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2002-04-01 03:17:04 PM  
Remember to stick your hand out the window and flip Ashcroft off.
2002-04-01 03:17:04 PM  

2002-04-01 03:18:28 PM  
2002-04-01 03:19:12 PM  
__..__ i see spy ppl
2002-04-01 03:20:00 PM  
Ah! So Steven Wright changed careers and calls himself "Steve" now. A minor pointless mystery solved.
2002-04-01 03:20:08 PM  
Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
2002-04-01 03:20:15 PM  
Hey! What are YOU lookin' at?
2002-04-01 03:21:01 PM  
If Echelon is keeping track of everyone on Fark , then it has come to the conclusion that the world is populated by yahoos no threat here. Except for that person WordCitizen. He deserves EXTRA monitoring.
2002-04-01 03:21:03 PM  
Ironbar, if you read it you'll learn this is in Europe, not America.
2002-04-01 03:23:01 PM  
Every day the tin-foil hat folks look smarter and smarter...
2002-04-01 03:23:39 PM  
They're doing the same thing in the US, they're just calling it something different. It's still a violation of the US Constitution.
2002-04-01 03:24:04 PM  
In EUROPE people...

Ashcroft and the Fourth Amendment have no place in this thread.

Carry on.
2002-04-01 03:25:39 PM  
Echelon, Magic Lantern, Carnivore...all spyware...bah...If you are that paranoid don't use the net...and if it gets too intrusive I'm sure the McDonald's Lapburn lady will file a suit for us!
2002-04-01 03:26:14 PM  
In the US it is called carnivore and magic lantern...kinda like wire tapping of the '50s
2002-04-01 03:28:45 PM  

It's called CARNIVORE, EddieMoscone. And it's being used in the penetrated space of the United States right now.

And in the penetrated space of the United States, it's unconstitutional.
2002-04-01 03:28:51 PM  
it's all bullshiat
2002-04-01 03:29:54 PM  
What's with the stupid filter adding the "penetrated space" BS whenever anyone posts the words "U.nited S.tates"?

It's dumb.
2002-04-01 03:33:28 PM  
United States?

Testing this alleged filter Demosthenes is talking about
2002-04-01 03:35:10 PM  

the United States
2002-04-01 03:35:50 PM  
WTF... now it's not doing it.

Maybe the word "in" has something to do with it.

- in the United States
2002-04-01 03:35:58 PM  
I hope we can eventually see the tapes of Britney Spears being spied on...
2002-04-01 03:38:49 PM  

I'm not saying such a program doesn't exist here in the USA, hell, I'd be surprised if it didn't. I'm just saying that this particular article references the system in Europe.

As far as whatever they have here in the States, well, I don't care. I got nothing to hide. Except all those heads. Beautiful, beautiful heads, with all those holes...

Uh...did I say that out loud?
2002-04-01 03:39:48 PM  
The cameras are you friends, just like the government issued protector robots. You never have to be alone again.

Demosthenes, Carnivore is a similar to Echelon but it is a separate system. At least that's what I've heard from the transmissions intercepted by my tinfoil hat.
2002-04-01 03:41:03 PM  
yeah but the U.S. government is so overun in beaurocracy and ineffeciency, i bet the FBI guys who run carnivore programs just use it to spy on Christina Aguilera shagging in a motel room and the like.
2002-04-01 03:42:25 PM  
The filters seem to have gone Random. Interesting.
2002-04-01 03:45:59 PM  
I can't possibly say how Carnivore would evun work...The ignorant users on the data grabbin' end (FBI?) would fark it up for sure. Not tuh mention that Ah really kaynt say filtering THAT much data without some kinduh farked up way uh data handling.

Magic Lantern is uh different bag...much cooler and MUCH MUCH more evil!
2002-04-01 03:48:27 PM  
(shameless clinton bashin')
If de FBI kint tie Kingfish t'honkybooze, ah' lose all respect dat it might be able t'monito' terro'ist communicashuns.
2002-04-01 03:49:13 PM  
fust post
2002-04-01 03:49:14 PM  
Do you love it?

in the United States by Ron Jeremy
2002-04-01 03:49:40 PM  
if the FBI cant tie clinton to whitewater, i lose all respect that it might it be able to monitor terrorist communications
2002-04-01 03:49:47 PM  
Remember: "If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about".

Like, yeah.
2002-04-01 03:50:07 PM  
awwwwh....doesn't change it into boobies anymore
2002-04-01 03:50:25 PM  
who gives a happy damn?
2002-04-01 03:50:51 PM  
The article is like, ya know, talkin' about spyin', fer shure, in Europe, like, that thuh United States is ya know, like, doin'. So Ashcroft does apply.

Read, like, wow, people, fer shure, read.
2002-04-01 03:51:18 PM  
Pres. Bush was in Atlanta last week. He was staying directly across the street from my building. At the same time he was here there was a huge slowdown for all of the ISPs. When I called asking about my frac line, the tech on the other end actually blamed the slow-down on CARNIVORE (true story). Needless to say I laughed and put on my tin foil beret.
2002-04-01 03:51:28 PM  
Chreest, thet soocked.

Zee erteecle-a is telkeeng ebuoot spyeeng, in Ioorupe-a, thet zee Uneeted Stetes is dueeng. Su Eshcrufft dues epply.

Reed, peuple-a, reed.
Bork Bork Bork!
2002-04-01 03:52:02 PM  
God dammit, I will NOT SOUND STUPID THIS TIME!!!

The article is talking about spying, in Europe, that the United States is doing. So Ashcroft does apply.

Read, people, read.
2002-04-01 03:53:00 PM  
Thank friggun God. Whet were da odds uf dat shiet?
2002-04-01 03:53:46 PM  
I think I'm being unfairly targetted by the dialect filter.
2002-04-01 03:54:16 PM  
"If you're nut breakung da law dan ewe have nuthung two fear!"

I dedn't wyt dat. Stoopid felt her.
2002-04-01 03:54:20 PM  
Farking filters...DIE FILTERS DIE!
2002-04-01 03:54:23 PM  

Ah've seen that on uther threads too. Sum kinda Fark prank?
2002-04-01 03:54:59 PM  
Must be an April 1st kind of thin'.
2002-04-01 03:55:07 PM  
LOL Christian...you have to admit it is pretty damn funny that the filters seem to be picking you the most!
2002-04-01 03:55:16 PM  
Nothin' to doo wit no Aperil Fuol'th daye pranck. Mmmh, Yeth!
2002-04-01 03:55:25 PM  
Hmm, when I said to redisplay comments, it said on the screen, dialect=redneck.

Interesting what my next post will look like.
2002-04-01 03:56:30 PM  
Chrithtian: Ashcroft bashing ith alwayth appropriate, even in threadth that really don't relate to him. Let me tell you...
2002-04-01 03:57:26 PM  
Why don't that filter attack or sump'm, it aint like he's sayin' innythang useful...
2002-04-01 03:58:47 PM  
For a while last night EVERY SINGLE POST was filtered.

Then it subsided to about 10%, now it looks like it's increasing again. (um...bork bork bork?)
2002-04-01 03:58:54 PM  
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