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(   Georgia man and pet hamster arrested for DUI. Parents book a flight and rent a car to bail out the hamster.   ( divider line
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2002-04-08 10:05:27 AM  
What's the difference between a hamster and a gerbil?
2002-04-08 10:08:31 AM  
Hey, who changed my name to "Cohen Total*Fark"?
2002-04-08 11:22:27 AM  
Now that you mention it, there is actually someone called TotalFark. Anybody ever seen them post?
2002-04-08 12:47:29 PM  
stand and deliver so that my hampster may get a better look at you
2002-04-08 12:49:15 PM  
gerbils have a richer flavor than hamsters.
2002-04-08 12:50:14 PM  
Some people have too much money, I would have told him to flush the hamster.
2002-04-08 12:52:50 PM  
Should have left the son. Anybody who takes his gerbil to the top og the Marriot in Atlanta has issues. Did he carry his TP tube and duct tape?
2002-04-08 12:53:43 PM  
I wouldn't ride 2 blocks for a hampster.Farking idiots
need a life.
2002-04-08 12:53:59 PM  
its coming right for us!
2002-04-08 12:54:15 PM  
the parents should have let the son rot in jail for putting richard gere's favourite rodent in harms way.
2002-04-08 12:54:28 PM  
This guy knows the difference between a gerbil and a hamster.
2002-04-08 12:55:08 PM  
Go for the eyes Boo! RAAAAAA!

*squeak* *squeak*
2002-04-08 12:55:26 PM  
"I'm pretty sure there's more dark meet on a hampster"

- Bobcat Goldthwaite.
2002-04-08 12:55:55 PM  
That was a stupid article. Much to do about nothing.
2002-04-08 12:56:18 PM  
DOH!!! That's "meat"
2002-04-08 12:56:36 PM  
Guy was driving around drunk, with a hampster. Sounds like a dream Richard Gere has every night.

[image from too old to be available]

I did not have sexual relations with that Hamster, Sonic (?)!!!

2002-04-08 12:56:57 PM  
Fortunately, Izzy the Squirrel was able to elude officers and escape the scene of the crime.

[image from too old to be available]

2002-04-08 12:59:46 PM  
This guy

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-08 12:59:48 PM  
The parents should put the son in the hamster's cage and take the hamster home.
2002-04-08 12:59:50 PM  
Hama sandwich.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-08 01:00:58 PM  
2002-04-08 01:01:19 PM  
That's the feel-good article of the day!
2002-04-08 01:02:59 PM  
Baldur's gate and Fawlty Towers in the same thread! Thank you!
2002-04-08 01:03:37 PM  
Now I have seen some badly written articles linked to from fark but his is just painfully bad. Not only is the subject matter completely un-newsworthy, but gthis guy writes like a third grader, and not just any third grader either, one of those special ed kids with the one big eyebrow who wears the same pair of courderoy pants everyday and smells like a mixture of paint thinner and sour milk.
2002-04-08 01:06:00 PM  

It's Georgia, what do you expect?
2002-04-08 01:07:37 PM  
There really isnt much to talk about on good ole fark today is there?? Nothing that will exercise the mind anyway. What the hell am I saying? This is Fark exercise the mind ha. What's funnier than this? If the Hampster was drunk and was driving. Bla bla bla banter banter banter cant we get some article that will piss off the masses like last week? Isreal and Religion. Man O'man those were some good flame wars!
2002-04-08 01:09:07 PM  
It is pretty sad that this hampster or gerbil is getting all this attention while someone is getting mugged or shot somewhere. But I guess in today's society, rodents take priority.
2002-04-08 01:17:36 PM  
Wow. I'm impressed that I got 2 answers to my hamster/gerbil question. (both correct) Usually I get about 5 people trying to explain the difference to me. I guess I can stop posting that joke in every hamster/gerbil thread (which is about once every two weeks or so here on Fark).
2002-04-08 01:19:23 PM  
Rectal habitrail, Mr. Gere?
2002-04-08 01:19:44 PM  
Wow! Only *5* comments in before someone makes a tired old "eating the animal featured in the story" joke! That may be a new record.

Congratulations, Scarneck, you are Fark's unoriginal idiot of the day.
2002-04-08 01:25:21 PM  
Sounds like this hamster gets around...
2002-04-08 01:32:34 PM  
Anybody remember the hamster story about 2 homosexuals got together and one put a tube up his arse and a hamster went inside?
Then when he tried to get the hamster out, he couldn't get it out. So he lit a match and put it inside the tube, flame shot out and the hamster shot out of the tube seconds later all a bit stinged from the flame?
2002-04-08 01:54:02 PM  
Chad refers to Lamar as "his good luck charm."

Not too lucky this time around
2002-04-08 01:57:18 PM  
My wife had one of these rodents in her classroom. Came back from the weekend and it was dead in the floor. He'd gotten the cage open and jumped for his the table and splattered all over the floor.
2002-04-08 02:06:48 PM  
Scarneck - No, no, no.

Hamsters and gerbils taste pretty much the same (both need lots of garlic).

The real difference is that gerbils have a tail useful for ease of removal from the rectal cavitity. Or so Mr. Gere contends....
2002-04-08 02:13:42 PM  
Hellifiknow -- Love the Armageddon reference!! LMAO
2002-04-08 02:21:19 PM  
Makes me think of the made for tv movie "Master Ninja".
2002-04-08 02:34:24 PM  
"Sir, I should like to purchase a license for my hampster."
2002-04-08 02:35:12 PM  
"Yes, he will be driving."
2002-04-08 02:40:36 PM  
duffman wonders

if the hamster was drunk and he had a nicklebag of weed in his hamster house and was eating it and the cops found it.

will the georgie man get in trouble for dealing drugs?

oooooooooohh yeah........
2002-04-08 04:05:44 PM  
I've always wondered...

If a dealer deals... and a player plays... what does it mean when one "hamsts"?
2002-04-08 04:10:31 PM  
Leave the kid to rot. Sounds like the hamster/gerbil has more potential than the kid ever will.
2002-04-08 04:21:31 PM  
"They call em fingers, but I ain't ever seen em fing. Oh wait, there they go."
2002-04-08 04:39:31 PM  
yea thats my new favorite simpsons
2002-04-08 04:55:54 PM  
I thought the story would have been better if the parents left the son in jail.
2002-04-08 04:58:48 PM  
His favorite foods are nuts and seeds. He has one of those little exercise wheels to run in. But he tries to run on the outside instead of the inside, and keeps falling off.

Awww, ain't that cute, did the wittle hamster have any comments to make to the reporter?
2002-04-08 08:28:20 PM  
Well, actually, if you MUST know, a gerbil's scrotum tends to be white in fur color, and fluffy. Nix the last part if you want.

You didn't hear that.
2002-04-08 09:40:47 PM  
Reminds me of the old joke....."why did the man wrap his hamster in electrical tape? So it wouldn't explode when he Farked it"...........rim shot
2002-04-08 09:44:02 PM  
I'll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress.
2002-04-08 10:51:47 PM  
BionicCrab: Good, stay here, we'll be elsewhere. And no, you can't follow us.
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