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(Some Guy)   Burglar calmly watches Karate Kid II, checks out hot tub and tries on couple's clothing while they watch and wait for cops   ( kansas.com) divider line
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19903 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jun 2005 at 11:56 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2005-06-07 12:00:48 PM  
Fark down again?
2005-06-07 12:00:58 PM  
Karate Kid 2?

At least the guys got good taste.
2005-06-07 12:01:13 PM  
That's so hot
2005-06-07 12:01:55 PM  
A dozen or more people who had arrived for brunch watched his movements, Moler said. - Ooookay, these are some fierce activists!
2005-06-07 12:03:40 PM  
I love how they report that he tried on several outfits and then settled on the oh-so-stylish sweatpants.
2005-06-07 12:04:49 PM  
Sounds like my ex-boyfriend. What a dork!
2005-06-07 12:05:10 PM  
Stranger still... why would one own a Copy of Karate Kid II?
2005-06-07 12:05:45 PM  
At risk of kicking off the same old tedious flamewar, when faced with a nutjob with rifles is "A dozen or more people...watched his movements" an obvious course of action to have taken ?

a) Shoot him
b) Stay out of sight and call the police

seem more obvious.

/somehow feel I not done well to tenses in wrote that sentence
2005-06-07 12:08:15 PM  
Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

/got nothin'
2005-06-07 12:08:49 PM  
I like how the pastor has several rifles and at least one hand gun in his house. Sounds like a church I want to be a member of.

/not really
2005-06-07 12:10:27 PM  
[image from img2.imagebarrel.com too old to be available]
2005-06-07 12:10:43 PM  
Stranger still... why would one own a Copy of Karate Kid II?

Because it RULES!

/* owns the boxed set */
2005-06-07 12:10:44 PM  
I can't say with 100% certainty, but I may be tempted NOT to press charges because it seems so f-ing funny. Just the outfits part of it.
2005-06-07 12:11:34 PM  
At least nobody was attacked by a tree. Whew!
2005-06-07 12:12:05 PM  
Yea, the pastor thanks god no one was injured, but the guy who was high was unarmed and peacefull. The pastor went right for his gun with no questions asked. Id trust the druggy before this gun toating child molester any day.
2005-06-07 12:12:20 PM  
2005-06-07 12:05:10 PM Coach McGuirk

Stranger still... why would one own a Copy of Karate Kid II?

Especially when everyone knows that The Next Karate Kid is the superior flick in the series. Geez, how embarrassing!
2005-06-07 12:12:22 PM  
he thanked god that nobody was injured? wouldn't a nicer god just have prevented the whole thing anyway?
2005-06-07 12:12:37 PM  
What? No requisite comment from the cops on how stupid it is to confront armed burglars yourself? I thought every cop spokesperson was legally bound to say that.

Oh, it's a minister. Don't criticize a man of the cloth. Gotcha.

"I walked out and went straight to him. I said: 'Get on the ground. Now. Get on your face. Now.' "

Either this guy is hardcore, or this guy is hardcore, if ya knowwhutimean.
2005-06-07 12:14:14 PM  
"Live or Die?"
2005-06-07 12:15:37 PM  
Man all I know is if you shoot at me when I'm robbing your house...you'd better shoot to kill! 'Cause I'll be back for vengence!

/A Vengeful society is a polite society.
2005-06-07 12:16:39 PM  
gun toating
gun toting
2005-06-07 12:16:50 PM  
Holy smokes. We could get a regular farkwar donnybrook up in here.

The Nature of God
Gun Control
Police Action
Ralph Macchio Movies

Let me go get my lunch and we can start!
2005-06-07 12:17:15 PM  
Capt. Darrell Haynes, who oversees the property crimes bureau for the Wichita Police Department, said the man was booked on a slew of charges, including aggravated burglary, two counts of theft and possession of methamphetamine

Aww, YA THINK!?!
2005-06-07 12:17:26 PM  
Who tries on other peoples' clothes, especially when he doesn't know them?
2005-06-07 12:18:01 PM  

"An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when
one may have to back up his acts with his life." -- Heinlein
2005-06-07 12:18:21 PM  
now that's what i call buck whylin'!

that guy gets a pass!
2005-06-07 12:19:43 PM  
[image from media.movieweb.com too old to be available]

am I the only one wondering why a pastor would have this movie in his collection?
2005-06-07 12:20:57 PM  
I don't know what that means. My uncle is a pastor and he watches all kinds of movies and sports and loves popular music. They aren't exactly monks, you know.

He also has a convertable mustang and is a KICK ASS dancer :)
2005-06-07 12:21:09 PM  
We'll live forever... knowing together... that we.. did it all... for the glory... of loooooooove.

/like a knight in shinging armor... from a long time ago-o
2005-06-07 12:23:09 PM  
Never go in against an armed clergyman when death is on the line.
2005-06-07 12:23:42 PM  
Shoulda shot the perp. In fact, it oughta become standard operating procedure to shoot meth junkies and lab owners on sight, no trial, no judge, no jury. One less nutjob we have to worry about for us law-abiding citizens.

/i keed i keed
2005-06-07 12:23:53 PM  
So... is that the one where he goes to Japan? Or the one where he joins the Evil Dojo?
2005-06-07 12:25:53 PM  

..."and is a KICK ASS dancer"

Is he a "KICK ASS dancer" grinding on chicks to some house music...or are you talking about a "KICK ASS dancer"
line dancing?
2005-06-07 12:28:26 PM  
The pastor had KK2 to lure young children....OBVIOUS
2005-06-07 12:28:26 PM  
Well...let's say he cuts a mean rug at family weddings. :) He does the old swing dancing sort of stuff, but he'll also jump right in for the YMCA.

Sometimes, I'll ask him religious stuff at family occasions and he'll say "Hey jess, let's just have some fun today!"

I like him a lot. He used to be a cokehead, acid freak in Vietnam. His testimony is quite fascinating.
2005-06-07 12:30:34 PM  
Miyagi: Man who catch fly with chopstick accomplish anything.
Daniel: Ever catch one?
Miyagi: Not yet.
2005-06-07 12:30:46 PM  
c'mon... at what point does the deranged meth head say to himself, "gee, i could watch Karate Kid I, or... I could watch II? Hmm... what to do?"
2005-06-07 12:31:19 PM  
Ask the talking snake on his shoulder?
2005-06-07 12:32:05 PM  

Well, sign the man up on Fark for crissakes. We need more former cokehead, acid droppin, Nam vets around here that can shake a leg...and tell you to shush when it's time to party!
2005-06-07 12:32:48 PM  
I blame this on the smooth sounds of Peter Cetera.
2005-06-07 12:34:37 PM  
am I the only one wondering why a pastor would have this movie in his collection?

Or a safe full of guns, for that matter
2005-06-07 12:34:42 PM  
"Live or die, man?!?"
"Wrong!!! Honk!"

All hail The Macchio.
2005-06-07 12:35:02 PM  
Ah, meth. It does a body good.
2005-06-07 12:36:21 PM  
I would have blown his head off, and later told the cops he was threatening me.
One less meth junkie in the world.
2005-06-07 12:37:08 PM  
The Sato subplot is riveting and multi-layered. I can see how he got sucked in to it.

Did Daniel-san ever go to college with the money he won breaking ice in the dojo?
2005-06-07 12:37:30 PM  
Seems odd. You would think he would've been invited for brunch. After a full day of movies and hot tubbing, he was probably hungry.
2005-06-07 12:40:26 PM  
Sensei Kreese is not amused.
2005-06-07 12:41:41 PM  
I loooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeee meth junkies.....
2005-06-07 12:42:21 PM  
If someone is "moving in and out of the house, stealing rifles"..who the hell WOULDN'T go for the pistol in the safe?

But hey, trust the druggie...he seems like fun!
2005-06-07 12:44:19 PM  
"Your the best around! Nothing's gonna ever keep ya down!"
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