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(HoosierTimes)   Two lanscapers in Bloomington think they found a thermos. In fact it's a leftover tear gas canister from the NCAA riots. Hillarity ensues.   ( divider line
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2002-04-06 08:19:19 PM  
That sounds like something off of Jackass.
2002-04-06 08:19:24 PM  
huh huh, dumbasses
2002-04-06 08:19:30 PM  
2002-04-06 08:20:11 PM  
Lanscapers huh? They hook up computers? LOL...
2002-04-06 08:20:19 PM  
"Today's event, which will include musicians, cloggers, food and games, will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m."

2002-04-06 08:20:19 PM  
They were just here tidying up.
2002-04-06 08:20:32 PM  
Yet another person uses "hilarity ensues," enlivened by a saucy misspelling. Hilarity, however, does not ensue.
2002-04-06 08:22:28 PM  
They also discovered an obsolete and inoperable water cooled machine gun, but they wisely left it alone.
2002-04-06 08:22:43 PM  
Fark out of ideas: Hilarity ensues when Fb- is the father. France surrenders. Suck still sucks.
2002-04-06 08:24:33 PM  
Heh, good one pinzeugen
2002-04-06 08:27:14 PM  
Apparently left over from this:
[image from too old to be available]
...more riot pics here. Go Hoosiers!
2002-04-06 08:27:58 PM  
It wasn't that hilarious... unless someone caught it on video tape and we can all watch it and make fun of them. It would be hilarious then.
2002-04-06 08:30:43 PM  
In those "riot" pictures, it looks more to me like a bunch of people just milling around.
2002-04-06 08:31:10 PM  
I think "you can tell where this is going..." should replace "Hilarity ensues" for a while. Then, maybe just switch back and forth.
2002-04-06 08:36:27 PM  
DuSaugen: That's exactly what I thought, too. From what I've heard, the tear gas and pepper spray pellets were brought out after a few of the cops were hit by beer bottles thrown from the roof of one of the buildings. Most believe the cops over-reacted.
2002-04-06 08:41:29 PM  
Rescue workers arrived in less than a minute and advised the two they had done all they could for the discomfort, Crouch said. Within 35 minutes, they were back to work, raking the yard.

If they returned to work, they must not be union workers - if so, they'd have been given a week's paid vacation for being idiots.
2002-04-06 08:50:49 PM  
that would go nicely with my obsolete and inoperable water cooled machine guns
2002-04-06 08:50:58 PM  
i love the name of the chemical:


2002-04-06 09:04:57 PM  
It's not like they even opened the canister on purpose. They just tossed it away with the rest of the garbage.

I wouldn't have recognized a tear gas canister, either.

img.fark.netView Full Size
? Not so much.
2002-04-06 09:13:48 PM  
Sorry about the bad spelling in the headline. I get SOO few links posted that I don't waste my time checking for spelling errors.

Always check the serial number on any suspicious looking canisters. The police love it when you show up at the police station with any type of canister....
2002-04-06 09:19:40 PM  
I bet there was mass snot slingage.
2002-04-06 09:20:16 PM  
LANscaping, eh?

Sounds like a couple of network engineers.
2002-04-06 09:37:14 PM  
The guys that throw the tear gas are called "grenadiers"? GAH! No wonder cops sometimes get carried away - they forget they're not in the military.
2002-04-06 09:47:46 PM  
BigTuna: I call them NBC guys. I was one of those guys.
I had the pleasure of delivering CS to Tankers as a preparation "test."
2002-04-06 10:09:50 PM  
Where can I get a tear gas canister? My little brother stole my CD player and I want to get him back...
2002-04-06 10:31:20 PM  
It's all fun & games until someone gets hurt, then hilarity ensues.
2002-04-06 10:44:17 PM  
I wonder if English was the landscapers first, or second language.
2002-04-06 10:46:07 PM  
those of us that have experienced CS can attest it is pretty hilarious..either once it's over, or happens to someone else!

Imagine snorting a big ol' wad of wasabe !!!
2002-04-06 11:09:15 PM  
Misuse of a "Dumbass" tag AND spelling mistakes AND a cliched "Hilarity Ensues" line. Great headline.
2002-04-06 11:20:23 PM  
hey lanscapers, what's a buttfor?

for pooping, silly.
2002-04-07 12:53:13 AM  
(waiting for a lawsuit to be files against the cops)
2002-04-07 05:02:43 AM  
exactly 9/10, lawsuit starts in ......5....4....3...2.....
2002-04-07 08:18:15 AM  
Tastes like burning.....
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