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2002-04-09 06:14:20 AM  
Hasn't he got a shaved head and beard now?
2002-04-09 06:15:27 AM  
he can still pull it off. i have faith in him.
2002-04-09 06:19:53 AM  
Andrew Lloyd Webber needs to make a Muhammad: Prophet Extrodanaire (sp?) musical. And then do the whole old testament in song....
2002-04-09 06:25:48 AM  
More chance of that than of him getting convicted of anything.
2002-04-09 06:26:29 AM  
Jesus was blonde. Dark blonde, but blonde.
2002-04-09 06:41:48 AM  
Jesus was probably a black man. He probably had black hair, black skin, and black eyes. :)
2002-04-09 06:50:33 AM  
Jesus was a Palestinian.
2002-04-09 06:51:27 AM  
John Walker Lindh as the king in "The King and I"

dance baldie dance!

Jesus wasn't black and wasn't white. Probably looked chinese.
2002-04-09 06:54:19 AM  
Jesus was a palestinian by location. Jewish by birth.

What exactly did the "muslims" worship before Allah and Mohammed back then? A big funny looking rock?
2002-04-09 07:01:20 AM  
Jesus built my car.
2002-04-09 07:04:25 AM  
I will bow to the land
Bow to the sea
Bow to the love between you and me,
Then let us bow to the sea,
And bow to the land,
But never to a god made in the image of man.
2002-04-09 07:04:33 AM  
That's funny. Jesus fixed MY flat tire.
2002-04-09 07:05:04 AM  
is that a love affair goatman.

ministry rockerzzzzzz
2002-04-09 07:11:02 AM  
Jesus was an Eskimo who travelled to palestine by way of snow shoe, or mok-loks.
2002-04-09 07:29:19 AM  
jesus saves whales. they get stinky after a few weeks.
2002-04-09 07:52:25 AM  
Jesus saves....Markison catches the rebound, shoots SCORES!
2002-04-09 07:59:44 AM  
Jesus was a waster.
2002-04-09 08:06:52 AM  
Jesus - the thinking man's slacker.
2002-04-09 08:22:29 AM  
Whatever production he's in, ending with a crucifiction is perfectly appropriate (a real one of course).
2002-04-09 08:51:08 AM  
Whatever production he's in, ending with a crucifiction is perfectly appropriate (a real one of course).

You really don't want to do that, he might rise from the dead after 3 days (as his choice of Vampire Jesus or Zombie Jesus) and then you'd never get rid of him.
2002-04-09 09:07:34 AM  
Jesus was a liberal Jew murdered by conservative Republicans.
2002-04-09 10:28:57 AM  
"...agent, Anita Bath."

Wow. Wit.
2002-04-09 10:43:08 AM  
wouldn't he make a much better judas?

"listen jesus, i don't like what i see. all i ask is that you listen to me, and remember, i've been your right hand man all along. you have set them all on fire..."

sigh, i'll stop now. i could go for hours.
2002-04-09 12:41:14 PM  
Next on Celebrity Boxing !:

[image from i.cnn.net too old to be available]

[image from ship-of-fools.com too old to be available]

2002-04-09 03:28:42 PM  
Satire: Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity.

hmmm...John Walker looks like Jesus...where is the criticism and wit? Who is being attacked?
Please keep to the definition of satire.
2002-04-10 06:35:34 PM  
hello there! everybody!
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