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(SLO Tribune)   Thieves who stole sculpture of giant steelhead trout set for charity auction feel guilty, return it with $100 cash and sappy apology   ( sanluisobispo.com) divider line
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2005-04-29 03:07:18 AM  
I like boobies y'all.
2005-04-29 03:15:57 AM  
Classy, MC.
2005-04-29 03:16:41 AM  
change of heart? - not quite. this is the same thing that happened with the "Scream" painting. the theif realized that the fish was worthless after he stole it. what's he going to do? put it on ebay...and get arrested?
2005-04-29 03:18:23 AM  
trouser trout?
2005-04-29 03:22:35 AM  
Something's fishy about this story..
2005-04-29 03:22:40 AM  
that was stupid joe dirt. anyway i think that batman kicked their ass and made them do all that stuff.
2005-04-29 03:22:41 AM  
That girl who likes the Afghan Whigs over there is a might bit cute eh?
2005-04-29 03:24:22 AM  
... did they even took the time to rewire them?
2005-04-29 05:17:55 AM  
Interesting avoidance of the 'Sappy' tag. If you avoid, is it true God allows a kitten to turn into a freakishly large cat?
2005-04-29 06:16:38 AM  
With atrocious puns like 'Trout About Downtown', the organizers deserve to be slapped about the head with a wet fish.
2005-04-29 06:31:06 AM  
suffered some damage, she said, including a broken stirrup and a rubbed patch on the back of the saddle.

Sounds like someone's been riding the trout hard.

/rode hard, and put up wet
2005-04-29 06:37:20 AM  

That there's some mighty fine beer.

Oh, we're talking about trout, not stout.

2005-04-29 06:45:18 AM  
Call it catch and release.

Oh c'mon! That's just shooting fish in a barrel!
2005-04-29 07:03:48 AM  
Guilt is a wonderful thing.
2005-04-29 08:17:14 AM  
"City officials are contemplating putting tracking devices in the trout to prevent further thefts, Kiser said."

*rolls eyes* I hope they're kidding. Nobody wants your crappy statues.
2005-04-29 08:30:08 AM  
hmmm maybe ill get my mac mini back with $100 and an apology

yea right
2005-04-29 08:38:04 AM  
Just when I completely lost faith in humanity, this story brings some redemption. Behold the power of guilt!
2005-04-29 08:43:59 AM  
I didn't think there was anything of value in Atascadero.
2005-04-29 08:47:12 AM  
Stolenhead trout.
2005-04-29 08:57:32 AM  
Yea, its "nice to know there are still some good people out there." Good people who steal things, get busted by their parents, and then give the stuff back.
2005-04-29 09:17:15 AM  
Thanks Coffin_Coroner

that just made my fark qoute of the day, even if it is 9 in the morning...
2005-04-29 09:42:51 AM  
PR stunt.

The story gets a lot of local and national press now, because the trout was stolen.
2005-04-29 10:02:01 AM  

change of heart? - not quite. this is the same thing that happened with the "Scream" painting. the theif realized that the fish was worthless after he stole it. what's he going to do? put it on ebay...and get arrested?

Come off it - with a broken stirrup & rubbed saddle? Sounds like pissed students to me. (Btw, to clarify to americans, "pissed = drunk" in this context.)
2005-04-29 10:16:16 AM  
I did return someone's lawn ornament with a note of apology.

At the first group house I lived in there were things stolen while drunk all over the place. Mostly street signs and a construction horse with the blinking light on top. If anything like that would have shown up we would have felt pretty bad.
2005-04-29 10:34:29 AM  
This is a town with a Bubblegum Alley. Not much is a surprise there.
2005-04-29 11:35:19 AM  
"Strange" trumps "Sappy"?????
2005-04-29 12:37:04 PM  
Since when do theives return stolen items with cash? Can you say "publicity stunt"?
2005-04-29 12:55:20 PM  
WHAT! How the hell did this story make it to the front page of Fark!!!! I live in SLO and see these things when I go the bar, that's enough, now I have to come to read my beloved Fark only to find a story about these farking things on the front page?!?!?!

2005-04-29 01:12:39 PM  
Eh, the whole story seems pretty fishy to me. It reeks of setup.
2005-04-29 02:29:10 PM  
wow, slo makes fark.

these fish things are ridiculous... they are ugly and block the sidewalks.
2005-04-29 04:05:38 PM  
No comment...
2005-04-29 04:54:53 PM  
mom made them do it. dad supressed a grin.
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