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(SFGate)   Richard M. Nixon running for office in Alabama   ( divider line
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3248 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Apr 2002 at 3:42 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-09 03:44:51 AM  
He's not a crook.
2002-04-09 03:45:28 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-09 03:49:13 AM  
Brooks, same from ATOT?
2002-04-09 03:50:29 AM, i don't think i'll vote for him on general principal. Not nice or right of me,
2002-04-09 03:51:52 AM  
I called them on April Fool's Day -- I didn't even think about it," he said.

2002-04-09 03:52:10 AM  
But WHY do they call him "Doughnut"?
Dammit, another sleepless night.
2002-04-09 03:52:55 AM  
I gots to get some Nyquil to regulate my sleeping patterns.
2002-04-09 03:53:28 AM  
Good call Fortheloveof, especially since you're not in Alabama.
2002-04-09 03:55:39 AM  

Dunno ATOT.
2002-04-09 03:59:28 AM  
What cruel parents.
Im nameing my chidren after stooges
2002-04-09 04:00:56 AM  
Oh my god, the dead walk again! Richard Nixon has come to back to seek is revenge upon the world that wronged him so...!
2002-04-09 04:04:59 AM  
What was the occassion when the other Nixon said, "I pity the fool."?
2002-04-09 04:10:51 AM  
Tricky Dick.
2002-04-09 04:10:57 AM  
alabama? oops, need sleep...sorry!
2002-04-09 04:20:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-09 04:30:44 AM  
2 days without a cosmo post?? did a moderator die or something?
2002-04-09 04:49:12 AM  
Wow. It would really suck to be that guy. You think he would go into a line of work that wouldn't require being in the public eye so much.
2002-04-09 05:07:24 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-09 05:22:50 AM  
sounds like a nice followup president after bush
2002-04-09 05:29:02 AM  
Please start posting lots of comments in all the threads. My little brother Dominic moved recently and I miss him terribly and seeing his name makes me oh-so-happy.
2002-04-09 06:58:12 AM  
The quote that got to me:

"I've been getting this all my life," said Nixon, 41.

Ahh, christ. I pity the man, as well as his parents, who were too retarded to realize that they gave the kid practically the same name as the retard who lost the 1960 election. (He's 41, so that means he was probably concieved within a year of the retard losing the election.)

His dad probably was a little TOO into the Republican party.
2002-04-09 07:19:18 AM  
2002-04-09 08:38:18 AM  
There's a district magistrate here in NC named John Kennedy. Maybe someday.... Nah.
2002-04-09 08:46:45 AM  
I wonder if he has a big nose. I live in Alabama and I've still never seen a picture of this guy.
2002-04-09 09:19:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

LOL @ BorkingChikapa!!!! :D
2002-04-09 10:35:57 AM  
The one thing we don't need more of is nixon, Bob Dole, maybe, but not nixon
2002-04-09 10:44:45 AM  
The leader of the Liberal Party here in Ontario, Canada was named Bob Nixon back in the 70's. He had a local candidate northwest of Toronto named Agnew. There may still be bumperstickers around that said "Nixon and Agnew for Integrity".
2002-04-09 10:46:08 AM  
Just for the record Nixon and Agnew lost.
2002-04-09 11:00:56 AM  
Bob Dole!
2002-04-09 06:43:56 PM  
Some say that Nixon was doing a legitimate criminal investigation into the Democratic Party which forced many to vote Democrat against their will in the 1960 election, which is the reason that Kennedy was the illegitimate winner of the election. And the same people say that political parties cannot openly be investigated for criminal acts because they would scream that the opposing party was playing politics.

LIES, these are Republican LIES.
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