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(Yahoo)   Shiny, happy acquittal for REM guitarist.   ( divider line
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3999 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2002 at 8:07 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-04-05 08:14:29 AM  
I think Peter Buck is a decent guitarist and probably a nice guy, but letting him off for getting trashed and acting like an animal is pathetic.

If it were some poor schmoe, they would have been detained with no lawyer, no charge, no phone calls and held under shadowy "terrorism" charges.

If I ever get a chance see R.E.M. live again, I'm going to heckle Buck the entire time.
2002-04-05 08:14:46 AM  
"I have never ever seen him drunk. I have absolutely never seen him taking drugs."

Right. So what the hell was he doing on the plane again?

"Buck's defence claimed the musician had blacked out after taking a sleeping pill with alcohol."

But your honor, I'm innocent because I was drunk and drugged.

"I am very sorry for the incident and, of course, very embarrassed about the whole thing".

Then you should go to jail for it, asswipe. I'd like to be a rock star so I can get away with risking people's lives whenever I please.
2002-04-05 08:16:02 AM  
That's me in the corner,
That's me in the dock,
Losing m-y temper...
Trying to play C Ds
On a drinks trlley, oh
Failing and calling stew
Ards names - that's me in the airplane,
That's me with the air
Losing m-y temper...
2002-04-05 08:18:13 AM  
What the hell? Acquittal?
OJ part II maybe?
2002-04-05 08:19:00 AM  
the tage should have been "asinine"...
2002-04-05 08:26:39 AM  
He must be guilty. Bono always takes the wrong side of any issue. ;)
2002-04-05 08:27:10 AM  
if he had been on my plane, he would have been beaten senseless with a fire extinguisher

and then I would have been acquitted by this retarded jury
2002-04-05 08:31:02 AM  
what a farking icehole he is...if it were anyone NOT famous, they'd be hung by the balls...
2002-04-05 08:31:23 AM  
Flibber: "What the hell? Acquittal?"

It came down to-

a: If the flight attendants suck, you must acquit Buck.


b: the one that's shown.

"Shiny, happy charges dropped" just didn't give me a glowing, warming glow-feeling.
2002-04-05 08:32:16 AM  
So is "I was so drunk I don't recall" now a valid defense?
2002-04-05 08:39:56 AM  
"U2 singer Bono said Buck was a "peaceable" man."

Wow... Peter Buck is so cool, people have to make up new words to describe him.
2002-04-05 08:42:57 AM  
"the perfect definition of a Southern Gentleman"

Drunk and violent?
2002-04-05 08:43:04 AM  
Remember - next time you're in court, try: "I was off my tits, your honour. Please refer to Crown vs Buck 2002" and you'll get off.
2002-04-05 08:43:10 AM  
Was it his birthday too ?
2002-04-05 08:43:21 AM  
Ignorance is a viable defense in England......yeah!
2002-04-05 08:46:52 AM  
If ignorance was a viable defence in the US, your prisons would be empty.

2002-04-05 08:58:24 AM  
Freshen yer drink gov'ner?
2002-04-05 09:05:02 AM  
Are you really making fun of us because we throw stupid people in Jail as opposed to letting them roam the countryside breeding, like where ever it is your from?
2002-04-05 09:12:55 AM  
Fark! Out-grammared by a limey! Rrrragghhh! (spins around violently, turns to dust)
2002-04-05 09:13:06 AM  
Maybe his attorney used the Chewbacca defense.
2002-04-05 09:23:49 AM  
2002-04-05 09:33:50 AM  
How can he just break crockery and throw yoghurt and get away with it like that?
2002-04-05 09:35:17 AM  
Won't someone pleeease think of the crockery?!?
2002-04-05 09:41:39 AM  
proving once again that rich people are better than the rest of us.
2002-04-05 09:42:50 AM  
crockery. typical of the english - using some girly, turn fo the century word to describe something as mundane as a "plate". bunch of crumpet eating, cricket playing, school boy buggering, funny talking buttholes
2002-04-05 09:46:52 AM  
ZW: It's a crap joke. It doesn't have to make sense.

Q: Did you heat about the magic tractor?
A: It turned into a field!

HAW! HA... yada yada yada
2002-04-05 09:50:51 AM  
I prefer Slappy's joke better.
2002-04-05 09:52:48 AM  
Bwahahahahaha! What a jackass.
2002-04-05 09:54:15 AM  
Should have gotten the OBVIOUS tag.
2002-04-05 10:04:06 AM  
That guy should have been shot just for making crappy music. Damn wannabe intellectual college bands.
2002-04-05 10:08:49 AM  
THIS... Is a Wookie.

(cue head explosion)
2002-04-05 10:23:28 AM  
These guys are assholes. My wife was at UGA while they were stil in Athens. They used to practice next to a music store she frequented. One day they blocked her car in with their car. She came out and knocked on the door of their practice room and she could hear them laughing at her from inside. She got angry because they were making her late for a class so she went outside and keyed the fark out of their car. Luckily, a friend drove by and was able to take her to class. They never blocked her in again. :-)
2002-04-05 10:23:35 AM  
What a crock! (no offense toward the broken crockery)

So, party over in Britian? Anyone? I mean, we can get totally messed up, bust up the place, and blame it on the "sleeping pills" handed out before the riot.

Mr. Buck ought to be ashamed of himself. But that jury ought to be flogged. . . publicly.
2002-04-05 10:24:05 AM  
Slappy -

I take exception to you calling us 'funny talking', what. You ingnorant nincompoop.

And I'm surprised you guys have even heard of a "plate". Don't all burgers come in neat little folding cartons or wraps.

2002-04-05 10:33:41 AM  
What a load of crap, if that was Drew or Fb- on trial they would have had a travel ban for sure.
2002-04-05 10:35:30 AM  
No Shiat, Lenny.

If this was any Joe Six Pack from Butte Montana, he'd be doing time.
2002-04-05 10:38:01 AM  
peter buck is a "decent" guitarist? hahaha! when they cut their first album he only knew 3 chords! to this day he must only know about 7 or 8.
of course, it's easy to see how record companies get away with releasing so much crap on the market when people actually think that someone like buck is "decent".

don't get me wrong, i like REM just fine. but not because of buck's guitar.
2002-04-05 10:41:18 AM  
If I ever get a chance see R.E.M. live again, I'm going to heckle Buck the entire time.

And you'll find yourself being whisked away bodily by two large security guys and dumped on your ass in the street.
2002-04-05 10:48:24 AM  
No need to pop a nut.

I said "decent", not "superb", or "farking awesome".

I consider "decent" to know a few chords, no solos and be able to play in tune.

Who died and appointed you almighty guitarist judge?
2002-04-05 10:49:33 AM  
04-05-02 10:41:18 AM MrSarcasm

And you'll find yourself being whisked away bodily by two large security guys and dumped on your ass in the street.

Whatever, dude, whatever.
2002-04-05 10:50:48 AM  
SlappyKincaid: Er... what language are you using? Is it AMERICAN? No, didn't think so. Is it SCOTTISH? No, not that either. Or IRISH, or AUSTRALIAN or anything else - no, it's ENGLISH, and we speak it properly. I think you'll find it's your lot who speak funny, actually.
2002-04-05 10:54:38 AM  
Americans don't know how to spell, and think grammar is something that happens to other people.

They think that saying "Uh... hullo..?" is witty, for god's sake.
2002-04-05 10:57:06 AM  
Two nations... Archer.
2002-04-05 10:58:09 AM  
... so thankfully geographically distant, Goatman.
2002-04-05 11:08:27 AM  
*lovin' the headline lurk*
2002-04-05 11:29:47 AM  
"After his arrest at Heathrow last year, Buck released a statement saying: "I am very sorry for the incident and, of course, very embarrassed about the whole thing"."

What? For taking some sleeping pills and passing out? That IS what happened, isn't it, Peter?
2002-04-05 11:42:54 AM  
U2 frontman Bono said "I have never ever seen him drunk."

Well Bono, I have. Go to a Minus 5 gig. They get ripped on stage. I saw him go through 2 bottles of wine and drank several times straight out of a bottle of Jaeger. After the show he hung out at the bar drinking even more. He was so drunk he even spent time talking to ME.
2002-04-05 11:44:45 AM  
04-05-02 08:14:29 AM Ironbar

"If I ever get a chance see R.E.M. live again, I'm going to heckle Buck the entire time."

Why don't you try heckling the American judicial system, that is what's at fault here. But that would be to much work, to actually place the blame on the responsible party, right? He he got a break, big deal. Is it his fault that someone with no fame or money will get the book thrown at them for the same offense?

If you are gonna point fingers, at least point at the correct people...
2002-04-05 11:48:44 AM  
Soupgoblin: "Why don't you try heckling the American judicial system, that is what's at fault here."

The trial was in the UK.

Read the article next time.
2002-04-05 11:49:43 AM  
Agreed Soupgoblin. Except we should be pointing our fingers at the British judicial system. That's where the trial was.
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