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2002-03-29 01:31:02 PM  
oh, that's kinda sad.
2002-03-29 01:32:05 PM  
That pic is just crying for a photoshop
2002-03-29 01:32:23 PM  
"All he does is stare at it all day. I tried taking it out of his pen but he lunged at my hand. He's never done anything like that before. I was absolutely astonished and can only assume he's fallen in love with the thing. I suppose he could be saving himself up for a monster Easter feast but it seems unlikely"

the rabbit is obviously lonely and depressed and should be taken to a therapist before some evil mink comes along and slaughters it.
2002-03-29 01:32:36 PM  
thinkgeek.comView Full Size
2002-03-29 01:33:15 PM  

[image from thesun.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-03-29 01:34:10 PM  
He's got big nasty awful teeth!
2002-03-29 01:34:24 PM  
imagine the poor rabbits dismay on the first hot day when his beloved starts to melt
2002-03-29 01:34:46 PM  
wait a minute that bunny is made of poo
2002-03-29 01:35:41 PM  
"All he does is stare at it all day. I tried taking it out of his pen but he lunged at my hand.

"He's never done anything like that before. I was absolutely astonished and can only assume he's fallen in love with the thing.

Yeah, and who are you?[/idiot from Hercules]

2002-03-29 01:36:20 PM  
i don't have a poo fetish why did the man at the shop give this to me
2002-03-29 01:36:52 PM  
ahh beaver penis
2002-03-29 01:37:03 PM  
2002-03-29 01:39:21 PM  
I sense a Photoshop orgy commencing any moment now...
2002-03-29 01:39:55 PM  
2002-03-29 01:40:35 PM  
Some people, should not be allowed to write, or those who write crap like this, they should be severly beaten for making me stupid.
2002-03-29 01:42:34 PM  
Two words, "tainted chocolate".
2002-03-29 01:43:02 PM  
If you don't like the story, the Page3 girl is pretty cute with a nice set of cans.
2002-03-29 01:43:24 PM  
well, i don't know about the goofy bunny, but i know i like the way the sun sells things (found elsewhere on the site):

[image from thesun.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-03-29 01:43:29 PM  
you have something like this [image from thesun.co.uk too old to be available] as an option, and YOU submit the bunny rabbit story? I think the hom.ose.xuals from Des Moines are trying to ruin FARK.

2002-03-29 01:43:32 PM  
Sure, blame somebody else for "making" you stupid.
2002-03-29 01:44:15 PM  
it's an electronic boobie finder, if i didn't say so.
2002-03-29 01:44:49 PM  
It scares me that someone was actually aware enough to notice that a rabbit took a "fetish" to a chocolate bunny...very scared...WAY 2 much time and energy on their hands...

*yawns, next topic please
2002-03-29 01:45:06 PM  
I need one of those cute little phones!!
2002-03-29 01:45:56 PM  
Guy Incognito, too bad they don't sell cellphone holders like that in the U.S.

Wait a minute . . .
2002-03-29 01:46:09 PM  
Um, Choco lot.

[image from businessweek.com too old to be available]
2002-03-29 01:46:59 PM  
i need two.

[image from thesun.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-03-29 01:47:59 PM  
9/10, they do, but they're tough to find, expensive, and sometimes high maintenance.
2002-03-29 01:48:08 PM  
Hubba hubba
2002-03-29 01:48:45 PM  
I'm glad they hosed off the bunny for a picture.
2002-03-29 01:50:06 PM  
Really now, is this any different than the guy who had 4(?) RealDolls in his apartment?

2002-03-29 01:51:12 PM  
For a second I thought the headline said "Big rabbi has chocolate bunny fetish" Wouldn't that have been an interesting article.
2002-03-29 01:54:02 PM  
Thar's a cell phone in them thar hills!
2002-03-29 01:55:19 PM  
"Harvey has also lost interest in his rabbit girlfriend Midnight since the chocolate rival moved in."

I wonder if Midnight will get all crazy and obsessive and Harvey will come home to find a human boiling on the stove.
2002-03-29 01:58:12 PM  
Harvey: Mom is that you?
2002-03-29 02:00:54 PM  
actually chocolate is really toxic to rabbits(cats and dogs too).
2002-03-29 02:05:45 PM  
Why the hell are so many retarded Sun articles posted here?
2002-03-29 02:13:16 PM  
""I don't give (chocolat) to him often because it's bad for his teeth. But every now and again I treat him and he wolfs it down."

Bad for his teeth ? Hell if he had bad teeth , wouldn't he fit in with every other British Bunny ?

"interest in his rabbit girlfriend Midnight ...."

Bunnies can go out with stripper - bunnies named Midnight ?
Where does he stick the dollar bills ?
2002-03-29 02:16:17 PM  
[insert fetish for minority girls joke here]
2002-03-29 02:42:57 PM  
[image from dakotacom.net too old to be available]
2002-03-29 02:50:08 PM  
hanky the xmas poo.
2002-03-29 02:57:22 PM  
Maybe it just DOESN'T WANT TO EAT IT! Christ! Its a farking rabbit! If it was "in love", it would just run over and hump the crap out of the chocolate rabbit! People give animals too much credit!
2002-03-29 03:08:44 PM  
You know bunnies (the kind thats red inside), they're real good eating.

Maybe in a chocolate-based mole sauce!!!
2002-03-29 03:11:59 PM  
Biandlarge: You owe me a new keyboard. My current one is now full of coffee.
2002-03-29 03:14:12 PM  
Must be getting close to easter.. makin the eggs...

[image from witek.dircon.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-03-29 03:16:53 PM  
03-29-02 02:05:45 PM HexRei
Why the hell are so many retarded Sun articles posted here?

I guess cause there are so many retarded farkers who submitt and comment on them...myself included...lighten up buddy..
2002-03-29 03:17:47 PM  
Bad for his teeth?

Rabbit's teeth grow throughout their lives, constantly being worn down through chewing. If people had teeth like a rabbit you would never have to go to the dentist... they are constantly renewed.
2002-03-29 03:39:09 PM  
[image from unix.dircon.co.uk too old to be available]
2002-03-29 03:43:17 PM  
LMAO at the Ark cartoon!!
2002-03-29 03:51:48 PM  
I wonder how long it will take Harvey to get all covered in chocolate as his lover MELTS.
2002-03-29 03:54:05 PM  
Hmmmm not touching that one.
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