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2002-03-31 03:20:41 AM  
Ok, I'll say one thing about the 80's, it had a lot of crappy shows, but at least networks aired shows that had some originality, now it's all about, saturday mornings now are like three episodes of Digimon and some really lame "hip" transformers.

Any one see that new transformers cartoon? It's pure crap, I mean being a bad show is bad enough, but when it stars Optimus Prime it really hurts.
2002-03-31 03:22:43 AM  
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2002-03-31 03:23:13 AM  
I saw this sweet looking CGI gijoe clip on TV, and I hoped to god that it was a promo for a new movie to enstill more patriotic jingoism in children post-9/11. Too bad it was just a farking commercial.
2002-03-31 03:23:44 AM  
Meat: That's why I don't have a brain, too high maintenance for my taste...........Wait a minute
2002-03-31 03:24:41 AM  
This thread needs MrT.

I never stop getting a kick from this.
2002-03-31 03:24:48 AM  
that's photoshopped, right? it didn't actually exist, did it, hoosier?
2002-03-31 03:25:16 AM  
Hoosier: Holy shiat, I remember that too, it had Hulk like animation I think.

AndrewFish: I swear I wept after seeing that, seriously wept.
2002-03-31 03:26:20 AM  
Just the same AndrewFish, if they tried GI Joe now, they'd totally destroy it- no cartoon could get away with half the stuff today that they could when we were kids, especially with all that stuff about terrorists.
2002-03-31 03:27:41 AM  
Star Trek the animated series was real.
2002-03-31 03:27:57 AM  
Crotchrocket Slim: yeah, and it would teach our kids that guns can't hit them, and missles wait in till you jump out before blowing up your tank.
2002-03-31 03:32:29 AM  
Angry Inch, I'm glad I violated my own rule and clicked that link- the T'inator rules! Nothing like your own posts translated into Mr. T jibba jabba!!!
2002-03-31 03:32:49 AM  
dude, what's to get away with? they never even killed anybody. they never even managed to capture people who jettisoned or whatever from their jets right over their own god damn base.
2002-03-31 03:33:21 AM  
2002-03-31 03:33:48 AM  
But still, that reminds me of the Mr. T cartoon... that ruled!!! Best themesong ever!!!! Anyone remember the SNL Smeigel parody of it?
2002-03-31 03:35:11 AM  
I was wondering how you were gonna handle this Crotchrocket. I gotta keep ya clickin so I can get you with the old women pr0n next time. :0
2002-03-31 03:39:11 AM  
Duffy: Rocket Punch! Tranzor Z rocked. I love how they hid him in a swimming pool. Musta been hell on the maintenance staff... :-)

I remember liking Turbo Teen, but I didn't see it much. I also liked The Littles, thank you very much! Hmmmph!

Anybody remember Silverhawks? EVERYTHING was called 'space' this or 'limbo' that. Kinda annoying, even to a 10-year-old. The Limbo Limo was cool. hehe. Just a convertible Cadillac with no tires flying through space.

Of course, nothing beats Thundercats. I had a crush on Cheetara back then. Sigh. To be 10 again....
2002-03-31 03:40:02 AM  
I don't know Meat, I remember those BATs being kinda scary, and Sgt. Slaughter getting quite physical with all those cannon fodder vipers. And with all the recent stuff on creationism in the schools, you can bet they'd never clone Serpentor, and Cobra-La is out (though that might be a good thing). Definately no more stereotypes of foreigners (which all the Cobras were), or American ones (which all the Joes were). They'd PC it to complete death, that's my point.

I can't wait to see what the T'inator does to this post Angry Inch!
2002-03-31 03:40:21 AM  
I don't recall Rubik, but from the looks of it, I'm glad I don't remember it. *shudder*
2002-03-31 03:41:15 AM  
...Rubik the Amazing Cube was ground breaking in so much as it was one of the first if not the first cartoons to feature an entirely hispanic lineup. hell, even Menudo sang the theme song.

and another Truly Outrageous! classic:

[image from theforumisdown.com too old to be available]
2002-03-31 03:41:49 AM  
Wow, no one mentioned Strawberry Shortcake, The Care Bears or My little Pony. My sisters favorites.
2002-03-31 03:42:10 AM  
The Mr. T Show rocked. I don't think I could stomach it now, though. Remember that little white boy with the jacket who wanted to be bad like T? Always talked with that bad Mr. T impression?
2002-03-31 03:43:24 AM  

These are some titles to old popeye episodes. It pisses me off that the "the greatest generation" grew up watching this stuff. It's these so called "normal" baby boomers who changed all the cartoons into pussified care bear fluff and shiat.
2002-03-31 03:43:35 AM  
Rick Moranis had his own Saturday morning cartoon. He played the only human teacher at a monster (literally) high school. There there was Galaxy High, about a futuristic high school in space, and the two new human students.
2002-03-31 03:45:16 AM  
What came first? Sgt. Slaughter the wrester or the cartoon character?
2002-03-31 03:46:00 AM  
"One, two, three, four!
Denver, the Last Dinosaur,
He's my friend and a whole lot more!"

Ugg. You can keep that one. I prefer:

"We're Cold Slither! You'll be joining us soon!
A band of vipers playin' a tune!"

I always wanted a video of that song. :-)
2002-03-31 03:47:05 AM  
removing the dust off my mind that the beer hasn't washed away i'd have to say that fighting my lil sis for the remote to avoid having to watch "my little pony" or "strawberry shortcake" should put them at the top of the list.

$1.50 ptchers seems to have erased the shift key from my puter
2002-03-31 03:48:24 AM  
Hoosier: the wrestler I believe, though the cartoon was so unlike the man that you might as well treat them as separate characters (the wrestler voiced the cartoon, however). In real life, Slaughter's fat and balding, and in the cartoon he was ripped and had a full head of hair. Still, he tore through those Crimson Guards bare-handed like a knife though butter.
2002-03-31 03:49:15 AM  
Ponda: Is that 'Gem and the Holograms'?
2002-03-31 03:51:29 AM  
Soporific: Rick Moranis was in that? I watched that show, but I don't remember him. I probably didn't know who he was then. Wasn't the bully's name 'Beef'?
2002-03-31 03:53:35 AM  
Ah, Pound Puppies. The original beanie babies....
2002-03-31 03:55:18 AM  
> Ponda: Is that 'Jem and the Holograms'?

yep...follow the link for more Jem goodness!
2002-03-31 03:56:55 AM  
Well, this has been great, but I'm turning in now. If I can't get a hold of Lady Jaye, I'm calling dibs on the Asian Hologram with blue hair. Later you Farkers.
2002-03-31 04:00:56 AM  
I never really understood the deal with Casper. What's so entertaining about a dead child. When Casper was alive he must have been evil because when he died he didn't go to heaven, instead he has to spend eternity among the living.

I wonder how Casper died? His parents are never mentioned, either alive or dead, in the cartoon. I bet Casper killed his parents and then was caught and hung by a lynch mob.......
2002-03-31 04:03:49 AM  
I do not know when it was, but I remember at some point watching cartoons such as spider-man, transformers, and Dragonball. Since I watched cartoons regularly untill it saturday morning began being flooded with swill, they may all be distant or recent. I loved all of those shows. Spiderman is cool in almost any content, Transformers brought me back into the light of giant robot worship (a guarden of eden which I almost fled, after watching Gobots a few too many times), and Dragonball was funny, and exciting to watch. (I won't touch Dragonball Z, as it has an avid following of lovers and haters that live for screaming loudly about it, I'll just say that it may be better drawn, but is a step down).

I also remember watching the Disney cartoons like Darkwing duck, Ducktails, and The Rescue Rangers, and the Gummi Bears back in my more innocent years. All of them taught me a valuble lesson on the attack power of suction cups and plungers, and how humans totally suck when compared to humanoid animals.

But one cartoon that I don't see mentioned is Mighty Max.

I loved the show. Once you get past the name, you see a real gem. It was well drawn, and had a very involved plot, that developed through their daily adventures all over the world. The magic cap was a little weird (since it was thousands of years old, it left the question "Why the hell does it look like a modern day cap?" wide open) but it still... It taught me about mythology, to a degree, explained the dangers of computer nerds (CyberSkull), and taught us that all the great heros in mythology (from Thor, to Hercelies, to Lancelot) are all one guy named Norman.

For those who don't know, it was about a blond kid named max who seemed to have a slight myth fettish (or at least an ancient symbol dictonary around) that while digging for christmans presents, found a statue of a robed chicken sitting on a throne. After translating the symbols, he was so shocked he dropped it and broke it, revealing a norman red cap. He put it on... and the rest is history. Max was aided by an all-knowing chicken monk, and a Norse barbarian who was thousands of years old. The episodes involved them saving the world from various evils, with Vergil carefully placing "summons" for Max, directing him to a portal that led to the spot of the danger. Vergil, being all-knowing, prepared most of the summons years, if not decades in advance, from notes, to words spelled out by building lights, only readable from a bird's eye view out of an airplain. The enemies were creations of evil geniuses, ancient gods and demons, and the like. Some episodes revealed more of Norman's past, as he met his old enemies (from a horrible murdering mutant with a lock on his face to keep his voice weapon in check, to the Doom Dragon he fought as Thor), or Skullmaster, a huge, ugly, evil, ex student of Vergil who became drunk on power, and wished to rule the world, using the power of The Cap. Max was suppose to defeat him in hand to hand combat a long time ago (in his past life, when he was a pretty bad-ass looking warrior) but died trapping skullmaster in the center of the earth, other then killing him, and Skullmaster beign about 8 feet tall, and Max a small kid, ment fulfilling the prophecy wouldn't be easy.

What was one of the things I liked was that it ended. It developed to a climax, and at the very end, finished it just like it was said it would. It even showcasted every villan to appear in the series in the final episodes (most didn't do much though). The ending made me sad though... Watching Norman devoured by a giant spider brought a tear to my eye...

I'm not sure why so few saw that show, but it was one of the few good cartoons I remember. I wish it came into reruns soon... Crap like Batman Beyond, Godzilla the series, Pokemon, and the angular, ugly crap Disney is crapping out by the truck-load makes me sad inside. Yes, I am now turning to Anime for quality cartoons. Anime got better-looking with age, while american cartoons are uglier then they use to be.
2002-03-31 04:12:46 AM  
Does anyone remember ROCKET ROBIN HOOD? It was like Robin Hood but, well, set in the future. With rockets.
It was soooo crappy; like the animators drew two pics, and flipped between them. So Friar Tuck is eating like a pig, right? And we see: drumstick on plate...drumsick in mouth...drumstick on plate...drumstick in mouth. You know what I mean?
So it sucked but I was into it anyway. I might PAY for my cable if Rocket Robin Hood was still on.
2002-03-31 04:15:04 AM  
I just realized how damn long my post was... What can I say.... the memories overwhelm me...

When Jackie Chan gets his own cartoon, you know it's time to think back to the old shows, and forget the new ones.
2002-03-31 04:15:13 AM  
TheRapy: Yeah, mighty max was pretty cool, don't know if I saw the last episode (would've rememebered Normans death)
The only similar episode I remember is where they went down to fight the main bad guy with a whole bunch of other heros (all of which died I think)
2002-03-31 04:16:33 AM  
Oh, the few new shows I like would have to be Jackie chan adventures and Batman Beyond, both are good.
2002-03-31 04:19:01 AM  
"I want the Ball!" What about which was the worst saturday am PSA we had to sit through to see our favorite poorly animated comercial advertisment

"How a bill becomes a law" - is my vote

But then I still can't get the cartoon Tootise roll cartoon out of my head
2002-03-31 04:20:25 AM  
Anyone remember Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea or something? And what the hell was the other one I was going to mention...

Oh yeah.

[image from toonarific.com too old to be available]

GOD I hated this cartoon. All I remember is that we had only one episode on tape and I saw/heard it all the time, and there was some part where someone mentioned space (as in outer space) and Thundarr goes "Spaaaaace? What is spaaaaace?" in the most retarded retard voice you can imagine and I HATED HIM. He's just this big stupid guy with a light saber who never opened his mouth except to confirm his complete idiocy, or to exclaim "Great Lords of Light!" or something whenever he fell victim to the most obvious traps, which he then got out of by swinging his sword around a whole bunch. HATED him. It was the worst cartoon ever.

And check this out, here is the episode guide. If Thundarr the Barbarian sounds like something straight off a 13-year-old's first D&D character sheet, the episode names will knock the farking shiat out of you. Start to finish, it honestly reads like a Brunching Brain-Numbingly-Stupid-Episode-Title Random Generator.
"Harvest of Doom"?
"Challenge of the Wizards"?
"Last Train to Doomsday"?? farkING LAST TRAIN TO farkING DOOMSDAY?!

[image from toonarific.com too old to be available]

2002-03-31 04:25:18 AM  
Pulsarcat, that episode was about half-way in the series. It was one of the defining points. There were alot of episodes in it as I recall. It began by revealing how the first Max died (souless sea zombies. Probobly the most unimpressive looking of all enemies, but the strongest) and ended with Skullmaster loosing the crystal, but getting Freedom. Those episodes were some of the best... huge armies of monsters, heros (yes, all of em died, even Norman's ex love), some revealing of Skullmaster's past, and a giant robot. That series of episodes was the best of the whole series.... humm, I wonder if I can get them on vidio

The ending involved Skullmaster re-making the crystal of souls, and going on the war path. It had all the previous monsters return, under Skullmasters power, and also involved a fight scene between Mages and that big gargoile looking robot. It got a tiny bit corny when they kept running from monster after monster and from portal to portal, but when they met the giant spider again that Norman took on one on one to buy them time to escape, it stopped being corny in the least. Almost everyone died at the end. Norman, Vergil, Skullmaster's mutant cronie, even Lavalord.

(Once again, memories... No one get me started on any other show, I have insomnia, and can rant for a loooong time)
2002-03-31 04:28:58 AM  
Meh. And Jackie Chan and Batman Beyond just look too poorly drawn. Jackie Chan isn't THAT bad (I just don't like the whole consept), But Batman beyond is a huge rippoff... They had a fantastic four carbon copy in one episode, of (insert diety name here)'s sake!!

Also, the radiactive guy fuels my suspicion that cartoon creators are reading my brainwaves. This isn't the first time I saw one of my childhood fantasy characters appear on a show...
2002-03-31 04:32:45 AM  
Adm_crunch: The bully Beef was in Galaxy High. Rich Moranis was not in that one. He was in another high school cartoon where he was in monster-ville (something like that) and taught high school to a bunch of monster kids.
2002-03-31 04:59:43 AM  
Battle of the Planets.
[image from akdreamer.com too old to be available]
2002-03-31 05:07:12 AM  
I've never done drugs my whole life. But I do have memories of watching the Bannana Splits, which probably had the same effect.
[image from yesterdayland.com too old to be available]
2002-03-31 05:11:43 AM  
Zim1: Tell us how you REALLY feel.
2002-03-31 06:07:15 AM  
TheRapy: okay thanks, yeah, they stop airing the series shortly after the episode where the all the non main heros died, so just assumed they never made another season.

Vergil died? that bird guy? how'd that happen?

Jackie Chan adventures is better if you don't focus on the real Jackie Chan but instead focus on Uncle.

Robotech was another old show that was good, though, by the time I got a channel that it aired on it was taken off.
2002-03-31 06:20:20 AM  
LOL at Hoosier

I think it was G Force when screened here. I would skip school and watch Galactors lameass plans fail. Great times, great times...
2002-03-31 06:20:41 AM  
Oh, wait, didn't it end with Max being sent back to before it all started but with the memories of what happened?
Okay, I did see the final episode.

The only bad thing about remembering these shows is I now wanna see them again, but the only way to do that is to hunt them down and buy the tapes, ugh.
2002-03-31 06:33:34 AM  
Hmmmmm, if you put Thundarr the barbarian in an anagram creator you get

hmmmmm, no clue what it means, but it does suck like the show.
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