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(AZCentral)   Man convicted of drunken driving on lawn mower   ( divider line
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4219 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Mar 2002 at 4:12 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-29 04:15:08 PM  
Still doesn't beat Dewey the Druken cowboy's DUII arrest back in the day... ah, the memories.
2002-03-29 04:15:35 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-29 04:15:44 PM  
first I say!
2002-03-29 04:15:50 PM  
or would it be a RUII, as he was riding his horse thru town when it happened?
2002-03-29 04:16:02 PM  
2002-03-29 04:16:28 PM  
When I was a kid, one of my neighbors (a Shriner) used to get sauced up and mow his yard naked in the middle of the night. Could there be a connection?
2002-03-29 04:18:20 PM  
I hate to see the insurance premium on his lawn mower .
2002-03-29 04:18:55 PM  
I figured he was from Arkansas, guess they have dumbasses everywhere.
2002-03-29 04:20:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-03-29 04:20:27 PM  
They should bury him up to his neck and run over his head with the lawnmower. I'd pay a dollar to see that.
2002-03-29 04:20:33 PM  
Man I hate when that happens, you can't mow, shoot people, or use Gauss rifles whiles drunk, how silly...
2002-03-29 04:22:04 PM  
my ex - once to spite me i think lol - donned speedos with his knee high black doc martens (only) and mowed the front lawn for all the neighbors to see - he is 6-1" and weighs prolly 150 pounds - ill let you figure out the visual
2002-03-29 04:24:35 PM  
well, after the possible jail time and fine, he'll have plenty of chances to pick up garbage courtesy of community service.
2002-03-29 04:25:50 PM  
aggravated unlicensed operation
what the hell is that?, or more specifically, why aggravated?
2002-03-29 04:30:18 PM  
462, agravated cause he was drunk. Apparantly he lost his license on one of those other 4 dui's, what a moron.
2002-03-29 04:32:08 PM  
Drinking and mowing don't mix.
2002-03-29 04:45:21 PM  
What about the unlicensed use of a lawn mower? I sure didn't have a license back in grade school, but I had to mow the lawn anyway.
2002-03-29 04:48:10 PM  
Friend of mine got a DUI on a bicycle. He went to court and the judge thought it was a bike as in motorcycle. He said no a "bicycle", the judge laughed and through it out.

Stupid cops, infact he was initially stopped by a park ranger who than called the cops.
2002-03-29 04:50:04 PM  
I mean "threw" it out.

I mow drunk all the time, but it is a push mower. Out in the sun, sweating like a pig, and drinking cheap beer, now that gets your buzz on real quick.
2002-03-29 04:50:33 PM  
Come on SUMMER!
2002-03-29 04:52:49 PM  
So a Lawn Mower is now a MOTOR VEHICLE.


Stupid Farking Legal System.

There are many other charges that could have been given... any of them more accurate than DUI.
2002-03-29 04:53:14 PM  
Can't we all just get along!
2002-03-29 04:58:24 PM  
#2 [TotalFark]
2002-03-29 05:03:14 PM  
I'm farked. No more gardening.
2002-03-29 05:15:58 PM  
Anyone else check out the links for the crushed kitties and maggots up the nose further down on the right?
2002-03-29 05:25:17 PM  
My uncle has been arested for the same thing TWICE! And he has been arested for riding a pedal bike while intoxacated.
2002-03-29 05:29:11 PM  
does one have to have a DL to drive a mower? does anyone know the laws on that?
2002-03-29 05:38:25 PM  
It sounded like he was driving down the street. I think that's were the need for a license comes in Happygirl.
2002-03-29 05:49:58 PM  
This deserves an asinine. Farkin judge and sheriff, the guy was picking up trash for farkin sakes. He was cleaning up that farking trash.... If I am pickin up trash that some one else dumped your goddanged right I am gonna be drinkin and have to be drunk too. Either that or servin my community for other shiat.
Lesson to be learned, if you want to drink beer, fark the road side, let it look trashy while you get trashed.
2002-03-29 05:58:35 PM  
Next you won't even be able to drink and use your wood chipper. Although, that might be good. Wouldn't want to end up feet first in one of those things...
2002-03-29 06:17:03 PM  
no RITA, that couldnt happen in Arkansas, that activity is legal here.

but leave it to those NY money grubbers to fark with their citizenry for cleaning up others trash.

i can hear it now......

customer enters lawn and garden shop....

salesman...hi can i help you

customer...yes, can you show me your new line of riding lawnmowers?

salesman...well i have to see your licence first.

customer...but i dont have one

salesman...can you pass a background check?


salesman...ok lets run a quick check....-sound of many keystrokes-...-beep-beep-beep-.....well sir it shows here that you never finished serving the time out issued to you back when you were 4 years old for being intoxicated on blue koolaid and running over suzy smith with you tricycle. would you like to see our fine line of push about some round-up.
2002-03-29 06:23:43 PM  
on second thought...NY is the only state i have ever deer hunted in where they make you wear your hunting license in the middle of your back.....and i thought....what a bunch of silly wonder so many here get shot....they make you wear a target.

so i'm not really surprised about the lawnmower thing.
2002-03-29 06:50:57 PM  
This deserves the ASSININE tag, not the dumbass tag.

I don't think you need a license to drive a riding lawn mower. You don't need one to drive a 4 wheeler, that's for sure.

But it sounds like the guy was driving on the road, or on the side of it, and you can't do that on a 4 wheeler if you are unlicensed, you can only use them off road.

I think it's a totally assinine law myself. I drove along the road in my 4 wheeler all the time as a kid... it was the only way to get from my house to the local 4 wheelr dirt trails without driving on people's lawns. Luckilly I never got caught.
2002-03-29 07:10:59 PM  
I have a friend that grew up in a small town. Her father was an alcoholic, and lost his license because of DWI's. Since he didn't have a car, he would hop on his riding lawnmower, and drive on the shoulder of the road to the liquor store. "Ohhh, Maam..... I can't live without the hair of the dog!"

There was a guy around here, who was basically a bum, but he rode a bicycle everwhere instead of walking. Old clothes, long beard, but I don't think he was homeless. Well, anyway, he would ride his bike from bar to bar, and get shiatfaced. Through the years, he was arrested three times for DWI on a bicycle. He was finally hit and killed by a car. End of story.
2002-03-29 07:22:22 PM  
Believe me having a DUI sucks. If you depend on a car to get to work, you can lose your job. In my state you pay a $1000 per year for 3 yrs "insurance surchage" for each offense ON TOP of your suspension period and the fact that you'll pay more for actual car insurance. 1st suspension = 6 months, 2nd = 2 yrs, 3rd = 10 yrs.

I had 2 within 2 months. The second offense would not have occurred had they taken my license away immediately following the first offense. The first offense didn't go to court for like 6 months after the fact. The second time they tried me right away and suspended me on the spot.

I'm not paying off any of the above crap. I've come to the realization that I can manage without a car. They'll have to force me to pay the added surcharges and gaurentee I get my license back otherwise screw-em. It's been well over the 2 yrs and I haven't even tried to get it back again. I will not drive illegally either. If I didn't live in an area ripe with public transit though I'd be screwed for work. That's where the system is loused-up. The punishment and fines for DUI are too extreme in cases where no real harm is done.

Would I ever drive drunk again? HELL NO, but I'm also not kissing the states collective @$$ for the "priveledge" to drive again either. As I said, I'm fortunate enough to still be able to get to and from work and get around. I think it's too severe a punishment for people who live out in "the boonies" and have to drive to work. The logic in forcing these "insurance surcharges" is also rediculous. It's like, okay I lost my job because I can't drive, and now they're making me pay these surcharges?!? It's collective stupidity at it's worst!!!!

Nah bullsh_t, you want me to pay fines you'll let me drive to work otherwise fark OFF!

For the record, any vehical that operates via an internal combusion engine is considerred a motor vehical in my state. Motorcycle, scooter, car, riding lawnmower, etc., etc. An airplane too, but ironically you CAN get a boat license in my state (go figure that one out).

2002-03-29 08:19:53 PM  
It wont be long and almost anyone will be in a position to be ticketed at almost any time. I dont want to sound like an anarchist, but you have to wonder whether things were better before the invention of a legislature. Ah the good ol' days of common law, where a (wo)man was free. I say "no harm, no foul".
2002-03-29 09:04:40 PM  
This is so unfair. The judicial branch normally does a good job, but this is just stupid.
2002-03-29 09:21:45 PM  
People = 0
Lawn Mower = 1
2002-03-29 09:44:34 PM  
Mike_M_33: Heh, you must live in NJ.... I think that is the only one with that law structure... I'm originally from NJ. The surcharge law has been fought time and time again, there is not a NJ judge out there that will touch it...
2002-03-29 11:27:30 PM  
my god, won't somebody please think about the garden gnomes?!!
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