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(I-Mockery)   "Lesbian Tennis" - nes rom hack review (with download)   ( divider line
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10637 clicks; posted to Main » on 30 Mar 2002 at 12:48 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-30 12:49:01 AM  
Well, at least they stopped with the "Week of the ROM hack" stuff. Let the whining begin.

Just don't clikc the link or the thread if you don't like it, dumbasses.
2002-03-30 12:50:54 AM  
wtf? thats all i have to say... wtf?
2002-03-30 12:52:27 AM  
Worst. NES Porn. Ever.
2002-03-30 12:52:57 AM  
What? Ellen is a lesbian?
2002-03-30 12:53:09 AM  
2002-03-30 01:05:54 AM  
Just got back from San Antonio. They're holding the 2002 NCAA Women's Final Four Tourney......... That's not what I was there for, but talk about your Lesbian convention. I was down on the river walk and you could hold your breath inbetween times that you saw a lesbian couple. NOW!!, it wouldn't be so bad had they actaully been even remotely good looking, but these were the mullet wearing kind. They also seemed to hudle in groups of four. The forth one was always mistaken for a man, until they got close... YIKES!!
2002-03-30 01:07:42 AM  
Bah, no mas roms
2002-03-30 01:25:19 AM  
"Oh! Sorry...I thought you were a woman!"
"I am a woman."
2002-03-30 01:41:42 AM  
harder....oh yes.....harder....
2002-03-30 01:41:42 AM  
harder....oh yes.....harder....
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2002-03-30 01:50:39 AM  
Right after I finish making fun of this awful NEW hack, I'm gonna head out back to the barrel with my .22 and shoot me some fish.
2002-03-30 01:51:29 AM  
NES, that is. Been hitting the moonshine.
2002-03-30 02:04:59 AM  
"Worst. NES Porn. Ever."

The best being...?
2002-03-30 02:56:37 AM  
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??? Try
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or maybe
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. Yeah, definately
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2002-03-30 03:05:27 AM  
K-Mart sucks.
2002-03-30 03:10:20 AM  
I've loved all of these little ROM hack reviews, and anyone who finds them stupid/boring/whatever, instead of wasting your time saying so, why not waste even less time by not reading them in the first place?
2002-03-30 03:21:36 AM  
worst paid fark ad ever
2002-03-30 03:21:46 AM  
If you think using the tags for a comment is at all funny or entertaining in any way you are a
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Plus womans tennis was nothing but lebso anyway, no need for a hack.
2002-03-30 04:38:12 AM  
Loud Howard: I've not read the review yet (stupid content filters at work) but! It doesn't matter what the sexuality of tennis players are. womens or mens' tennis. as far as being "no need for a hack". there must be a need. coz' it was made. besides. THESE women tennis players are lesbian. the ones in the game. it's not a stereotype, coz it's just THESE women in the rom that are lesbian.

It's funny though, because the phrase "Lesbian Tennis" when transposed become very different... "Tennis Lesbians". pr0n.
2002-03-30 04:55:40 AM  
The review was hilarious, if you read the first few paragraphs anyway.
2002-03-30 06:42:57 AM  
The review was
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. DOT. End of line.
2002-03-30 07:19:53 AM  
Even worse lesbian tennis here
(scroll down to bottom)
2002-03-31 06:35:09 AM  
Unless it's in Penthouse, I refuse to watch any lesbian sports: WNBA, Ladies (snicker, snicker) golf, etc.
2002-03-31 12:22:55 PM  
I love these hacks, still can't stop playing knifeboy. This guy is funny, I wonder where the hacks come from.
2002-03-31 02:24:10 PM  
Thanks hehe. The rom hacks come from all over the place really. We used to stumble onto them, but now people are emailing us roms that they'd like us to review all the time. We'll have some more good ones coming soon, but currently I'm working on updating some other areas of the site too. I-Mockery isn't ALL rom hacks afterall hehe.
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