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5885 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Apr 2002 at 3:14 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-09 02:04:33 PM  
WOOHOO!!! I have my very own button on the way. I shall wear it proudly to all my nambla and peta meetings
2002-04-09 03:16:57 PM  
Shizzel my Nizzel!
2002-04-09 03:18:35 PM  
guesse what?....i dont give a crap
2002-04-09 03:18:50 PM  
Sounds good
2002-04-09 03:19:20 PM  
A free button! How can i say NO?!
2002-04-09 03:19:39 PM  
Yeah, thanks, now DO SOMETHING!!!!!
2002-04-09 03:22:03 PM  
Oh boy. Whoop-de-do.
2002-04-09 03:22:18 PM  
What do I have to send him to get an abNORML button?
2002-04-09 03:23:20 PM  
Here come the potheads. Losers. Go ahead and relate to us all how pot doesn't affect you, it makes you mellow, you can drive okay while high, and all your other fantasyland daydreams. And b!tch about how the war on drugs is a failure. (Okay, the last one is true, but I'm tired of the cliche tirades.) we're here to bask in in the shadow of your pruple haze induced myopia.
2002-04-09 03:23:21 PM  
yea, right....I'm STILL waiting for my god damn Guinness key chain bottle opener !! DAMNIT!!
2002-04-09 03:23:55 PM  
"Its NORML to smoke pot!" Gee, I wonder why they have a hard time being taken seriously. I almost feel like these guys are being run by their opponants. Its almost a parody of what a sane, rational discussion about reforming the drug laws would look like. Please, activist Farkers, if you must oppose the drug laws (which you must) try - the November Coalition. I know I said it before, but this NORML site really drives my point home.
2002-04-09 03:25:31 PM  
FARKED already, whats this server run on a 11.8K modem ????
2002-04-09 03:25:48 PM  
2002-04-09 03:27:58 PM  
i'm still waiting on my free personalized pen
2002-04-09 03:28:40 PM  
Geeze, the republican party ain't what it used to be.
2002-04-09 03:29:04 PM  
i wish the button = ounce. random rampage: youre dum
2002-04-09 03:29:49 PM  

PETA? You're one sick bastard.....

2002-04-09 03:32:38 PM  
Here come the predictions, ("losers".)
Here is where people complain about what future compaints they envision, list all the cliches (so they get it in first).
Right wing / left wing
Clinton / Bush
Yadda yadda.

Newbie Tip: You needent post to every link-- Your account won't be revoked.

Caydi-- Suck it through, wuss. Pin my ass. (ow)
2002-04-09 03:32:44 PM  
Getting stoned ofmarijuana is one of the most overrated experiences in the world
2002-04-09 03:32:58 PM  
[ Biff ]


You guys look really cool smoking pot there!!!

[ /Biff ]
2002-04-09 03:33:59 PM  
Why do you think they call it dope?
2002-04-09 03:34:43 PM  
wanna be hippies, I hate hippies.
2002-04-09 03:34:54 PM  
Bf+: um, what?
2002-04-09 03:35:20 PM  
Random Rampage: were you dropped on your head as a child? Repeatedly? Just curious.
2002-04-09 03:35:20 PM  
Hey Tex..Peta is bad but Nambla is OK? Geez...I was trying to offend on both fronts. Hmmmm...must try harder.
still waiting on my Guiness key chain as well...had forgotten.
2002-04-09 03:35:40 PM  
oops, sorry Caydi-- didn't mean to imply you cant finish a bong, meant slayerswine...

Her come the spel-checkrs...
2002-04-09 03:39:48 PM  
ah, okie. makes sense now.
2002-04-09 03:39:49 PM  
whiterussian: what is an experience that you think is not overrated?

-just to get a measurement on WHY you think weed is overrated... cuz i could agree and i could also disagree, depends on what youre comparing it to
2002-04-09 03:41:40 PM  
Hippies, hippies... they want to save the world but all they do is smoke pot and play frisbee! --------Cartman
2002-04-09 03:42:59 PM  
Why do so many people that don't smoke pot or don't like it think that everyone that does smoke it is stupid or a hippie?

Your wrong most of the time. Most of us don't wear it on our sleeve, so you'll never know.
2002-04-09 03:43:00 PM  
Nice website.
2002-04-09 03:43:16 PM  
Hey Bf,
how can you not exist?
2002-04-09 03:43:20 PM  
from reading the articles, I'm guessing now is probably a bad time to have any weed on your person if you're planning on walking around the city.
2002-04-09 03:49:31 PM  
Wonder if the pin will get to me in time for 4/20?
2002-04-09 03:49:39 PM  
DIRK: well said and amen
2002-04-09 03:57:00 PM  
These is jokes. I got mad jokes yo.

2002-04-09 03:58:09 PM  
Rtreynor: Why, 'cause the Mayor will keep bummin' off you?
2002-04-09 03:59:27 PM  
mmmmmmm, boobies!!!
2002-04-09 04:02:19 PM  
(singing)"Got one here on the dashboard of my cab..."
2002-04-09 04:05:51 PM  
Isol8ed: Nice Queers reference. Haven't heard that song in years.
2002-04-09 04:10:18 PM  
Beardawgie: thanks :D
2002-04-09 04:11:17 PM  
I hope the button is made out of hemp.

"what is an experience that you think is not overrated? "

One word Redrumred : SEX
2002-04-09 04:12:14 PM  
pot's overrated, sure, but it beats the hell out of alcohol or cigarettes. i may be a loser, but i can still rock out the 4.0 GPA in my senior year of college just like i've done every year since before i started back before high school. and unlike many of the responsible law abiding drinkers i know, i've never had my stomach pumped in the emergency room. or beat anyone up, robbed a liquor store, killed a few pedestrians, etc.
2002-04-09 04:16:52 PM  
I don't understand why anyone would compare pot to cigarettes. Cigarettes aren't exactly mind altering.
2002-04-09 04:19:52 PM  
"If you don't like my fire
then don't come around
cause I'm gonna burn one down"
2002-04-09 04:22:24 PM  
NORML is really trying to reach a new bread of munchers NORML and KRISPY KREME
2002-04-09 04:24:23 PM  

You. Are. Beautiful.

2002-04-09 04:25:24 PM  
Dope smokin' moron don't make me yawn
2002-04-09 04:25:38 PM  
BenAffleck - I would say cigs are mind altering. Addiction is not mind altering? Nicotene is clealy addicting and therefore mind altering. While smoking pot is not healthy, at least most pot smokers don't consumer 30-40 joints a day, like many cigarette smokers do consume cigarettes. Smoking pot through a water pipe filters out many of the harmful particulates as well. For crying out loud, legalize the weed already!
2002-04-09 04:26:18 PM  
drugs are not evil. being a stereotype is evil.
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