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(Minneapolis Star Tribune)   Kids salivating over pink margarine, blue macaroni and purple ketchup   ( divider line
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2360 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2002 at 7:01 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-05 07:03:00 PM  
Soilent(sp) green.........
2002-04-05 07:03:55 PM  
How about brown colored corn?? that way it's not so disturbing when you take a look back.
2002-04-05 07:04:39 PM  
my 5yo is gonna go nuts when he finds out he can get purple ketchup
2002-04-05 07:05:25 PM  
Should be a big hit here, considering we're not even allowed yellow margarine...
2002-04-05 07:08:41 PM  
I work in the grocery business and our stores carry the Pink Margarine. Not a big seller. In fact it's been discontinued in some stores.
2002-04-05 07:11:45 PM  
Rhiannon: Peace. Why are you not allowed yellow margarine there?

Does anyone remember Clear Gravy?
2002-04-05 07:19:56 PM  
I got some blue hairy bread hiding on the top of my fridge, I wonder if I might be able to sell it to some of those annoying neighborhood kids.
2002-04-05 07:24:33 PM  
kidz will be st00pid . . .

anyone remember this?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-05 07:25:57 PM  
Ah yes, the lengths that youth will go too to for some form of independence. Kids are strange, and I don't even remember how strange I was.
2002-04-05 07:35:02 PM  
Revolting. I'm sorry, but it just is. I'm already skittish about manufactured foods to begin with, superficial additives like coloring are all the more disturbing a reminder that What I'm stuffing my face with is completely unnatural.

Still won't make me buy organic, though.
2002-04-05 07:36:41 PM  
Wow. This is, like, the 10 billionth "weird colored food" story in the past 6 months. Wee. Can we get an "OLD" tag?
2002-04-05 07:38:13 PM  
Man colored food. What will they think of next?

I know artificially scented food.

Potato Chips that smell like a new computer (for the elite).
Lettuce that smells like hamburgers (for vegetarians who miss meat)
Tomatoes that smell like manure (for throwing at comics)

Any other ideas for smelly foods?
2002-04-05 07:38:51 PM  
What was with crystal pepsi anyway? they should have made all their sodas clear and stuck with it...clear pop would be the shiat and you all know it.
2002-04-05 07:44:26 PM  
purple ketchup? ewwww

I saw the green ketchup last summer at the supermarket--farking nasty looking.
2002-04-05 07:59:14 PM  
Recovery1: Man colored food could lead to whole new levels of racism. Bad idea.
2002-04-05 08:11:46 PM  
Forget Crystal Pepsi, anyone remember this?

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]

Mmmmmm... SNL...
2002-04-05 08:12:33 PM  
Hytes Xian: I live in Gatineau (formerly Hull) Quebec about 2 miles from the Ontario border. To preserve the Quebec dairy industry, they made it illegal for any manufacturer to sell yellow margarine lest people mistake it for butter. Remember, there's quite a few French people here.
2002-04-05 08:12:37 PM  
By the way, all these colored foods are disgusting. Who the hell wants pink margarine?
2002-04-05 08:22:20 PM  
Never ever ever. I don't care how much my kids will one day groan and beg--we will never have this stuff in my house, EVER!
2002-04-05 08:38:14 PM  
I have both the blue and pink margarine. Kind of strange. You expect it to taste different but is just the same.

I put blue on cut corn one time and the ends of the corn absorbed the blue. It looked strange and my wife wouldn't eat it. Too bad, more for me.

Too d*mn expensive for regular use.
2002-04-05 08:43:37 PM  
"I want my salt white and my pepper black"

Can't we all just get along?
2002-04-05 08:55:15 PM  
I can't believe anyone's impressed by this.
Food coloring has been available for decades.
"Ooo! I just made orange mashed potatoes!"

Make food that's paisley or glow-in-the-dark. Then I'll buy it!
2002-04-05 08:56:57 PM  
I hope it makes the little punks all grow an extra arm by the time they turn 30... anyone who eats this shiat is crazy.
2002-04-05 09:14:47 PM  
I have awesome boobies links if anyone wants them...
2002-04-05 10:00:40 PM  
hook us up, Prime
2002-04-05 10:18:43 PM  

I forgot the comma after man. Apologies to anyone offended by my typo. It should read "Man, colored food."
2002-04-05 10:21:38 PM  
Who cares, most of that shiat has color in it to make it look normal. Yellow #5, red #3, ect, why not purple #9 instead?
2002-04-05 11:04:10 PM  
chocolate French fries

Sweet Holy God! Did someone just say "Fark obesity! My ass is gonna get as big as I damn well please!" upon conceptualizing this?
2002-04-05 11:40:50 PM  
People, I hate to tell you this, but... margarine doesn't start out that color.

They make it that color because it looks like butter. You want it to look like butter - rather than congealed fat.

And y'know that orange cheddar cheese? Colored.

Red pistachio nuts? I ain't kiddin.

Dyed fruits and vegetables? Yup.

And Coke and Pepsi? The clear version is closer to real than what's on the shelves now. Forget about "orange" orange drink and "green" lemon-lime drink etc.
2002-04-05 11:52:37 PM  
Whatever happened to the "Eat it or starve?" means of motivation? Good gawd.
2002-04-06 12:23:59 AM  
Great. More gimmicks.
2002-04-06 12:43:09 AM  
"Kellogg and Disney just introduced Mickey's Magix, a cereal that turns milk pastel blue."

If you want to change your milk colors, just buy Count Chocula. Duh.
2002-04-06 04:21:17 AM  
Boxcar-I doubt it'll be as extreme as extra limbs,but people who eat these items are probably increasing their risk of getting "The AIDS" or "The Cancer".
2002-04-06 04:24:14 AM  
Why don't they just say, "Cancer-flavoured" as well.
2002-04-06 11:12:41 AM  
How many of the people whining about unnatural food colors use sugar that's been chemically bleached white, eh?
2002-04-06 04:22:32 PM  
...pointing to Matthew's refusal to eat plain oatmeal. Serve him Quaker Instant Oatmeal with Dinosaur Eggs, which has colorful creatures that appear when boiling water is added, and he'll polish off a bowl.
It freaking tastes the same! The only difference is the colored oatmeal costs five times as much as the regular stuff. If the kid won't eat the regular stuff but will eat the colored stuff I say let the damn brat starve. This is one of the reasons I hate/will never have children.
2002-04-06 04:30:05 PM  
...Kids 6 to 12 spent $35.5 billion of their own money in 2000.

Should read: Kids spent $35.5 billion of their parents money in 2000.

Damn, I'm picking this crap article apart. I have been over-exposed to children the last two days and I'm hot, hot, hot!
2002-04-06 06:42:47 PM  
Gawdamnit. I'm not just worried about the colour of the food, I'm worried about what colour it'll come out.
2002-04-08 12:56:35 PM  
All this fuss reminds me of that old Harry Chapin lyric...
Flowers are red young man
Green leaves are green
There's no need to see flowers any other way
Than they way they always have been seen
2002-04-08 12:56:44 PM  
All this fuss reminds me of that old Harry Chapin lyric...
Flowers are red young man
Green leaves are green
There's no need to see flowers any other way
Than the way they always have been seen
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