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(BBC)   ET go home. Spielberg's PC re-working flops in cinemas worldwide   ( news.bbc.co.uk) divider line
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2002-04-05 01:23:10 PM  
2002-04-05 01:23:43 PM  
yaaaaaay! shoulda flopped like this in 1982.
at least that loser from Britain will have plenty of room in the theater with her monthly pass.
(ref: a couple of days ago)
2002-04-05 01:23:47 PM  
2002-04-05 01:24:17 PM  
serves 'em right! if you really wanna make money, STOP RE-RELEASING MOVIES! they're thinking, oh we'll just put this one back in the theater and watch the money come rolling in! too bad, losers! hahahaha!
2002-04-05 01:25:11 PM  
Nothing like beating a dead horse or alien (I'm not talking about foriegners)
2002-04-05 01:25:11 PM  
Amusing? More like sad and prediddlyictable.
2002-04-05 01:26:56 PM  
LIEberals can go eat a bag of hell.
2002-04-05 01:27:22 PM  
This, in no way, concerns me.
2002-04-05 01:28:13 PM  
I haven't seen the rereleased version yet. I can't even remember when I saw the original, but it has been quite a while since then. The Star Wars trilogy rereleased was worth it, but not this.
2002-04-05 01:28:50 PM  
For it's time, E.T. was a great movie for kids. But kids nowadays expect more than a cuddly alien to get them through a movie....more like an evil alien, lots of blood and guns.

As for Spielboring, i saw "Haw haw".
2002-04-05 01:29:43 PM  
How can E.T. even hope to hold up in the world of modern aliens? Furby can kick is ass up the block, and pikachu can his finger glow a hell of a lot better.
2002-04-05 01:29:51 PM  
"Ha ha..."

/ Nelson
2002-04-05 01:30:37 PM  
w00t! the movie sucked in 1982 and it sucks even more now

if Steven Spielberg's name wasn't on this piece of shiat no one would make such a fuss about it
2002-04-05 01:30:39 PM  
They should have reimagined it instead of re-releasing it. It worked for Psycho, didn't it?
2002-04-05 01:30:45 PM  
Great news! I'm sick of old out-of-ideas directors like Lucas and Spielberg cashing in on their past glory.
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-04-05 01:33:38 PM  
One of the movie's most memorable shots, of Elliot's flying bicycle silhouetted by the moon, was also reshot with a child replacing a figurine used in the original version.
[image from manhattanloft.com too old to be available]
Bad casting for the remake.
2002-04-05 01:34:43 PM  
I'll take Mars Attacks over ET anyday.
2002-04-05 01:35:24 PM  
You got a point Goober... Why pay to see a movie when you can buy the video for the same price as a movie ticket, AND you get to keep it?
2002-04-05 01:35:58 PM  
no kidding it flopped'I asked like 20 people at my school if they would see it. not a one would. In related news, I saw Resident Evil 7 times. Seven.
2002-04-05 01:36:17 PM  
Ever see "Killer Klowns from Outer Space"? Now that was a classic.
2002-04-05 01:37:25 PM  
Speaking as a parent, we watched the original on Saturday with six kids who were all too young to see it when it first came out. They all loved it, and four of the kids were 4 y.o. or younger. The original movie does have an appeal.

Now, seeing the re-release in the theatre, at going rates, would cost our little group about forty bucks, not counting popcorn.

No brainer to me :-) Can't wait for this one to come out on video.

(and, yes, my 4 y.o. did ask if the cops were going to shoot ET. He's seen to many "jag" episodes, I think).
2002-04-05 01:37:32 PM  
Hell, I'd rather watch that Ed Wood movie than ET again. Plan 9 or something like that.
2002-04-05 01:39:24 PM  
Proving once again that...GUNS SELL MOVIE TICKETS!

--This has been another edition of "Common Sense"
2002-04-05 01:39:44 PM  
you can't rerelease a classic 20 years later. if it's a classic, everyone has seen it and shown their kids. You're (hopefully) not going to see The Land Before Time back in theatres. I saw it when i was around 3, and remember the entire thing. Same with E.T., and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
2002-04-05 01:40:08 PM  
I forgot to add that I am impatiently awaiting the re-release of "Airplane." With the new special effects and soundtrack and digital enhancements to Otto and the rest.

"Oh, stewardess, I speak jive."
2002-04-05 01:40:08 PM  
Memo to Senor Spielbergo:
Quit PC-ifying old crappy movies and start working on the Indiana Jones DVD. NOW.
2002-04-05 01:41:08 PM  
No guns for the cops? What the hell? Wasn't the original PC enough? What with Elliot being a gay PETA member and all. Not to mention ET has NO gender, but apparently has quite the alcohol problem. Come to think about it, so did Drew Barrymore...I guess ET had a mental link with her throughout her teen years.

I will say this however, reeses pieces are vey good.

Thank you ET, you lovable candy pushing, death faking, drunk .
2002-04-05 01:45:41 PM  

What a bunch of farking film nazis!

I saw ET when I was 9 and friggin loved it. I know I am a pvssy and I cried at the end. SO WHAT! I saw it like 10 times. It is a great kids film, one of the best!
2002-04-05 01:46:25 PM  
Removing guns from ET?
That's stupid PC crap..
What's next? George Lucas having Greedo shoot first in the cantina scene?
2002-04-05 01:51:15 PM  
Everyone........saying.........resident Evil was good..........cant they comprehend......THAT THE MOVIE SUCKED ASS!?!?!
2002-04-05 01:51:25 PM  
I'm really wondering about the bathroom scene. "E.T., can you help me locate my battleship?"

Mars Attacks rocks.
2002-04-05 01:51:40 PM  
And so E.T. joins "Evolution" and "A.I." in Steven's recent filmography... methinks his sun is setting.
2002-04-05 01:54:24 PM  
I wish they would remake the E.T. ride at Universal. Talk about corn-ball. They should put in an "American Pie" Ride instead. I'd go on that.
2002-04-05 01:55:37 PM  
The movie wouldn't be so bad if they didn't remove the *evil* guns! haha
2002-04-05 01:57:49 PM  
All I want to know is if Drew still says "penis breathe."

(maybe she could've done a cameo as a stripper, with Elliot as a customer)
2002-04-05 01:58:11 PM  
Thats the problem, Spielburg thinks ET is SciFi with a big fan base... its not. ET is sappy childrens melodrama.
2002-04-05 01:59:50 PM  
Another triumph for the NRA.

Thank you Charleton Heston, you are a man among men.
2002-04-05 02:00:14 PM  
I woulda sworn it was Elliot who said 'It wasn't like that, penis breath!', not Drew...
2002-04-05 02:01:15 PM  
I used to work at the E.T. ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. But our police animatronics had GUNS, not walkie talkies. I hate it when people politically correct movies these days... kids aren't going to learn about or fear/respect guns if they never see them.
2002-04-05 02:01:49 PM  
American Pie ride? Would that be Shannon Elizabeth or Alyson Hannigan? Either way I'd pay admission for that.
2002-04-05 02:02:16 PM  
Maybe you're right, Shiromori. It has been twenty years.
2002-04-05 02:03:54 PM  
Did someone say "Mars Attacks" vs. E.T.?
[image from spyderz.com too old to be available]
I prefer my space aliens as evil killers.
2002-04-05 02:06:35 PM  
E.T. rules. How can you say that this movie sucked? This is one of the greatest films ever made and I still watch it when ever I get a chance. This is one of those movies that you embrace from your childhood. My favorite scene is when they do the whole "Catholic Highschool Girls in Trouble" bit...thats classic.
2002-04-05 02:07:49 PM  
Just found this online:

Mike offers other suggestions: perhaps it was an iguana, a deformed child, or maybe an elf or a leprechaun. Elliott gets angry and shouts "It was nothing like that, penis breath." Mary, his mother, stifles a laugh and tells him to sit down. Elliott responds with "Dad would believe me."

All these years I thought it was the girl.
2002-04-05 02:09:14 PM  
I'll be a desenter too. I agree with HighHat

It was a great kids movie. I have fond memories of seein' it as a kid. (I don't like the fact that Speilberg tampered with it, but it's his movie and he's entitled to do so).

I think it's bombing cos it hasn't been out of the public consciousness long enough. Sure it's 20 years old, but it was in the theaters for a year in 1982. It was released on video TWICE. It was already rereleased theatrically in 1985. It's appeared on television every year since 85 well through the 90s.

It may've generated some interest if he'd waited until the 25th or 30th anniversary (at least).
2002-04-05 02:10:54 PM  
For reworking those scenes to be PC , someone should go shoot Speilberg with a loaded walkie talkie.
2002-04-05 02:11:29 PM  
E.T phone...OW!
2002-04-05 02:13:35 PM  
Vanilla Ice was big in the 80's -- that doesn't mean a remastered "Ice Ice Baby" could be re-released and make gobs of money today. To bring in the dough in modern times, a movie needs to be a real classic.
2002-04-05 02:14:06 PM  
Re-releasing movies used to be an event to introduce classics back to the public. Now that DVD and home theaters exist (and going out to movies cost 7-10 dollars a ticket), there is no reason to re-release anything. I think this disaster proves it.
2002-04-05 02:17:05 PM  
To bring in the dough in modern times, a movie needs to be a real classic.

Yeah, a real classic like that "Dirty Dancing" show...

(yes, I realize my kids will be having this same discussion in whatever passes for the internet in twenty years when they re-realease "Mission Impossible" and "Titanic" and the ever-classic "Face/Off")
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