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(Some Sore Fingers)   Complete list of high scores/times on every video game in the known universe   ( divider line
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2005-04-30 10:11:33 PM  
Damn. And I thought I had the high score on 'Eyes' with 774,000
2005-04-30 10:32:09 PM  
As of 1997. I beat that score on Area 51 ... I think.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2005-04-30 10:38:42 PM  
I got to about 90,000 on Phoenix. I was third best in my school. The school best score was around 230,000. (This is not counting the glitch/cheat/easter egg/whatever that gives you a score over 200,000 if you hit three birds with three consecutive shots on one of the screens. We didn't consider it fair to count such inflated scores.) Add the high scores of the top three in my school together and double the sum and we'd be close to the high score on the list.
2005-05-01 3:04:41 AM  
I'll never understand how anyone can get past more than 4 levels of Defender.
2005-05-01 3:17:02 AM  
It's got Metal Slug, it passes my test.
2005-05-01 6:34:44 AM  
What? No Video Pinball for the Atari 2600? I don't remember my high score, just that the digits "turned over" to 0 a few times.
2005-05-01 6:39:43 AM  
I did better than that on Missile Command back in 81.
2005-05-01 6:43:47 AM  
Very similar to the complete list of people who never "scored" in that other game from the 80's and 90's.

/jealous because not on the list
2005-05-01 6:43:50 AM  
Over 900,000 on Robotron? Just getting over 100,000 would make my eyeballs bleed.
2005-05-01 6:44:05 AM  
So like, who compiles this crap, and how is it authenticated? Were there phone lines hooked up to every Dragon's Lair game in every ShowBiz pizza that constantly transmitted scores to some central computer for analysis and verification? Since it was like 1982, I'm going to guess 'no'.

I wish there was a way to punish whoever compiled the list, but the knowledge that they wasted the time putting it together will suffice.
2005-05-01 6:44:31 AM  
1997? old news.

Btw.. i got 72000 on Pole Position- this site's 'record' is 67000, and i also beat Pitfall for Atari
2005-05-01 6:47:57 AM  
That guy who holds the high score for "Alien Attack" is just plain dangerous.
2005-05-01 6:49:38 AM  

You know there's one guy in Japan who owns all these scores.
2005-05-01 6:56:17 AM  
This list fails to mention my incredible score in "Slap the Monkey." I used my laptop's touchpad, augmented with a friend's somewhat hacked driver code to achieve well over 10 times anybody else's score.

I also got 5 direct stern torpedo hits in Silent Hunter III on a C3 Cargo ship, and I still had to engage it with my deck guns to sink that bastard. It took about 2 hours.
2005-05-01 7:06:41 AM  


You know there's one guy in Japan who owns all these scores.

Yes.. there is. And I saw him, too, at a Book-Off near the PSP section. He was, true farking story, wearing big black shirt with white-block letters that said 'Still Virgin'.

I, on the other hand, am not.
2005-05-01 7:07:06 AM  
No tetris? WTF?!
2005-05-01 7:12:02 AM  
I rule joo yall!!!! leet sk!llz

or something even more incoherent
2005-05-01 7:14:30 AM  
I, on the other hand, am not

wearing that shirt?
2005-05-01 7:14:34 AM  
Um, having a bit of trouble understanding/believing this crapola. Let me get this straight, "A" competition was held, according to the header. And then the results of "the" competition are presented in the list. Ok, so if it was just one competition, why so many different dates? Some of the dates go back to 1982. Some go as late as 1997.

I think this is complete BS made up by some basement dweller.

I also know that I scored much higher than that on Elevator Action. And there's no way anybody scored over 6,800,000 points on Bagman. No way.

2005-05-01 7:15:25 AM  
I played tetris on game boy for just about half my youth. My high-score was 449,000.
2005-05-01 7:24:11 AM  
...and lets begin with the games they left out, shall we? ill go first...

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-01 7:29:11 AM  

/fails the test
2005-05-01 7:30:32 AM  
No Night Driver and its kin 280 Zzzap? Or is that like Pong.
2005-05-01 7:31:26 AM  
they totally left this out...

GLC - 860,000 on Frogger

[image from too old to be available]
2005-05-01 7:31:57 AM  
No Pong??!

/head asplodes
2005-05-01 7:36:12 AM  
No Sonic?
No Final Fantasies?
No farking solitaire?
2005-05-01 7:45:35 AM  
All I care for are record times for VRally 2 Expert Edition on the DreamCast, someone show me those scores and I will die a happy man, but this, this is lame, and fake and alltogether lacks VRally...
2005-05-01 7:51:27 AM  
I cant understand where they find the time to play those games until they have a high score...sheesh...too much time on their hands and I guess not enough on mine
2005-05-01 7:54:54 AM  
A lot of the "records" on there are for games in which the score is completely irrelevant.
2005-05-01 7:58:31 AM  
I perfer the "quickest game runs" lists myself. At least those are more accurate.
2005-05-01 8:14:18 AM  
Nibbler 1,000,042,270 Tim McVey 1/18/84

And here I though that would be Dahlmer's game....
2005-05-01 8:16:41 AM  
Ahemm....rolled a 300 game on Atari 2600 Bowling, ca. 1982.

(Thank you, thank you...)
2005-05-01 8:21:29 AM  
The thread linked list seems off. I only mention it because I learned an old neighbor is the Galaga champ, at least through 2004 and I don't see him on that list. Google Steve Krogman & Galaga.

Try Here too
2005-05-01 8:22:31 AM  
They left out Kid Nicky: Radical Ninja.
/fails the test.
2005-05-01 8:27:44 AM  
8,786,240 on Bust-A-Move ?
Christ, I start hallucinating coloured spheres everywhere after about 20 minutes.
2005-05-01 8:29:20 AM  
I remember I got 172,910 on Pac Man.

I don't know if it's a good score or not, but at the time I remember thinking it was.
I was maybe 10? And I played it for like 2 hours to get that score.
I said the score over and over again so I wouldn't forget it on the way home.
Here it is 23 years later, and I STILL remember that score!

Nice story. Good times. Good times.
2005-05-01 8:55:50 AM  
When I was 16(22 yrs. ago) I played Robotron in an arcade for around 5 hours.Score was in the millions.The score rolls back to zero at one million and it rolled several times.Finally got bored and let a friend have the game.I went back about 30 minutes later and he was still killing off the extra men I had gotten.
2005-05-01 9:00:17 AM  
I saw Qix on the list now I cant get that sound out of my head. buzzerump
2005-05-01 9:07:06 AM  
Stratford Records are considered much more reliable than this list. For example, Space Invader's top score isn't 200,000ish but over 1,000,000 done by Eric Furrer who invetned the "Furrer trick".

Guiness refused to recognise high scores on video games (e.g. proprietary) for years, only recently have they recanted.
2005-05-01 9:08:02 AM  
What's with the 1,350,000 score for Galaga? The score flips over at 1 million - and I've flipped it twice in one game!
2005-05-01 9:11:12 AM  
No Yars Revenge for the Atari 2600??

I am shocked and appalled.
2005-05-01 9:19:18 AM  
Twin Galaxies is an absolutely worthless publication. In recent years they've begun to establish "records" that are complete and utter bunk.

Case in point: About a year ago NovaLogic was trying to shill their "Battlefield" killer Joint Operations as "the world's largest FPS", at 128 players.
(the game never did displace BF 1942, and supposedly it ran like a turtle in molasses at max cap, but that's neither here nor there)

When Sony Online heard about this, they quickly pointed out that their MMOFPS Planetside hosts thousands of players, and was out long before JO. They hadn't been aware of any kind of "record," but if so they weren't about to lose it to a mere 128 player game.

Rather than drop the record claim, NovaLogic instead rewrote all their press material to point out that they were the largest non-subscription based game.

Instead of stepping up to the plate, Twin Galaxies put out some kind of lame statement that they would sort the whole thing out and get back to everyone. Clearly some serious $$$ had passed from NovaLogic to Twin Galaxies in exchange for the bogus title, and TG was not about to give that money back.

Meanwhile, the fans of aged MMOFPS World War 2 online caught wind of this dispute, and quickly launched a campaign to announce that their game was non-subscription based, massively multiplayer, and released years before either title.

To date, TwinGalaxies has never satisfactorily resolved the issue, and Novalogic has since rewritten their claim again, which by now is the equivalent of "biggest game named Joint Operations." Ridiculous.

If Twin Galaxies intends to keep making up/selling new "records" to any company with enough cash to buy them, TG might as well close up shop. However incredulous their "records" were before, they're now completely worthless, and an embarassment to publishers with the nerve to advertise them.
2005-05-01 9:36:18 AM  

That is a bunch of crap. I remember people hosting servers with over 64 players in one Quake(world) deathmatch map... back in early 1997!!! This was when Id Software released a new version that removed the 32 player limitation, so you could have as many people as you wanted connected to the same deathmatch. The problem back then was that most people didn't have 3D hardware accelerator graphics cards and most people also used 28.8 dialup, so if you got everybody into the same room to fight, the poly count shot up, as well as the required bandwidth... so people's clients started to crawl.

Anyway, realistically, in at the peak of its popularity, people were reguarly doing 32 player deathmatches... but the game had no limit assuming the clients had the computer and connection to handle a room full of 128+ players.
2005-05-01 9:40:57 AM  
These records are outdated. The Pac-Man record has been broken.
2005-05-01 9:41:31 AM  
And the "getting laid" high score from all the guys on that list = ZERO.
2005-05-01 9:46:16 AM  
28.8K dialup makes the baby jesus cry
2005-05-01 9:51:12 AM  
Fire Condor 8,920 Tim McVey 7/20/82

Here comes the blame it on the video games crowd.
2005-05-01 9:51:38 AM  
Did anybody else find it funny that "Ron Perelmen" got the high score on 720 degrees? It has to be a typo! I always knew he was a skaterpunk at heart!
2005-05-01 9:54:22 AM  
Eric Furrer who to this day holds the Stratford Record for non-stop Space Invaders play -- 38 hours and 37 minutes and an accumulation of 1,114,000 points (111 roll overs, averaging three rolls an hour).

he was then visited by Centauri to be recruited by the star league to defend the frontier against Xur and the Kodan armada..
2005-05-01 9:54:23 AM  
The largest list of virgins compiled on the net
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