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11345 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Apr 2005 at 8:47 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2005-04-28 8:48:51 PM  
I'd rather you not... every flamewar sounds the same anyhow
2005-04-28 8:48:54 PM  
He's a terrible president.
2005-04-28 8:48:57 PM  
Flamewar alert!
2005-04-28 8:48:58 PM  
I'm missing the OC.
2005-04-28 8:48:59 PM  
2005-04-28 8:49:07 PM  
When does he go off?
2005-04-28 8:49:10 PM  
2005-04-28 8:49:14 PM  
asshat. nothing left to discuss.
2005-04-28 8:49:17 PM  
I call bullshiat!
2005-04-28 8:49:21 PM  
Go Bush.
2005-04-28 8:49:21 PM  
Wow, the chance to get in early on a flame war.... and I got nothing.
2005-04-28 8:49:21 PM  
classic: He's a terrible president.

2005-04-28 8:49:24 PM  
It took me five minutes before I realized it wasn't "Joey".
2005-04-28 8:49:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-28 8:49:57 PM  
I wouldn't trust a word he said even if he was telling the half-truth.
2005-04-28 8:49:58 PM  
I miss Survivor.
2005-04-28 8:50:05 PM  
everyone take a shot of booze every time Dubya says 'nucular'... we'll have the world's largest drinking party!
2005-04-28 8:50:12 PM  
2005-04-28 8:50:27 PM  
Kind of stuttered over that " 'detaining' terrorists" bit, didn't he?
2005-04-28 8:50:30 PM  
post to internets please
2005-04-28 8:50:52 PM  
He doesnt have any real solutions to anything no strait answers.
2005-04-28 8:50:58 PM  
He's a terrible president.


/Libertarian. Need more diverse party representation.
2005-04-28 8:51:02 PM  
Just watch him stutter and say "uh". He's not the most intelligent person. But us Americans knew that already. He's just lucky to have a good PR department.
2005-04-28 8:51:03 PM  
And I'm reading about it on the internets!
2005-04-28 8:51:07 PM  
where's Jeff Guckert?
2005-04-28 8:51:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Like" was said about 300 times by Bush. He seemed to avoid many questions as well... sad.
2005-04-28 8:51:20 PM  
hurrdy murrdy gurrdy

git that?
2005-04-28 8:51:45 PM  
Higher gas prices are like a tax. So we paid the government of ExxonMobil a 44% increase in profits in the first quarter.

/Bush is an asshat
2005-04-28 8:51:53 PM  

where's Jeff Guckert?

On his knees somewhere, I suppose...
2005-04-28 8:51:54 PM  
Vroomfondel: I'm missing the OC.

2005-04-28 8:51:56 PM  
Bush is the most inarticulate president that we have ever been forced to endure. He is also the worst president of all time. He makes Herbert Hoover look effective and Warren Gamaliel Harding look honest.
2005-04-28 8:52:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2005-04-28 8:52:16 PM  
an Admin used the Fox News tag which proves Fark is a part of the right wing conspiracy
2005-04-28 8:52:22 PM  
He's that retarded uncle you only see on certain hoiday's.

Same poop, different day.
2005-04-28 8:52:29 PM flamewar. ZOMG!!!!111 IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!111one
2005-04-28 8:52:31 PM  
"It's in our interests to find those who would do us harm, and get them out of harm's way."
-- President G.W. Bush, 28 April 2005, 8:48 p.m.

And you say he was tough on terror? We'd better get the terrorists "out of harms way" before anything bad happens to them!!

LOL@ George! PWN3D!1111111111
2005-04-28 8:53:06 PM  
I'm not an economist

2005-04-28 8:53:31 PM  
The "asbestos reform bill" is a major component of the nation's economic health? Schwa?
2005-04-28 8:53:45 PM  
"It's in our interests to find those who would do us harm, and get them out of harm's way."
-- President G.W. Bush, 28 April 2005, 8:48 p.m.

Too bad suicide's illegal eh George?
2005-04-28 8:53:46 PM  
i wish he'd just STFU so i can get back to my regularly scheduled TV veg-out session.
2005-04-28 8:53:57 PM  
It's painfully embarrassing to watch this. He looks like he could go tharn at any moment.
2005-04-28 8:54:02 PM  
Please don't post if you're just going to make fun of his speaking capabilities, you're just making yourself look as dumb as you claim he is.
2005-04-28 8:54:02 PM  
My wife contents that he is smug and annoying. I disagree. I am watching him, and I am thinking that in person, what looks to us at home like smugness is actually very charismatic and charming. Talking to a small group of people, I bet he is really personable. I actually enjoy his "down home" charm.

If he weren't such a total blustering blockhead, he might be quite formidable.
2005-04-28 8:54:07 PM  
Pre-empted Survivor. Biatch!
2005-04-28 8:54:08 PM  
Most people in the military, and a lot of people down south, say "nukular". History's greatest monster and former nuclear engineer in the Navy, Jimmy Carter, used to say "noohyer".
2005-04-28 8:54:11 PM  
Ugh. I just had one of my friends storm into my room screaming about how Bush is a *****bag ***hole and she's missing the OC. Wow.
2005-04-28 8:54:28 PM  
Are the conservative Australians going to rip into Aunty for not having a live break to this?
2005-04-28 8:54:29 PM  
I have an idea, instead of idiotic bickering between Republicans and Democrats, we discuss why a three party system would be beneficial to our system now!

/Libertarian also
2005-04-28 8:54:35 PM  
it's hard work! it's hard work!
2005-04-28 8:54:39 PM  
I don't like him.
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