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(BBC)   Lion mutilates 42 midgets in Cambodian ring-fight   ( people.virginia.edu) divider line
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2005-05-07 04:31:53 PM  
here's a lion story from the real BBC-

2005-05-07 04:33:45 PM  
This one totally got me into I tried to get a printable version.
2005-05-07 04:35:11 PM  
Brasshat:It would have been awesome though. I don't like it when people mess with animals. It's enough that we have one dumb war after another that we have to inflict ourselves on animals who can do without the attention

Way to work some liberal hippie antiwar douch shiet into something that really didnt need that inflicted on it
2005-05-07 04:48:33 PM  
I already knew that you shouldn't bring a midget to a lion fight.
2005-05-07 04:57:51 PM  
Bad Grub!
I didn't read the caption under the lion so I was reading. Wondering what the outcome would be. As I got to '28 fighters declared dead' I paused thinking, yeah.. "What specifically does 'declared dead' in this kind of fight mean?" So, my jaw dropped at 'severe injuries including broken bones and lost limbs' LOL The mental image! Trained fighter Midgets tossed off, getting bloodied madder as they see limbs ripped away and still they circle in. LOL I was in the grip like the crowd I imagined cheering on, considering them so brave, so real bad and then suddenly alarmed and sad for them, 'get out save yourselves!' a
Great spoof!
2005-05-07 05:22:01 PM  
[image from alfy.com too old to be available]
2005-05-07 05:30:11 PM  
[image from reviewjournal.com too old to be available]

/pardon me Roy, is that the cat that tried to chew ya?
2005-05-07 06:09:25 PM  
A better headline:

Lion Not So Cowardly Afterall, 42 Munchkins Scream "oh my!"
2005-05-07 06:16:40 PM  
It's a fake with links not unlike the better phishing web sites. The give-away is the URL and your confirmation is to go to the BBC site directly. No such story ever existed.
2005-05-07 06:22:45 PM  
Award to submitter:

Most Gratuitous Use of the "Obvious" Tag in a Serious Screenplay.

Golf claps all around.

/shout out to DA - miss ya
2005-05-07 06:54:13 PM  
Me = pwn3d.
2005-05-07 06:54:18 PM  
It's all in the techneque. I saw on some documentery years ago, a pigmy armed with only a spear kill an adult bull elephant. He snuck up behind, severed an artery near the tail, then ran into some dense undergrowth. Six hours later the elephant died.
2005-05-07 07:10:03 PM  

It had me going. I totally believed I was reading one of the most ridiculous things I had ever stumbled across in my 33 years on this earth.

Thanks, submitter.

... and faker!
2005-05-07 07:19:25 PM  
wow, nice fake.

i'd give him my credit card information.
2005-05-07 07:22:09 PM  
Absolutely brilliant. I was skeptical, and almost in acceptance of a country like Cambodia allowing such a thing to take place. Then I saw the URL and the comments.

Bravo to the author. Thank you submitter.
2005-05-07 07:30:19 PM  

And while we're chuckling over this, how about contemplating the outcome of A Rottweiler vs. A Rottweiler's weight in Chihuahuas?

Haha, I first thought you said chinchillas. That was a sad but scientifically interesting image. Great story and I want a Cambodian Midget Fighting League shirt too.
2005-05-07 07:37:09 PM  
Don't bring a midget to a lion fight.
2005-05-07 07:44:17 PM  
Great stuff.

Perhaps we have a budding star here?!
2005-05-07 07:59:48 PM  

Everyone knows it takes 43 Midgets to whip a Lion!

/got nuthin
2005-05-07 08:02:50 PM  
Yeah, I thought it was real too. Cambodia, midgets, and a lion? Why not???? So farking funny too...I was imagining all the little limbs scattered on the ground, lots of blood and screaming fans. Really funny. Sign me up for one of them t-shirts too-something like "All I got was this lousy t-shirt from the Cambodian Midget/Lion fighting contest".

Total Farkers-a Photoshop of this event? Perhaps a Sports Illustrated Cover or artcle photo????
Inquiring minds need to know!!!
2005-05-07 08:12:00 PM  
Hook, line, sinker.

Nicely done!
2005-05-07 08:29:57 PM  
Okay, knowing way more about the African lion than the average person should, I have to say - I honestly think a big male would be capable of this. You're talking about a 400+ pound, 10 ft. long cat that is way faster than any human being, let alone a midget with shorter legs. A big male lion could easily kill/disembowel/main/cripple a midget with a single swipe of it's paw, easily taking down 3-4 midgets in a single minute. All logistics aside, this is awfully farking funny. And yes, I probably have a ticket next to all of the others that laughed.
2005-05-07 08:33:32 PM  
This is much more interesting than Mary's vagina.
2005-05-07 08:36:15 PM  
[image from recsports.vt.edu too old to be available]|

Damn Wahoos. UVA sucks for their fake webpages.
2005-05-07 08:42:53 PM  
I smell a hoax... Anybody else try to google the "Cambodian Midget Fighting League"? or for that matter just "Cambodian Midget". I get nada, but what the hey! I'm running it on my site, it's just too good to pass up.

I'm guessing there will be some red faces at BBC for this one. As for me, well, I seek junk shamelessly for my hobby site.

"The Cambodian Government allowed the fight to take place, under the condition that they receive a 50% commission on each ticket sold, and that no cameras would be allowed in the arena."

Wow! Here the solution to the deficit!
2005-05-07 08:59:10 PM  
Oh, crap... Now I feel really stupid. The url on that story is NOT the BBC.. Rather it's from University of Virginia.

Again, crap... I should have read the first few comments...

Returning now to semi-consciousness...
2005-05-07 08:59:35 PM  
Is not the BBC.

Just to ruin it.
2005-05-07 09:02:12 PM  
OMG, It's not legit???!!1
2005-05-07 09:05:24 PM  
Laugh out Loud
2005-05-07 09:30:35 PM  
Ang6666: only men are lame enough to try to go against a lion"

That's just because women are too weak to do anything like that, sexist biatch. Get back to your kitchen and warm up some muffins.
2005-05-07 09:51:43 PM  
42!! The answer to the Great Question...Of Life, The Universe and Everything!! I can't believe this is the first HHGTTG reference....
2005-05-07 10:09:16 PM  
all right! that's my college!
2005-05-07 10:14:54 PM  
This is the kind of 3rd world hellhole that the Democrats and Republicans want the USA to become. A place where people are so desperate to survive that they will do this sort of crap
2005-05-07 10:23:45 PM  

This is the kind of 3rd world hellhole that the Democrats and Republicans want the USA to become. A place where people are so desperate to survive that they will do this sort of crap

Steps to enjoying life:

1. pull head from ass
2. enjoy
2005-05-07 11:12:29 PM  


Q. What do you do if you see a woman outside the kitchen?

A. Shorten the chain.
2005-05-08 12:22:10 AM  
Can't hit the site. Anyone have a mirror?
2005-05-08 12:34:35 AM  
I cant believe you guys didnt notice this was a fake in 2 seconds.
2005-05-08 12:56:20 AM  
Link is farked. Farkety Fark Fark.
2005-05-08 01:00:59 AM  
ertznay - 42!! The answer to the Great Question...Of Life, The Universe and Everything!! I can't believe this is the first HHGTTG reference....

Yeah, you wish, check down at 2005-05-07 01:29:21 PM _
2005-05-08 02:38:45 AM  
It is indeed a fake...


/sorry no clicky skills.
2005-05-08 07:13:32 PM  
DaiTheFlu: Does this make me a bad person?


But you have a hell of a lot of company on the bus ride. :-)
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