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(Some Guy)   How many times have you been in a swimming pool and thought "Damn, I wish I could play some air hockey."   ( divider line
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8237 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Mar 2002 at 12:08 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-03-29 12:10:57 PM  
twelve to be exact
2002-03-29 12:12:02 PM
2002-03-29 12:12:15 PM  
does this remind you of the guy from office space who wanted invent the game "Jump to conclusions"....

and to think that this guy is likely now a millionaire and I am at work.... WTF?
2002-03-29 12:12:22 PM  
2002-03-29 12:13:00 PM  
"I'm the KING of Ghetto Hockey!"

Name the movie where THAT sucka is from.

Consequently, I've been pondering starting up a ghetto hockey league for some time now.
2002-03-29 12:13:02 PM  
Whatever?! When I'm in a pool I think about . . .
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2002-03-29 12:14:05 PM  
Twice last year, after I came bak from Santiago, Chile.
2002-03-29 12:14:23 PM  
2002-03-29 12:14:44 PM  
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. cheese fries.

oh wait wrong thread.

(or is it?)
2002-03-29 12:14:51 PM  
I worry more about the suddenly warm spots in the pool

2002-03-29 12:18:04 PM  
What is next, floating televisons?
Maybe a microwave for some popcorn while you play airhocky.
2002-03-29 12:18:05 PM  
Whenever I play air hockey the puck goes flying off the table. I don't think I'll ever play on a table that's at eye level.
2002-03-29 12:18:32 PM  
How many times have you been in rush hour traffic and thought "Damn, I wish I could get rip-roaring drunk."?
2002-03-29 12:18:54 PM  
hmmm, it's not electric obviously, so where does the air come from... or do you supply it yourself with crotch bubbles?
2002-03-29 12:19:01 PM  
Hey, those things will come in damn handy once Antarctica finishes melting.
2002-03-29 12:19:24 PM  
wow, and it's only 90 bucks. who wants to SWIM in a pool, anyway?!
2002-03-29 12:19:39 PM  
once when I was twelve, twice last summer, and the year before that I was on a hockey rink wishing I could play air pool.
2002-03-29 12:19:40 PM  
Sometimes I'll be in the pool and will think "Damn I wish I could be building my own Tesla coil right in this pool."
2002-03-29 12:22:54 PM  
Did someone say Office Space?

the-reel-mccoy.comView Full Size

That's pretty much what I'm feeling like being stuck at work on a national holiday. Even if it is a stupid one.
2002-03-29 12:23:51 PM  
I'd rather watch my money burn in an ashtray than buy this product.
2002-03-29 12:23:53 PM  

the-reel-mccoy.comView Full Size

farkin' A, man. farkin' A.
2002-03-29 12:24:15 PM  
Isn't there a reality show on Fox with this? Something like "Deep-end Shark Infested Swimming Pool Air Hockey Challenge"?
2002-03-29 12:24:50 PM  
Hey, wait a minute... that's not a hockey puck!!! Ahhh!!
2002-03-29 12:25:00 PM  
Once I was in a pool with a wolf that had a HUGE ass. Suddenly, Oprah threw a lobster at me.
I awoke and I knew that it was Easter..

2002-03-29 12:25:11 PM  
Actually, pretty much anytime I'm thinking "damn, I could be building my very own tesla coil."
2002-03-29 12:26:00 PM  
Farkers have clicked on the above link 612 times

Every click = one more potential customer!
2002-03-29 12:26:15 PM  
What the hell kind of national holiday is it?
2002-03-29 12:26:45 PM  
Yeah, Im stuck at fargin school. I swear to god, this is only school on the damn planet that doesn't give this day off. I swear...DOWN WITH UT!!!!
2002-03-29 12:26:56 PM  
This would be a great addition to my home! It'll go along great with my solid gold toilet, 3 inch measuring tape and all the shiat that nobody needs! like love.....
2002-03-29 12:27:08 PM  
What, no beer holder on it?
2002-03-29 12:28:41 PM  
The Toy!

I win?
2002-03-29 12:29:48 PM  
El Cerdo Loco, Hey! The No-Prize goes to you! Good going...awesome movie, that. Richard Pryor in his heyday.
2002-03-29 12:30:04 PM  
See, this is what it is all about people. Multitasking. I'm sure they are going to make some sort of George Forman Grill for the pool. Then it would be like an entirely water based bbq. What more do you need? You can float around on chairs, have little floating tables for your food that is being cooked on a floating grill, and air hockey. Not to mention that you can drown the kids when they get too annoying!!! What more do we need?!?
2002-03-29 12:30:13 PM  
This is the day the jesus defeated the barbarian hordes of Remulak, a planet beyond the moon. And on this day he gave the children Goose Eggs wrapped in the severed ears of Hares and then he had a sandwich. Later, He got pregnant and killed the Governor.
Thats what kind of national holiday today is!!!
Have a Christeriffic Day!!
2002-03-29 12:30:19 PM
2002-03-29 12:31:24 PM  
Oops- sorry, that's for a floating cooler, to address teh shortcomings of teh air hockey table in the beer holder area.
2002-03-29 12:32:01 PM  
Tommy Lee had this at his pool party didn't he??
2002-03-29 12:32:19 PM  
Hells yes!

"oooh, Mr. Brown are you brown all over?"
"Master Bates, Jack. Jack, Master Bates..."

Aaahhh...I could go on
2002-03-29 12:32:21 PM  

Hey, I want a sandwhich. And don't forget the mustard. Biatch.
2002-03-29 12:33:00 PM  
Bah, where's my floating foosball table!?
2002-03-29 12:34:20 PM  
i left college early to play air hockey in a pool
2002-03-29 12:35:35 PM  
I don't see the word "air" anywhere on that web why did the poster call it air hockey when it's just a floating thing that you can bang stuff around on? i can make you something like that for $19.95 plus tax.
2002-03-29 12:35:58 PM  
The following quote illustrates everything that's wrong with our society today:

"I was screaming, 'Somebody help my son' and he was screaming, 'Mommy, help me."'

Somebody help my son. I'm not going to do anything to risk my neck, but somebody else damn well better or I'm gonna sue every last one of you. Come to think of it, I just might anyway.
2002-03-29 12:38:37 PM  
Well, we all see what's next. A floating tv, a floating popcorn maker, all these things need power. So obviously they are going to make a floating generator. Or maybe a floating lightning rod, that way you won't get struck by lightning while swimming in a storm.
2002-03-29 12:39:22 PM  
is that a baby ruth in the pool?
2002-03-29 12:39:53 PM  
gotta love cross thread posts. They're like the crazy homeless people talking to themselves. You know there's got to be another side to the conversation. Was it Carlin that theorized that every crazy homeless person is actually carrying on a coherent conversation with another crazy homeless person on the other side of the world?
2002-03-29 12:41:42 PM  

No, the appliances will have lightning rods and there will be a giant tesla coil mounted above the pool.
2002-03-29 12:42:15 PM  
TheSloth-" why did the poster call it air hockey when it's just a floating thing that you can bang stuff around on?"


Thanks Sloth, that's a real Rockwell you painted for me there.
2002-03-29 12:42:19 PM  
doh, Bob Smith beat me to it.
2002-03-29 12:45:25 PM  
Next question.
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