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2002-04-04 05:25:51 AM  
Still won't talk eh? Right, throw him up the stairs.

What?! It's doon the stairs, ye gallus pritstick. Ye're just tryin' to confuse me!

2002-04-04 06:44:33 AM  
*Whew* now I can sleep easily tonight.
2002-04-04 06:46:20 AM  
Bring in the gimp!!!
2002-04-04 06:48:14 AM  
Bring on the red hot pokers!
2002-04-04 06:48:44 AM  
"Er have you seen Osama?"


"Oh you remember, he was really famous had his face on flash games and everything"

"Nope doen't ring a bell"
2002-04-04 06:59:44 AM  
Nahh, he wont be tourtured. Their just gonna make him share a cell with someone named "the Ass Blaster"
2002-04-04 07:11:43 AM  
"Bend over"
"Hi Ben! Nice to meet you!"

(btw, break him on the wheel..it's my personal fav)
2002-04-04 07:21:37 AM  
That's it, fire Rumsfield!

Bring in someone who will torture him.
2002-04-04 07:27:48 AM  
Damn...too bad. But then Oprah may change her mind and go over to meet him anyway.
2002-04-04 07:45:56 AM  
Yeah let's torture him, because we're fighting a war on terroristic and evil governments. Also let's kill more civilians in Afganistan than were killed on 9/11.
"Making the world safe for Corporate Oligarchy" to quote The Onion.
What this all reminds me of is the Franco-Prussian War. Otto Von Bismark draping himself in the flag, provoking a tremendously popular war with France, getting thousands killed for a little land and political security. In today's case, it's oil and political security.
2002-04-04 08:04:50 AM  
If hooking this guy's balls up to a car battery is going to help stop these sheepfarkers from taking even a single American life in another attack, then all I have to say is "The red is positive and the black is negative."

Oh, I mean, "That's sooo terrible. Taking someone to a country without due process to torture them is the worst thing ever." *Heat bleeds*

2002-04-04 08:06:19 AM  

Yeah, you're exactly right! It's all about oil and political security - not about those 3000 people and those planes and buildings and stuff!

Sheesh! I wish more people were as enlightened as you......


Back on topic - I also don't agree with "torture" in the sense of whips, chains, red hot pokers, etc. (at least outside of personal affairs *winkwink*) However, there are a number of ways to get info out of an uncooperative prisoner that some would define as "torture" that I feel we'd be more than justified using. I.E. - sodium pentathol(sp?), sleep deprivation and numerous other psychological tricks.
2002-04-04 08:09:31 AM  
The Star Tribune: Al-Qaida, all the time!

*ducks and runs*
2002-04-04 08:17:48 AM  
No, please, hideous, unbearable torture. Then maybe he'll know what it feels like.
2002-04-04 08:36:14 AM  
America will not torture prisoners, or captured enemy. I think this is a good thing. We are not a barbaric country and this shouldn't be done.

Of course their are countries who would do lots of evil shiat and they are our allies. Its good to have friends that do stuff that you wouldn't do. In return we could replace the water pump or change the oil in their tanks or something. Cause that we don't mind doing.
2002-04-04 08:49:20 AM  
Tie him to a chair facing away from Mecca, and put a television playing nothing but MTV in his cell. For starters.
2002-04-04 08:57:10 AM  
Deltau... No pigs?
2002-04-04 08:59:04 AM  
[image from tough.net too old to be available]

The Pit of Despair. Don't even think-- *cough* *gasp* Don't even think about trying to escape.
2002-04-04 09:00:21 AM  
This little piggy went to market...
this little piggy stayed home....
and this little piggy gave Zubaydah the bone.
2002-04-04 09:31:18 AM  
Nice, Antronic.

Do whatever you have to to get info from this guy. Then kill him. Unceremoniously, but be sure to spray his sorry ass with a bunch of pork fat first, and not let him wash off before he dies.

(Oddly enough, that might work pretty well in the future...)
2002-04-04 09:43:55 AM  
Interogator: Alright Mr. Zubaydah. You're going to tell us where Osama Bin Laden is.

Zubaydah: Never you American pig-dog! I would rather die a slow and horrible death before I tell you anything.

Interogator: That can be arranged. John, put on some Barry Manilow.

Zubaydah: He's in a small cave south of Kandahar!!! (breaks down in a fit of tears)
2002-04-04 09:48:50 AM  
Rumsfeld kicks ass.
2002-04-04 09:55:40 AM  
The scary thing is that Rumsfeld has to ensure us that he will not use torture. Great.
2002-04-04 09:57:49 AM  
Torturing this man is wrong... unless we can wear earplugs to reduce the screaming sounds.
2002-04-04 10:20:57 AM  
I would bet they have ways of making the bastard talk. Those CIA guys have drugs we've never even heard of. Also, a lard-based sex lube for Bubba may be in order.
2002-04-04 10:25:35 AM  
"Gimme 10 cc's of Sodium Pentathanol - stat!"
2002-04-04 10:25:52 AM  
This is all well and good

But when do we get to torture public servants who have betrayed the peoples trust and abused their power?
2002-04-04 10:28:14 AM  
"But when do we get to torture public servants who have betrayed the peoples trust and abused their power?"

When they murder 3,000 Americans.
2002-04-04 10:59:28 AM  
Seriously, don't need to, and not as reliable as chemical interrogation info. After a professional psychotropic drug session, the subject isn't even aware that he was questioned.
2002-04-04 11:51:10 AM  
Ah, the wonders of hypocracy. I've seen some of the same people who come in here and talk about wanting torture done to X-person, and on other threads claim to be humanitarians and patriots. Torture is not a family value, then again neither is abortion clinic threats but nobody cares about those
2002-04-04 12:15:54 PM  
Who says torture isn't a family value? How else do you get children to behave?

"Johnny, if you don't get your ass into bed right now I'll pull our goddam teeth out and shove them down your throat! Goodnight Johnny."
2002-04-04 12:24:49 PM  
LOL Harmonia!
2002-04-04 12:30:53 PM  
I'd only kill him a little.
2002-04-04 12:54:17 PM  
If there was ever a case for torture, this might well be it. Terrorist acts may be IMMINENT, and torture could well prevent the deaths of hundreds, perhaps thousands of lives.

Personally, I think he should be dropped off in Israel for whatever length of time it might take to extract all the information he has in his brain. Being "interrogated" by Israelis would probably drive him bonkers, too!!! =)
2002-04-04 12:59:26 PM  
The only thing i see when US captures taliban or al-qaida is they get FAT!

They must be torturing them with Emril LaGasse.
Pork Fat Rules !! BAM!!
2002-04-04 01:21:53 PM  
Spray him with Chanel No. 5 and lock him in a room with Clinton for 30 minutes (either will do, but Hillary might kill him with frostbite before the interrogators get any useful info...)
2002-04-04 01:51:03 PM  
I mean, really now, just what is this "torture" thing all about anyway. i mean, one man's pain is another's pleasure, so they say...

(quotefingers employed)
2002-04-04 04:23:03 PM  
Ve have veys if meking you talk.
2002-04-04 05:31:38 PM  
Use some crazy existentialist torture on him, like Sartre's No Exit. Or just feed him nothing but pork. And prop his eyelids open and make him look at rotten_com. Yeah, turn him into a clockwork orange.
2002-04-04 06:27:30 PM  
They're just gonna make him listen to Asscroft's singing.
2002-04-04 07:42:53 PM  
It puts the lotion on it's skin or it gets the hose again.
2002-04-05 04:06:48 AM  
Hmmm, did anyone else notice the "debt-icated" popup ads? :-(
2002-04-05 10:25:40 AM  
Talk about bloodthirsty savages.

Crap on a cracker Raoul what the fark is wrong with these people? When your own mother slices you up, no wonder these people grow up angry and want to kill the rest of the world.
2002-04-05 10:27:51 AM  
[image from us.news2.yimg.com too old to be available]

For the rest of you...
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