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13621 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Apr 2002 at 5:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-07 05:37:26 AM  
Can someone help me out?
What does the M's stand for?
I always wanted to know.
2002-04-07 05:37:46 AM  
They aren't very good.
2002-04-07 05:39:00 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I prefer Kisses :)

2002-04-07 05:39:48 AM  
better than cigeretts
2002-04-07 05:40:31 AM  
Why do I think this is going to suck?
2002-04-07 05:40:52 AM  
they must be a local thing somewhere.....I'm in Oregon and no caramel m&m's for me :(
2002-04-07 05:46:38 AM  
The 'Poochy' of M&M's
2002-04-07 05:47:38 AM  
Does anyone have these? No sightings in the Midwest...
2002-04-07 05:47:46 AM  
Will nothing stop the Dulce de lechization of America? Nothing?
2002-04-07 05:48:34 AM  
They're crap
2002-04-07 05:51:05 AM  

It stands for Mars & Mars. The names of the confectioners.
2002-04-07 05:53:41 AM  
Hytes Would you eat these?

I wonder if they come in the same colors? Hmmm

BTW your e-mail is Farked! Meet in the forum or Fark chat.
2002-04-07 06:08:00 AM  
i live in bend oregon :)
2002-04-07 06:31:42 AM  
They're even worse than the crispy M&M's.
2002-04-07 06:34:02 AM  
You lucky bastard.

Do me a favor, go over to Deschutes and tell them to start shipping to Southern California.
2002-04-07 06:35:46 AM it comes.......ready? CLEAR M&M's!
2002-04-07 06:41:17 AM  
Casper, it stands for (Bruce) Murrie and (Forrest) Mars, the two who started back it back in the 40's. Mars wanted to maike the candies, and Murrie had strong connections with Hershey, so they teamed up.
2002-04-07 06:41:52 AM  
I saw these in a Wal-Mart for Easter. They are actually pretty good, I thought.
2002-04-07 07:00:24 AM  
Did anyone else ever have the mint M&M's? They didn't make it past regional trials, I don't think. Mmmmmmm.

Cinnamon M&M's would be yummy, like Mexican chocolate.
2002-04-07 07:21:24 AM  
Check out the cool graphics under the NASCAR tab. Too much fun.
2002-04-07 08:16:04 AM  
What The Hell????????

These aren't new.

We've had them here in San Antonio for going on a Year now and they taste Like Armadillo Poo
2002-04-07 08:19:19 AM  
ImDracula - How do you know what armadillo poo tastes like in the first place?
2002-04-07 08:20:12 AM  
What, You've never eaten at TacoBell?
2002-04-07 08:21:23 AM  
what - doesn't anyone eat armadillo poo any more?
2002-04-07 08:25:49 AM  
mmmm......armadillo poo.....
2002-04-07 08:44:35 AM  
I'm still waiting for barbecue flavor. My petitions go unheard.
2002-04-07 08:51:42 AM  
mmm... barbecue Armadillo poo...
2002-04-07 08:54:55 AM  
The name translates from Spanish to mean "Candy of Milk" What the fark does that have to do with Carmel? Why the fark can't they just call em carmel.
2002-04-07 08:58:06 AM  
Almond M & M's are daBomb...

Howcome I can only find them at K Mart and various salvage stores... doesn't anyone else like these?
2002-04-07 09:01:05 AM  
Publikwerks: Carmel? The one in California or Indiana?
2002-04-07 09:09:13 AM  
Haven't seen them down here in Arkansas--the home of Walmart--and they get everything.

I predict these will suck as bad as almond and crunchy M&M's.

2002-04-07 09:14:30 AM  

I live in S.A. and dont eat armadillo poo (I can run to albertsons and get it all at 25% of tho)..
2002-04-07 09:18:37 AM  
No sightings in Ohio.......can't be very good though.
2002-04-07 10:00:33 AM  
ROFLOL Pj6100! GREAT Idea, *Clear* M&Ms! (or would that be M&Ms Clear?)

These carmel ones sound good, gotta keep an eye open for them!
Publikwerks, "Candy of milk"....I know milk is used in making chocolate, (Ok, milk chocolate at least) Maybe in making carmel too?
I must find these *mint* M&Ms!

Ps: M&Ms make perfect ammo in school! Great richoet action off desks! (works best when the teacher and/or gestapo leave the room)
2002-04-07 10:03:23 AM  
Like vanilla Coke, this is undoubtedly an April Fool's joke
2002-04-07 10:29:26 AM  
Hytes Xian: Yes - I've had mint M&Ms. They rolled those out one Christmas, but I haven't seen them since.
2002-04-07 10:45:42 AM  
this is part of some sort of pressure tactic to get me to subscribe to totalfark, i know it is. well it ain't workin', ya hear me Drew? NOT WORKING
2002-04-07 10:51:24 AM  
Dolce de latte: A.K.A.: Sweetened condensed milk; which makes an excellent caramel when heated.
2002-04-07 10:55:07 AM  
I'm trying to subscribe to totalfark but this waiting for a paypal number is ridiculously [image from too old to be available]
2002-04-07 10:58:09 AM  
I've had these caramel M&M's, they taste like shiat. It's not real caramel. Doesn't even have the consistency of real caramel, it is the same consistency as peanut butter M&M's!

Tastes like shiat. Of course, i found them at a gas station on the outskirts of a florida town, so mine likely weren't fresh ;)

2002-04-07 11:17:16 AM  
Yeah, those things have been around (in South Florida at least) for about a year now. They are okay. I'd compare them more closely to rabbit poo, not that of an armidillo.
2002-04-07 11:18:48 AM  
Has anyone seen these outside the Southwest and Florida? They were introduced in 2001, so they've been around a while. I heard about them when I was in L.A. for a conference, but didn't see them in the shops there. I haven't seen them on my trips to Houston, Austin, S.A., and East Texas, but I wasn't looking for them, either. Their store locator doesn't have the dulce de leche flavor as an option for searching.
2002-04-07 11:23:01 AM  
Sorry, I just can't stomach anything that even remotely sounds like the word "douche".

"Disposable douches... what the fark else are you supposed to do with them? Here's my douche collection!" - Mclean&Mclean
2002-04-07 11:35:53 AM  
BTW, with regard to dulce de leche Blue Bell has had pints of dulce de leche ice cream for some time now. I haven't seen it in gallons. I don't see it mentioned anywhere on their web site, even under the season flavors, so maybe it was just a one-time thing. It's scrumpsidiliicious. I never saw dulce de leche around much except at Fiesta. Now, I note that even Smuckers is in on it, although once again, it's nowhere to be found on their site.
2002-04-07 11:44:02 AM  
They were alright; tried them at M&M World in Vegas back in September...

...yep, that's me, always the early technology adopter!
2002-04-07 11:46:27 AM  
THESE are kewl....we have had them down here for quite a while now....but then again i am in the RGV..right next to mexico....
2002-04-07 11:50:33 AM  
we've had them in south florida for about a year
2002-04-07 11:50:48 AM  
I saw these once a few weeks ago and didn't buy them cause I was on a diet, then I haven't seen them since. In fact, I was actually starting to wonder if Caramel M&Ms was just one of those really realistic wet dreams I have like the the one about the chocolate covered Trent Reznor.
2002-04-07 12:09:40 PM  
From what i have heard, there in las vegas right now. ive tried them, my freind brought some back when she came home
2002-04-07 12:17:13 PM  
Caramel M&M taste like crap when frozen, adn they taste like crap when hot. They suck dick!

The M in M&M is for MIERDA!
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