09 02:13:04 PM  
In that case, BJ (?), he's a hero.
2002-04-09 02:14:40 PM  
Halpas: Yep, that's every thread though. Except the ones from Newsmax, you have to crank the "Flowers were Pretty" one up pretty much to 30% then.
2002-04-09 02:16:30 PM  
"04-09-02 01:53:12 PM SLAYERSWINE
Here come all the new, inconsiderate NEWBIES !"

as opposed to SLAERSWINE, the inconsiderate veteran
2002-04-09 02:16:47 PM  
04-09-02 02:02:22 PM Thirdrail
WTF? Why the hell would you be carrying a urine sample on a plane anyway??? I saw this come up in the original thread too and thought it was asinine then.

Anyway this whole policy seems relly stupid. And it sounds like the govt official is back peddling, though maybe it was never an enforcable rule just something they told security screeners to do. Not that the rule makes much sense. If someone is determined to do something to the plane, pilot or passengers then they might not be too worried about their own safety and drink whatever their are carrying to get onto the plane in the first place.
2002-04-09 02:18:14 PM  
As an ex-airline employee.....They always ask you to take a sip of any "drink" to make sure it's not flammable. But, he could have told them and they would have checked it out. He was just young and intimidated.
2002-04-09 02:21:40 PM  
He's an idiot for drinking the water, WTF did he bring it back for, everyone has a piss pond in their backyard
2002-04-09 02:22:32 PM  
Fark was mentioned without explanation, as though it is common.
2002-04-09 02:22:35 PM  
SLAYERSWINE says what's on his mind...nothing wrong with that - unless you don't like what's on his mind though...
2002-04-09 02:24:49 PM  
04-09-02 02:18:14 PM MR. MOM
They serve alcohol on flights, which is flammable. And on international flights they let you stow your duty free stuff, including alcohol. What's the difference?
2002-04-09 02:24:54 PM  
Noticed that, too, Hytes. Kind of scary, huh? Fark as a reputable news source? Good thing we don't write any news here.
2002-04-09 02:26:06 PM  
Fuzzy- I think the difference is it's a lot harder to blow up a plane with a bottle of duty-free vodka than with a bottle of gasoline. Probably.
2002-04-09 02:28:52 PM  
SLAYERSWINE's mind scares me.
2002-04-09 02:30:17 PM  
So Fark is a news outlet now?
2002-04-09 02:32:13 PM  
Most kids are brought up to obey their elders, especially when they wear uniforms (cops, priests, etc).

Bad thing is, most of the adults are pretty stupid.

Luckly for me I grew out of listening to adults when I was a kid, I could recognize BS when they tried to feed it to me.
2002-04-09 02:32:23 PM  
Well, Cosmiverse clearly has a wire feed. I hear Newsmax and Yellowtimes are getting their set up, and hopefully the AP will come in, then Fark will be just like CNN, only with more boobies.
2002-04-09 02:32:23 PM  
That's our call to arms, Farkers! Only 100 comments on that story...submit away, next time Fark gets free press it will be 200 comments.
2002-04-09 02:33:16 PM  
04-09-02 02:26:06 PM Ctenidae
ok, that makes some sense.
2002-04-09 02:33:47 PM  
You forgot the people that complain that their submission was better and, graciously, provide the link.
2002-04-09 02:36:23 PM  
How many people who see fark.com are going to come here and get the shock of their life? We're not exactly mainstream and polite.

So the kid coems down with giardia. He's home where he can get treatment or just sit on the crapper while mom brings him food and drink. It's not like he's in the woods where he might die from it. Having said that, the kid could have told security what the liquid was. OTOH, any security guard who suspects a 9 YO kid of terrorism has his head up his/her ass and if the kid really was a terrorist, it's really is too late.
2002-04-09 02:36:55 PM  
Though, no doubt the vodka's a lot more fun.
2002-04-09 02:37:28 PM  
Hey Tuttle, that "hand bra" was a new term to me. Wonder if there is a "hand chastity belt"....
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