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2002-04-05 11:42:26 AM  
2002-04-05 11:42:34 AM  
NO?! Heaven forfend!
2002-04-05 11:43:30 AM  
this shall not be forgiven! unless they only make me pay $.50 per gallon, then i'd let it slide
2002-04-05 11:43:31 AM  
You don't say
2002-04-05 11:43:55 AM  
2002-04-05 11:43:55 AM  
Seriously, I'm sure they had their altruistic reasons. You know, like to pay for the heart surgery of one of their custodial staff's young daughters. Or to line the CEOs' pockets. Something like that.
2002-04-05 11:44:07 AM  

Ya don't say........
2002-04-05 11:44:08 AM  
Wow, it took a study to find out that your local gas station is ripping you off?
2002-04-05 11:44:11 AM  
I have to giggle when I see a SUV owner gassing up

2002-04-05 11:44:40 AM  
Well, I'm glad that they cleared the good name of OPEC.
2002-04-05 11:45:57 AM  
I'm shocked. This may take some time to get over. Hold me.
2002-04-05 11:45:58 AM  
on the surface, this report sounds like a pile of crap - I can't believe that a couple of piss ant refiners have that much of an impact

there must be more to this story - or at least an opposing view
2002-04-05 11:46:12 AM  
Congress shoots down bill that would require car manufacturers to increase gas mileage in cars.\

*conspiracy, or just more corporate greed and Congresspersons on the take?

**ignite flame
2002-04-05 11:47:07 AM  
Right, like everything that goes wrong is the result of evil corporations trying to take money from the innocent consumer. Anyone think that taxes on gas should be lowered? I mean, that's where the real markup is from.
2002-04-05 11:47:25 AM  
Oil & Gas prices are mostly farked up by the refiners, the Wall Street refiners!!!!!!
2002-04-05 11:47:35 AM  
If it's good for General Bullmoose, it's good for the USA.
2002-04-05 11:47:38 AM  
Thats ok by me. Someones going to discover a way to turn this into that and we'll have clean fuel. Than watch the gas corps cry.
2002-04-05 11:48:12 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

I'm glad my ZR-1 actually gets pretty good mileage - 25mpg combined. Surprises a lot of people who drive sedans that get 19-22mpg combined who biatch me out for driving such an "environmentally irresponsible" vehicle. But, when my other 'Vette is restored and I start driving that daily, I'll really p|ss off environmentalists because that one will get about 14-17mpg combined. Anything to p|ss off a treehugger! 0`:-)
2002-04-05 11:48:18 AM  
I just payed $1.82 yesterday, pisses me off.
2002-04-05 11:48:21 AM  
How long before the Bush administration has this study declared illegal, or arrests the people who did it, in order to protect the big oil money who owns them?
2002-04-05 11:48:43 AM  
Notice the last line of the press release:

This report would not have been possible without the generous financial support of Consumer Watchdog, the Agua Fund of the Tides Foundation, and Public Interest Projects.

Notoriously, left wing socialist groups. Whether the study is accurate or not we will probably never know. However, the source, and its funding partner, automatically makes the report biased and invalid
2002-04-05 11:49:21 AM  
..Er, why did I say gas stations?

Oh well.

Anyway, SUVs will be classified as cars instead of trucks in Canada by 2004 which means they'll have to conform to higher standards in fuel efficiency and emmisions.

2002-04-05 11:49:56 AM  
What a surprise that the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, an uber-left bunch of "consumer activists" finds that eeeeevil bidnessmen are behind a conspiracy to raise gasoline prices. This is the same bunch that think the California energy crisis is completely the fault of energy generators and who can't seem to find the time to criticize the inept handling of situation by the Democratic Ggovernor and legislature. Reading their web site is like reading the Daily Worker.
2002-04-05 11:50:19 AM  
Um, hold on here - the 'Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights' is a left-leaning group. They're one of the groups blaming the electric companies for last year's California electricity shortfall - not the State Assembly, which is where the blame really lies. Take this with a grain of salt folks.

As for the Midwest gas prices, the EPA has forced the oil companies to come up with some fifty unique blends of gasoline to meet air-quality standards. This costs money, and since one blend can't be used elsewhere, it costs a lot of money to make a little bit of gas.
2002-04-05 11:50:27 AM  
Go to Burger King, you get free gas with every meal.
2002-04-05 11:51:49 AM  
Bad_CRC: Why would they bother? They'll just conceal any and all information that could possibly show culpability in manipulating the fuel market.
2002-04-05 11:52:18 AM  
Ironbar, I get my free gas at Taco Bell and Chi-Chi's.
2002-04-05 11:53:24 AM  
Lbg376 - thanks - you have answered many questions - and your point is well taken...
2002-04-05 11:53:46 AM  
Question, does this

"The direct exports out of the Midwest were increased over the same period during the previous year (1999), when there was no shortage in the area. "

mean that when they compared the exports from Q1 1999 and Q1 2000, the Q1 2000 where higher than Q1 1999 or that there was a similar increase in both cases, when compared to other quarters?

I'd normally not have to ask such a stupid question but my brain hurts today and it's already fried from looking at java beans.
2002-04-05 11:54:45 AM  
this is an outrage.
2002-04-05 11:54:59 AM  
"Um, hold on here - the 'Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights' is a left-leaning group. They're one of the groups blaming the electric companies for last year's California electricity shortfall - not the State Assembly, which is where the blame really lies. Take this with a grain of salt folks"

Did'nt a few Enron employees admit to controlling not only the amount of electricity in Cali but also artificially inflating the price as well, that led to the "crisis" last year?
And as for teh State Assembly, they have ALWAYS been on the take from the Electric Co., no different that big oil having King George II on the take as well, politically that is. How about that pipeline we are fighting for...
2002-04-05 11:55:07 AM  
BlackVampyr, are you a Java developer too?
2002-04-05 11:56:20 AM  
To the SUV bashers, my Ford Expidition gets 24mpg with the A/C on, fully packed with camping gear, a wife, and four kids.

Thats about the same mileage as a full size sedan. When are you bedwetters going to start checking to see if the leftist propaganda you are fed is accurate.
2002-04-05 11:56:26 AM  
Buncha economically illiterate socialist morons.
2002-04-05 11:57:28 AM  

No actual oil shortage.
Faked shortage resulted in price gouging by oil companies
Price gouging by oil companies created opening for Bush administration to kill off wildlife preserves in the name of higher profits for oil companies.

Consumers screwed.
Wildlife screwed.
Oil companies profit.
Bush and Cheny's owners profit.
2002-04-05 11:57:55 AM  
What we need here is a good ol' fashioned lynching.
2002-04-05 11:58:32 AM  
Walk, and take public transportation. It's the best revenge.

I never smoked because I figured somehow a nickel of the cost of that pack of cigs ends up in some Jesse Helms-type's pocket. Now, I don't drive because a nickel somehow ends up in a Dick Cheney-type's pocket for every gallon of gas you buy.
2002-04-05 11:59:48 AM  
"Tim Hamilton is an internationally known petroleum industry consultant who has operated gasoline stations..."

Now those are credentials.
2002-04-05 12:00:56 PM  
My best reason for not smoking is that a ton of dough from the cost of it would go to some government bureaucrat, who'd promptly give it in a grant to some leftist organization to come up with a study showing how gas prices are the result of 'manipulation'.
2002-04-05 12:01:19 PM  
Four kids????

Cripes. When you get a divorce the ex-ol lady is gonna ream you big timen LBG
2002-04-05 12:01:21 PM  
What? You mean American corporations will take advantage of deregulation to gouge consumers by lying, cheating, and stealing? I'm shocked. Next thing you will be telling me that their generous contributions to congressional and presidential campaigns cause politicians to look the other way. I mean I know when cable and telephones were deregulated my bills plummeted. Same thing with gas & electric...

Wait... I think I dreamed that part.
2002-04-05 12:02:44 PM  
"the 'Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights' is a left-leaning group. "

How could any group that doesn't support illegal raping of consumers by bloated tax-sheltered politically connected corporations not be "left-leaning" in your mind?

The right all about screwing anyone and everyone at every opportunity (yet they still get morons to follow them cause of their religious ties) Any group that doesn't support that wouldn't possibly be accepted as unpartisan.
2002-04-05 12:03:46 PM  
Time Hamilton, petroleum expert

[image from microsoft.com too old to be available]
2002-04-05 12:03:55 PM  
9/10 - I think 'developer' might be pushing it. I do some customization and integration work for the army (only a Gov't. Contractor, not a soldier). The software we are working with is a major pain in the ass, as we only have access to parts of it, not everything.
2002-04-05 12:04:57 PM  
BTEzra420, I'm not saying that the power companies didn't do some gouging, but the economic fact remains - they were buying power at a higher price than the Assembly allowed them to sell it for. When you spend more money than you take in, you wind up in bankruptcy. The deregulation act put a cap on the rates to consumers while not capping the wholesale prices. The deregulation act also pushed the power companies(Southern California Edision, Pacific Gas & Electric) to sell their generation plants, so when outside companies like Enron bought them, they probably did drive up the rates - which was legal and which was what the market would bear, but it's not necessarily a smart thing. Still, it falls at the feet of the Assembly because they wrote the deregulation laws. The outside companies did what they were allowed to do under the law - again, not right, but still legal. I have a tough time blaming outfits like Enron for doing things like that when the Assembly said, "OK, drive rates up, it's totally legal."

California also has another problem that that group doesn't address: it's next to impossible to build new power plants in California due to ridiculous environmental regulations. That, however, is a different topic.
2002-04-05 12:06:00 PM  
How many of you commmenting LIVE in the midwest... there was a serious problem - things nearly got paralyzing when gas was approaching $2.99 a gallon with no reason at all, the state of ohio began an investigation and the gas prices began to deflate...

OBVIOUS this story has some fact to it, cuz I lived through it all and say the correlations.
2002-04-05 12:06:05 PM  
30 mpg and riding in phat style, you better recognize.
[image from thesamba.com too old to be available]
2002-04-05 12:07:09 PM  
say = saw

my typo.
2002-04-05 12:08:28 PM  
The right all about screwing anyone and everyone at every opportunity (yet they still get morons to follow them cause of their religious ties)

The true morons are people who think that everyone on the right is religious. I don't need somebody named God to tell me that an idea is stupid, bad for the country, and antithetical to freedom.
2002-04-05 12:11:33 PM  
The primary reason gas prices have gone up so much in the past 10 years is a lack of a central policy. Every city has different regulations regarding what formula's of gas can be sold. Consequently, there are thousands of different formulas that a refinery must produce in order to service a certain region. For every new formula a company must invest in R&D, QA Testing, mountains of Government paperwork, re-tasking and re-tooling, etc...

You want lower gas prices institute one national standard, make the most green friendly gas in world if you want, but have one standard.
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