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(Denver Post)   Cheating spouses busted when photo radar tickets are mailed home   ( divider line
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2002-04-02 11:16:47 AM  
that's why your female passenger should always keep her head out of view. like on your lap.

2002-04-02 11:18:45 AM  
Let that be a lesson to ya..If you speed, don't cheat - or vice versa or something
2002-04-02 11:19:13 AM  
"He paid the fine and destroyed the evidence."

farking state sponsored blackmail.

There's so many things wrong with this I don't know where to begin....

2002-04-02 11:19:25 AM  
i got busted smoking in my dad's car when i borrowed it once because i got caught speeding on photo radar and there with the ticket was a pic of me puffing away.........just thought i'd share.
2002-04-02 11:20:55 AM  
Hey, here's an idea: eliminate photo radar entirely!
Problem solved.

--he who drives quick
2002-04-02 11:21:17 AM  
if Denver increases their smog output by just 3%, pictures will become obsolete
2002-04-02 11:21:46 AM  
"The purpose is to increase traffic safety, not to catch people cheating on their wives," he said.

What, wives don't cheat?
2002-04-02 11:24:08 AM  
2002-04-02 11:24:59 AM  
Is it truly invasion of privacy when you are breaking the law (speeding) on public property that the police have the duty and responsibility to protect? Yes, I read 1984 too. But the issue here seems that people who break the law by speeding through schol zones are upset that there might be consequences to cheating on their spouse. I'm not saying that this system is perfect, because there are scary places to go with this. But, for the people who get caught, it's their own stupid fault. They chose to cheat, and they chose to speed through a school zone. It's all about the consequences.
2002-04-02 11:26:03 AM  
"...just deserts." ?

or just desserts?

is there some "new spelling" being taught in schools? shouldn't spelling be a prerequisite for a job writing?

2002-04-02 11:26:32 AM  
"If someone was nailed for having an affair after getting a speeding ticket, some people would call that just deserts."

Nailed? Affair? Ha Ha

P.S. It's "just desserts" not deserts you morons.
2002-04-02 11:28:28 AM  
An an amusing side note, I once had a car quickly pass me, and I was going the speed limit, which out of town was 65, and someone just zipped by me. Ten miles down the road, I passed the guy because he had been pulled over by the cops.

My rule for the road, always let someone go faster than you. That way they attract the cops' attention and you can still speed, just not as much as them. (Unless you are in a school zone. I have seen lines of cars pulled over. I'm mainly talking about the freeway.)
2002-04-02 11:29:12 AM  
Beat me to it spidr
2002-04-02 11:29:48 AM  
What a way to get caught. I'd say she was a hitchhiker ;)
2002-04-02 11:30:28 AM  
Well everyone beat me to the spelling error. Some life I've got.
2002-04-02 11:30:30 AM  
Um...if you go around in public cheating, then anyone could see you (and even take your picture).

Nothing that happens in a public place is subject to "privacy". If it was then there would be no public web cams.
2002-04-02 11:30:58 AM  
Just [image from too old to be available]

or Just
2002-04-02 11:31:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-04-02 11:32:07 AM  
'Leaners' are the assholes who pull halfway out into the intersection as the light is changing, making the dudes with the green light have to wait for this putz to turn.

Fry em, I say
2002-04-02 11:33:49 AM  
What if someone else took the pic in a public place and sent it to the house?
2002-04-02 11:35:14 AM  
WTF !!!! Meet your mistress at the hotel room, not before then. Jeebus, if you can't have an affair properly, your cheating arse deserves to be busted. Sorry must go run around the Quickie Mart naked now as I pelt people with ashtrays.
2002-04-02 11:36:10 AM  
I'd say "what kind of spouse would conclude you were having an affair simply from a photo of another man/woman in the car with you", but if you said you were working until 10, and the time of the photo radar ticket was 9 pm... you're busted. The moral of the story? Don't commit adultery.

Puckhead: if I would get Ben & Jerry's vanilla for speeding, well hit the gas baby :-)
2002-04-02 11:36:20 AM  
"If someone was nailed for having an affair after getting a speeding ticket, some people would call that just deserts."

If that's karmic justice, I think it's time we calibrated the universe.
2002-04-02 11:38:37 AM  
dumbfarks who cheat and speed deserve what they get. If you're going to drive around with your mistress/gigilo(sp?) then drive the limit or don't get caught.
2002-04-02 11:42:02 AM  
i just wouldn't want this radar photo thingie catching me with my finger in my nose.

/me is the ONLY person who picks his nose while driving
2002-04-02 11:42:10 AM  
Some congressman is actually afraid of adulterers getting caught? If you're sitting in your car on a public road, anyone can see you! It's not like that picture is taken from a camera hidden in a tree through your bedroom drapes. Perhaps we shouldn't do things in our car we don't want others to see - wait, sorry. There goes my common sense again. Damn thing won't shut up sometimes.

2002-04-02 11:45:26 AM  
i found out one summer back that "Yeah..hold my beer willya?" is not a wise response to "Driver's license & registration, please?"
2002-04-02 11:47:55 AM  
If you're going to drive around with your mistress/gigilo(sp?) then drive the limit or don't get caught.

How about don't cheat?
2002-04-02 11:48:46 AM  
The problem with photo radar is who pays the ticket? The owner of the car or the guy driving it? Who gets the points on their license?

My father loaned a buddy his truck to do some moving. Three weeks later, he gets a ticket in the mail with a photo of his truck and the buddy behind the wheel. Dad's on the hook for paying the ticket (or else), gets the points, and the buddy gets nothing. Dad showed him, and he offered to pay the fine, but my dad still got the points and the insurance jack-up to go with them. That's why photo radar is bogus.

Lesson here? If you're going to cheat, speed, smoke or whatever in your car, take off the front license plate so they don't know who you are.

WARNING--Flame Bait (let's see where this goes): Did you know that YOUR insurance company buys photo radar, laser radar, and stoplight cameras for your police department? They get a cut of the ticket money, too. And they get to jack up your rates when you get caught by one of these devices. Discuss amongst yourselves...
2002-04-02 11:52:11 AM  
"allows traffic cops to make better use of their time."

so tell me... WHAT else do TRAFFIC cops do?
2002-04-02 11:52:24 AM  
I dunno...sending a photocopied $100 bill is SO 1995
2002-04-02 11:53:17 AM  
If you're cheating, you should get caught; it's called karma.
I would also rather get the picture with the ticket than just believe that they actually got a photo of me speeding and pay the ticket with no evidence. I think there may be more harm in Not receiving the photo in the first place...IMHO.
2002-04-02 11:54:23 AM  
Bah, every Denver photo radar ticket I've ever received had all the passengers blurred out. I thought that was a nice touch.

I guess they changed contractors.
2002-04-02 11:55:34 AM  
Geez, Sixtyten, how many have you gotten?
2002-04-02 11:56:26 AM  
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought adultery was illegal, too. I guess they can't prove adultery by you having someone in the car with you, but it still seems like something that the police should not be ignoring. What if they take a picture of your passenger smoking crack or something? Will they let you destroy the evidence then? I won't get into the big brother aspect of the cameras, that's not really where I'm going. But breaking the law is breaking the law. I wonder if a spouse could sue if he/she found out the police were assisting the cheater? I'll bet in our lawsuit-happy society they could
2002-04-02 11:58:36 AM  
A very good rule to use, as told me by a law enforcement officer:
Only break one law at a time.

For example, if you're drinking, don't speed or have a broken tail light. If you're speeding, don't be drinkin...This could include laws of marriage. If you're cheatin, don't do it in public, dumbass. It's simple isn't it.
2002-04-02 12:02:21 PM  
Photo radar is the work of the devil
2002-04-02 12:05:59 PM  
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought adultery was illegal, too

Ah, yes, and so is leaving your snuff box on the window-sill of your carriage overnight. Oh, and so is buggery.
2002-04-02 12:06:25 PM  
My mom has a second job delivering late payment notices for a car loan bank. It's her job to make sure people get these notices. Anyway, similair thing happened to her when there were two addresses listed on the sheet for one guy. She went to two houses and found two families there, with two wives of the same guy. I'm sure the "hilarity ensued."
2002-04-02 12:13:19 PM  
People who biatch about cameras in public places are normally prone to do things they would not want on camera. I understand the concept of "big brother", but jeez, if this monkey wasn't speeding in the first place it would not have made a difference one way or another. I live in the Tampa area and they recently put cameras in Ybor city. Now, these cameras don't just record for future playback in the case of wrong doing, they match the faces seen by the lens to a national database of criminals and general low-lifes. Will this stop the crime? Probably not. But it may help a bit.
2002-04-02 12:22:08 PM  
This guy's a real cheapskate...yeah, I can understand cheating on the wife, but this guy's such a cheap-ass that he can't even pay a friggin' toll??? He definitely deserved what he got.
2002-04-02 12:29:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

You like that eh, biatch?
2002-04-02 12:36:48 PM  
Of course, a democrat would want to change it so that people don't get caught cheating on their spouses...

Anybody who cheats farking deserves to get caught.
2002-04-02 12:39:33 PM  
Car insurance companies are the tool of the devil.
2002-04-02 12:40:39 PM  
old .. same thing happened in toronto when they put photo radar here .. then the idea was trashed.
2002-04-02 1:07:14 PM  
Of course, a democrat would want to change it so that people don't get caught
cheating on their spouses...

Yeah, because Democrats are the ONLY people that cheat on their spouses. EVER.

How about don't cheat?

JOHN, that just makes too much sense. Can't have that now.
2002-04-02 1:12:35 PM  
first BERT: nice one.

second: what is more important? collecting a hundred bucks from speeders and raising their insurance rate, or the possibility of letting someone know that their spouse is cheating on them?

obvisously the monied rulers will only stop the cash cow when it ruins their opportunity to pick up hookers or ex-babysitters.
2002-04-02 1:14:58 PM  
"A spouse sweating bullets frantically called Commerce City police after his picture was taken by photo radar. He admitted to police that he was having an affair."
Here's a shocker....DON'T hard is that ?? Cheaters SUCK! cheaters should be shipped off to a god damned Island so they can all fark eachother and the faithful ones can live in harmony!


Hey JOHNDX wassssabiiiiiii !!!

2002-04-02 1:36:12 PM  
Shucks guys, kinda was hoping for a response from Rosalea

what the hell is that? wassssabiiiiiii !!! :)
2002-04-02 1:42:44 PM  
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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